YouTube Volume is Low

Have you ever found that the volume of some YouTube videos is too low to hear clearly? If you are a vlogger, you may have noticed the voice of some uploaded videos is not loud enough. You may have tried dragging the volume slider to the maximum or turning the system sound to the highest level to boost YouTube sound volume. What if these methods cannot solve your problem?

Here are some practical ways to make YouTube videos louder.

Method 1. Best YouTube Video Volume Booster – Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent video editor with a user-friendly interface and affluent built-in features. With its rich masks, effects, and compositing methods, you can make films easily. Other features like scene detection and play speed control can help you edit videos quickly and effectively. As for volume adjustment, Video Converter Ultimate makes it easy to boost the volume of videos. Now let’s have a look in detail.


3 Steps to Make YouTube Videos Louder with YouTube Volume Booster

Step 1. Import the video with low volume to Video Converter Ultimate
You can do this by simply clicking the “Add files” button on the interface or drag the file to the folder icon on the upper left part of the interface. Don’t worry about the format of videos because this program is strong enough to support nearly all mainstream video formats.
Step 2. Adjust Video Volume
Then, you just need to click the editing iconediting-icon from the interface to enter the editing window.
By choosing the “Audio” tab, you will see some volume slide bars. To turn up the volume, you only need to drag them to adjust the audio volume. Please be careful to set the left and right channels’ sound because it can be weird if the sound only flows from one earphone.

FAQ: What are the best audio levels for YouTube Videos?
The Right Audio Levels for YouTube:

  • Music: -18db to -20db
  • Sound Effects: -14db to -20db.
  • Dialogue: -6db to -15db
  • Overall mix Level: -12db to -20db


Step 3. Save and Export

After changing the volume to the right level, you can click “OK” and “Convert All” to save the video locally. Besides, you can change the video format or edit the video further before importing it.output-format-for-youtube

Method 2. Online YouTube sound booster: VideoLouder

There are many online tools that help you to boost YouTube videos online, but what if you want to make local video volume higher with an online tool? Maybe you can try VideoLouder. It is an online tool that helps to increase local videos’ volume. To use VideoLouder, you just need to upload the video to the official website of VideoLouder and edit its volume. However, the max file size of the upload file is limited to 500M. Now let’s see how to use it in steps.

How to Increase Volume on YouTube Videos with Online YouTube Sound Booster

Step 1. Enter the official website of VideoLouder and locate the video you want to change volume by clicking “Browse” in the input box in the middle of the webpage.

Step 2. To make the video sound louder, just choose the “increase volume” option and set suitable decibels you want to increase.

Step 3. Click “upload file” to start uploading. It may take some time depending on the video size and your bandwidth speed.

Step 4. Once the video is uploaded, VideoLouder will automatically deal with the file and show you a link to download the edited video file. By clicking the link, you can download the edited video file.

Although you don’t have to install tools on your PC with VideoLouder, you have to bear long uploading and downloading time. Apart from this, you can’t know the volume of converted video without downloading it. If you are not satisfied with the volume of the new video, you will have to upload it again to reset the options.

Method 3. Increase YouTube Volume By Editing Javascript in Your Browser

If you would like to change the volume of an online YouTube video you are watching and you probably won’t play it again in the future, you can try an easy way to boost YouTube video volume temporarily by a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Below are detailed methods.

Firstly, find the target YouTube video on Chrome or Firefox on your computer.

Next, press F12 on your keyboard or find ‘developer tools’ of your web browser, and then click the ‘Console’ tab.

Then, paste the following codes after the symbol ‘>’ or ‘>>’ :

var videoElement = document.querySelector(“video”)

var audioCtx = new AudioContext()

var source = audioCtx.createMediaElementSource(videoElement)

var gainNode = audioCtx.createGain()

gainNode.gain.value = 2 // double the volume



Finally, press the Enter key to run the code, then you will find the YouTube video hears louder than before.

By the way, you can change the number in gainNode.gain.value = 2 // double the volume from 2 to 3 or higher values. Of course, you can also change the number to 0.8 or 0.5 to decrease the video volume.

However, if you refresh the web page or open another video on YouTube, the volume will be back to normal and you have to paste the code again.


There are many ways to boost YouTube video volume except the normal volume control slider of a player or computer, and you can choose one from all three methods mentioned above. In fact, you can not change the volume of online video forever without download it. If you find a precious video on YouTube, I recommend you download it first and turn up its volume permanently with the professional tool: Video Converter Ultimate.

FAQ: Why Is the Volume So Low On So Many YouTube Videos?

YouTube Content Loudness Normalization

In case the uploader deliberately making the video volume higher to draw attention, also, for the sake of the quality of the video, the overall watch time, and user experience, YouTube will normalize the volume between -12db to -20db, which will also lead to YouTube volume audio normalization

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