Besides countless funny videos, we can hear some wonderful audio from YouTube, like a published song from a music video (official or unofficial), a cover song, an original piece created by some niche artists, etc.

But every time when you want to enjoy the music, you must launch YouTube and play the video. Isn’t it troublesome?

Download YouTube Video to M4A

In this case, you can download the YouTube video to an M4A file to enjoy the song offline without WiFi.

  • The M4A format is the perfect carrier to hold the audio from a YouTube video. With an M4A audio file on your PC or phone, you can enjoy the YouTube music offline without WiFi.

Found it a good idea? Continue your reading and find out how to download a YouTube video to an M4A file.

1. What is M4A

Designed and released by Apple, the M4A is an audio file extension that is created for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and Mac.

  • The recordings you take on an iDevice and the music items you download from iTunes or Apple Music are all M4A files.

Due to its special encoding standard and excellent performance in file compression, this audio format is adopted by Android, Windows, Linux, and plenty of player apps. Up to now, M4A has become one of the most popular and compatible audio formats.

2. Why you should download a YouTube video to M4A

Though the M4A format causes quality loss to the original audio, it’s still far better than the old-fashioned MP3.

  • While sharing the same bit rate, an M4A audio file sounds better than an MP3 audio file and the M4A file is smaller.

Based on the file size and quality, M4A is undoubtedly a perfect format to download a YouTube video to an audio file.


If you’re looking for ultimate acoustic pleasure – Lossless Quality, you may try the FLAC or ALAC. But relatively, the output file will be a lot bigger than the one with the M4A file extension.

3. Can you download a YouTube video to M4A?

YouTube doesn’t support downloading a source video as an audio file.

But the Internet makes everything possible. In cyberspace, you can find some YouTube downloader software that can help you download a YouTube video as a video or audio file.

To save your time from browsing tons of those YouTube downloaders on Google, let me introduce the leading program of the industry – iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

This is exactly the one that can help you download a YouTube video as M4A on your device. And these’re what the program can help you.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader helps you with these:

iTubeGo Supported Output Format

Download YouTube video and audio

Being professional in dealing with YouTube, iTubeGo can download YouTube videos, audios, playlists, and channels in one click.

You’re available to download a YouTube video into an audio file on your computer. Nothing on YouTube is untouchable to you when iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is there to help.

  • Supported output formats: MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, M4A, and a lot more.

High-quality audio output with lyrics

Delivering crystal clear sound effects to users, iTubeGo will download YouTube videos without quality loss.

Besides, covering more than 50 languages, as long as the target music video contains internal lyrics, iTubeGo will save the video as an audio file along with the lyrics.

So, if the target song is a foreign one, you’ll know what the song is about by checking the lyrics on your device while listening to it.

iTubeGo Audio Output Settings

Multi-platform download

Apart from YouTube videos and music, iTubeGo can help you download videos and songs from more than 10,000 websites, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook TikTok, Nicovideo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MixCloud, SoundCloud, etc.

Can you find a streaming site that iTubeGo cannot download stuff from? Well, that worths a try.

In-app browser

iTubeGo contains a built-in browser feature.

So, no matter what website you visit and what video or audio you’re fond of, you can easily download it via the shortcut on the app. You don’t need to use another browser app to watch videos anymore.

There’s more iTubeGo YouTube Downloader can help you with. Click here to know more about the program: iTubeGo Official.

4. How to Download YouTube video to M4A

Now, let’s see how to download a YouTube video to M4A with iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

Step 1 Download and launch iTubeGo on your computer

Click the button below to get the program on your PC and start to download a YouTube video to M4A.

Step 2 Set M4A as output format

On iTubeGo’s interface, locate the Download then Convert to MP4 option. Click MP4 to select a new output format.

Browse and select M4A to proceed.

Set Up YouTube Format as M4A

Step 3 Locate the target YouTube video

Next, launch a browser and visit YouTube. Go to the target video page and copy the URL of the video.

Copy YouTube Video URL

Go back to iTubeGo and click the Paste URL button. A new panel pops out. There, paste down the URL of the target YouTube video.

Import YouTube Video URL to iTubeGo Download


If you upgrade to a plan on iTubeGo, you’re available to enjoy the Multiple URL feature. With that feature, you’re available to paste multiple links onto the pop-out and download them together.

Step 4 Download YouTube video as M4A

After pasting down the URL, click Download. iTubeGo will start to download the YouTube video to M4A without quality loss.


If this video is part of a playlist or album, iTubeGo will ask you whether you want to download the whole playlist or just the current video. Make your decision then.

Download YouTube Video Playlist Song

When the process is complete, locate the Downloaded option from the sidebar and click it. You’ll see all the files that iTubeGo has saved on your computer hard drive.

Double-click on one item to play it immediately. Or, you may click the Show File button to launch the destination folder on your hard drive.

Locate Output File Open Folder

From then on, you don’t need to sign in to YouTube to listen to the music anymore. Instead, you can enjoy it offline on your computer. Even, you may transfer the M4A YouTube music to your phone for mobile playback.


Further usage of iTubeGo:

Later, you may hit the Online option from iTubeGo’s sidebar.

There, you can use the built-in browser to visit YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Nicocideo, TikTok, and 10, 000 more websites. And most importantly, when you scroll to some videos and songs that please you, download them on your computer directly via this feature.

iTubeGo Browser