YouTube is a popular library with entertaining videos, tutorials, lessons, and facts for everyone to enjoy. For us audiences, YouTube videos are the sweets that we never want to let go of. We may try to burn YouTube videos to a DVD.

Then, we’re able to watch the video without an Internet connection. When officials or video makers delete a video, burning it to a DVD ensures permanent availability. Besides, the YouTube video is available on a big TV screen later after the YouTube-to-DVD conversion is complete.

Here I will guide you on how to convert YouTube videos to a DVD. I’ll explain all the steps and important details to help those interested in burning a YouTube video onto a DVD. Hopefully, the methods here help not only me but also everyone who is reading now.

Copy Burn Convert YouTube to DVD

Part 1: How to Burn YouTube Videos to DVD

To burn YouTube videos to a DVD, we will need a computer installed with a DVD-ROM drive. If you use a computer without a disc drive (iMac or Macbook), buy an external disc player with a USB connection.

We also need a writable DVD to save the YouTube videos. Delete the content from an old DVD (it should be a DVD-RW; a DVD-R or ROM doesn’t support second burning). Or go to Walmart or Cosco to get a new blank DVD.


We need a YouTube-to-DVD converter program, also known as a DVD burner. We can’t just drag and release the YouTube videos to a DVD folder. This will make the YouTube videos unplayable on the DVD and DVD player.

The DVD burner software is the perfect solution to this issue. It will convert YouTube videos to DVD format and then import the videos into a DVD. If you don’t know which DVD burner software to pick, try echoshare DVD Creator.

DVD Creator Burner

echoshare DVD Creator

Creator Homemade DVDs with Video and Audio Files

  • Burn MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more to DVD
  • Manage Chapters and Titles of DVD Movie
  • Customize Disc Menu with songs, films, photos

*Supports DVD-5&9, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM

Burn YouTube Videos to DVD with echoshare DVD Creator

Pick this DVD burner software and you will have a quick and high-quality burning.

This easy-to-use DVD burner will burn the YouTube videos to a DVD in 1:1 quality. It supports multitasking (you can import and burn up to 50 YouTube videos to a DVD at a time). Also, it offers multiple video editing tools. You don’t need to edit the YouTube videos with other programs before burning them to a disc.

Tipard DVD Creator

To add fun to the playback, you can create a menu for the DVD. There are multiple preset templates on the program. Or you can customize a nice menu with background music, cover pictures or videos, and more.

Download this DVD creator and let’s burn the YouTube videos to DVD.

Step 1: Insert the DVD

To begin with, connect the external disc player to your computer. Then, open the disc tray and insert the blank DVD. Close the tray.

Step 2: Load YouTube Videos

On your computer, launch echoshare DVD Creator after the download is complete. It will ask you what disc to burn. Select DVD to start.

We need to import the YouTube videos to the DVD burner now.

You may click on the Add Media File(s) button and choose to add a folder or files. Browse and select the target YouTube videos or folder that saves the videos.

DVD Creator

Step 3: Edit the YouTube Videos (Optional)

Click on Power Tools to edit (video effects like hue, filter, contract, etc), clip, merge, or split the YouTube videos. Also, you can add and edit the audio and subtitle tracks to the videos.

Tipard Video Editor Burn DVD

Click Next.

Step 4: Create Disc Menu (Optional)

Tikc No Menu to skip this part.

Set No Menu for DVD Creator

To make the playback full of fun, you may add a menu to the disc. Either you can use the built-in templates or make a new one with music, photos, or videos that you like.

Click Burn to proceed.

Step 5: Burn YouTube Videos

Tick Burn to disc and select the name of the disc drive to burn YouTube videos to a DVD.

Look at TV Standard and keep it the default NTSC. While most new TVs fit both NTSC and PAL, this option is less important. Still, you’d better select NTSC if you live in the US.

Burn DVD with Tipard Decide Destination TV Standard

Click Start. The DVD burner will now start burning YouTube videos to the DVD. Wait and play the DVD later.

Part 2: How to Copy YouTube Videos

To burn YouTube videos to a DVD, you need to copy and save the files on your computer first. While there’s no download button on YouTube, we need to get the YouTube videos off before burning them to DVD.

Method 1: Record YouTube Videos with Screen Recorder

We can play the YouTube video fullscreen on the computer and keep a screen recorder running at the same time. When there are so many programs offering free screen recording, we can easily find a decent screen recording option.

  • Download the Screen Recorder and launch it on your computer.
  • Open a browser and open the YouTube video on the same computer.
  • Start the screen recording.
  • Back to the YouTube tab and start the video.
  • Stop the recording when the video is over.
  • Trim the video and cut off the trash clips.
  • Save the YouTube video to the computer.
  • Repeat to burn many YouTube videos.

Now, you can copy the YouTube video(s) to a DVD.

Record Youtube

Method 2: Download YouTube Videos with YouTube URL Converter

We can copy the link address of the target YouTube videos and paste them down on a YouTube URL converter program. This kind of program will help us extract the YouTube videos and save them on the computer. All we need is the URL of the video.

  • Download the YouTube URL converter and launch it.
  • Open a browser and go to the address of the YouTube video.
  • Copy the URL and paste it down on the URL converter.
  • Decide the format and quality, then download the YouTube videos.
  • Repeat the copy-and-paste process to download and burn more YouTube videos.

iTubeGo Video Music Downloader

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