Being a treasure-house for entertaining videos, useful tutorials, inspiring lessons, and appalling facts, YouTube is now the most popular video sharing and streaming site in the world with absolutely no doubt.

For us audiences, some YouTube videos are the sweets that we never want to let go of. We may try to download a YouTube video and burn it to a DVD in case of possible deletion and removal.

Converting the YouTube video to a DVD brings benefits, for instance:

  • You can watch the video without an Internet connection;
  • The video will always be available even though it’s removed or deleted due to copyright issues;
  • Playing the YouTube video on a big screen with the DVD is pretty convenient;
  • You may enjoy the music from a previous YouTube video with the DVD;
  • Etc…

To help those who are fascinated by a YouTube video and try to burn it to a DVD, I will walk through all steps and some key information to you. Hopefully, the methods here help not only me but also everyone who is reading now.

Copy Burn Convert YouTube to DVD

How to burn a YouTube video to a DVD

To be clear, burning a YouTube video to a DVD is not a difficult task at all. We may divide the whole process into 2 steps.

Of course, if you’ve already have had the YouTube video on your computer, you may skip the first part and start burning the video to a DVD.

Part 1. Extract the YouTube video to your computer

To begin with, we need to extract the YouTube video onto your computer. There’re 2 ways of doing that, either you download the video with some YouTube video downloader or record the streaming video with some screen recorders.

Here, we will focus on how to download the video with DVDFab Video Downloader.

DVDFab Video Downloader is a wonderful tool to download streaming videos.

  • As an all-round video downloader, this application will help you download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and 100 more streaming sites in MP4/MVK/FLV format to your computer.
  • Moreover, you’re available to download the video with variable resolutions, from the mobile-screen-friendly 144P to big-screen-suitable 8K.
  • Surprisingly, if you have followed some channels on YouTube, you may activate the auto-download feature to let it download videos from the followed channels automatically.

Download DVDFab Video Downloader on your computer:

Now, let’s see how to use it to download a YouTube video on your computer.

Step 1 Locate the YouTube video on DVDFab Video Downloader

After installing the DVDFab Video Downloader on your computer, launch it and paste the URL of the YouTube video site into the search bar.

Download YouTube Video on Computer

Step 2 Decide the resolution of the video

Next, DVDFab will open the site of the YouTube video on its interface where you need to locate the Download button. Click it and choose a preferred resolution.

Start to Download YouTube Video

Tip: If you want to download the YouTube video as a music file, go to the Music tab and choose the quality for the output audio file.

Hit Download to initiate a YouTube video extraction.

Decide Resolution for YouTube Video

Step 3 Preview the video

DVDFab will open the default folder for you after the download is complete, double click on the MP4 YouTube video to preview it.

Now, you have the YouTube video extracted and we can move to the next part to burn the video to a DVD.


Can DVD players play MP4 files?

Some of you may wonder if the DVD player in your house can play the extracted MP4 YouTube video with a DVD. Take it easy since your DVD player can play the MP4 video without any issue at all.

The MP4 format is the world’s most compatible video format that can play on almost every phone, tablet, computer, TV, and DVD player.

How to burn YouTube videos to a DVD without the software?

If you’re looking for a method that can help you burn YouTube videos to a DVD with a 100% success rate, well, not that I know of. As far as I know, some Google extensions and online YouTube downloaders can help you extract a YouTube video. But no online DVD burner sites or extensions are available.

Part 2.Burn the YouTube video to a DVD

To burn the extracted YouTube video to a DVD, we will need help from DVD Creator, the professional DVD burner software that can burn multiple video and audio files to a DVD without quality loss.

Also, if you want to edit or clip the YouTube video, DVD Creator can help with that, too. Lack of subtitles? Use DVD Creator to add or create a subtitle track for the video.

Free Download Here:

Now, let’s see how to burn a YouTube video to a DVD.

Step 1 Load up the YouTube video to DVD Creator

Launch DVD Creator on your computer and hit the Add Media File(s) button to upload the YouTube video to the program.

Add Video Music Files to DVD Creator

Step 2 Set up for the DVD burning

As the video is involved, decide the audio and subtitle for the output. If you want to personalize a subtitle track for the video, right-click on the video title and hit Subtitle Edit.

Tip: To edit and trim the video, right-click on the title and choose Video/Audio Edit and Clip.

Then, locate Video Quality and set it High for lossless burning. Hit Next to proceed.

Set up for Burning YouTube Videos to DVD

Step 3 Design the DVD menu

Now, design the menu for your DVD. You’re available to re-position the buttons, add a template, change background scene, add background music, and add an opening film.

Set Your DVD Style

Step 4 Complete the burning

Finishing all, hit Burn to start converting the YouTube video to a DVD. As completed, you may eject the disc from the computer.

To warp up:

YouTube videos are stunningly entertaining and now, we have the possibility to keep them forever by our side as long as you follow the methods above to burn a YouTube video to a DVD.

More importantly, it’s so easy that a DVD or computer green-hand can finish all the steps within minutes.