A Blu-ray player handles Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs decently since Blu-ray player is backward-compatible with DVD and CD. Then you might wonder will a DVD player play Blu-ray discs. In this article, you will get the answer. Keep reading and find more information.

“Yesterday, I bought a Blu-ray disc. I heard that the video of this disc is HD which is better than DVD. I tried to insert the Blu-ray disc into my DVD player. But my DVD player couldn’t recognize the Blu-ray disc. Who can help me?” Audrey

Can we play Blu-ray disc on DVD player? The answer is NO. Because:

  1. The normal size of the Blu-ray disc is more than 20GB while the DVD is around 10GB. And the DVD player can’t afford so much information.
  2. The DVD player uses red laser read disc information while the Blu-ray disc needs a blue laser to read the information.

So you can see that Blu-ray disc and DVD are completely different things to some extent. But it’s not completely helpless. I will teach you how to play the content of a Blu-ray disc on the DVD player by utilizing some third-party tools.

What we are going to do is to copy the video of a Blu-ray disc to a blank DVD, then you can play it with your DVD player. If you don’t want to do that you can just rip the Blu-ray disc to an MP4 file so that you can play it on your computer. Let’s see how we can do it.

#1 How to Copy a Blu-ray disc to a DVD disc

The tool we use in this method is Prof. Media. It is a very comprehensive media tool for people who want to convert videos, create Blu-ray/DVD with video files, copy Blu-ray/DVD between each other, and even download videos online. And here, it will help us to copy the Blu-ray disc to a digital ISO file then burn it to a blank DVD. Please follow my steps and get things done.

Before you do anything else, prepare things as below:

– A computer (on Windows or Mac)
– A Blu-ray drive (read BD and burn DVD, if your Blu-ray drive can’t burn DVD, move to #2 to Rip Blu-ray to Video)
– A blank recordable DVD disc (DVD-R works fine usually, if you have enough budget then DVD-RW will be better)

Step 1 Install Prof. Media first of course.

Step 2 Put the Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray drive that connected to your computer.

Step 3 Move to the program and go to Copy pane, click Add Blu-ray/DVD to import the disc.

Import Blu-ray disc to Copy module

Step 4 Select the longest title of the disc in Main Movie which is in full movie length without extras. Then at the bottom-left of the window, you can see a BD-50 drop-down menu, click on it and choose DVD-5 in the expanded list.

Select Title and Output format for Copying Blu-ray disc

Step 5 Click Copy button at the right-top corner. Then in the prompted pane, choose to Copy to ISO File and you can appoint a output directory if you want. Then Click Copy to start.

Copy Blu-ray disc to DVD ISO File

Step 6 It may take some time for the copying, when it is done. You will see a ISO file created in the output folder. Now, Move to the program and go to Burn pane.

Step 7 Click Add Video > Add iso file, to import the iso file that created in the previous step. Then you can custom the menu if you like.

Step 8 Eject the Blu-ray disc and insert a blank DVD disc to the driver. Click Burn. In minutes, you will have your DVD disc created and now you can enjoy it on your DVD player.

#2 How to Rip a Blu-ray disc to MP4 or any other video formats

If your Blu-ray driver can’t burn DVD, then you can choose to watch the video on your computer.

Step1 Install Leawo Prof. Media on the computer.

Step 2 Connect Blu-ray drive with computer and insert Blu-ray disc into it. On the interface of the software, click Convert. Then, click Add Blu-ray/DVD to load the disc information.

Add Blu-ray disc

Tip: DVD drive can’t load Blu-ray disc, we need to prepare an external Blu-ray drive. If you don’t have, buy one on Amazon. A Blu-ray drive is necessary for this step.

Step 3 After the disc is loaded, you will be asked to select a title, just select the longest one in the Main Title tab.

Step 4 Click Edit option to adjust video parameters of selected profile, including video codec, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, channel, etc. and click Convert to start the ripping.

Rip Blu-ray disc to Video

Step 5 After the conversion, copy the video file to anywhere you want to play.