What Percent of Long-Distance Relationships Work

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If you’re getting into an LDR or already in one, you may want to know what percent of long-distance relationships work. And that’s a valid curiosity. You wouldn’t want to waste your precious time on something that doesn’t have a chance of working in the end, would you?

Well, good news! Below, we are going to tell you the success rate of long-distance relationships according to recent surveys. That way, you can decide whether LDRs are worth the risk. Read on!

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Part 1: What Is Considered A Long-Distance Relationship

Before we look at the numbers, it’s important that you know first what qualifies a relationship as LDR. Living in a different house doesn’t automatically mean a long-distance relationship. There are specific criteria that must be considered.

Two of the major factors that make you say it’s a long-distance relationship are:

  • Geographical differences/challenges
  • Lack of regular face-to-face contact

Generally, It’s LDR when you and your partner live separately in a different country or city. And the travel time between your respective places should be 3 hours or more. If it’s around 1-2 hours and you have a car or live near a train station routed to your partner’s area, It’s not considered LDR.

Moreover, if you and your partner don’t have the time to meet face-to-face daily or weekly, the relationship can be considered long-distance.

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Part 2: Is Long Distance Relationship Hard

Yes, it is! As mentioned, long-distance relationships are separated by time and distance, which are the main obstacles. They make an LDR much more challenging. Without being physically together, it would be very difficult to resolve issues such as jealousy, neglect, and whatnot. Not to mention, there are certain needs that only seeing each other face-to-face can fulfill.

Long Distance Hard

Indeed! LDR is pretty hard, especially for those people whose love language is physical touch. Cuddles, kisses, hugs, and sex are non-existent, and you mostly have to engage in virtual equivalents of those. While the latter seems okay for a few months or even a year, a lot of people can’t just go on with them. Physiological needs are a huge deal.

With that in mind, many LDR couples have a hard time being intimate with each other. In fact, some LDRs collapse because of the sheer lack of physical contact from time to time. And typically, it’s the most common excuse for cheating.

Part 3: What Percent of Long-Distance Relationships Work

Now that you know what a long-distance relationship is and how difficult it is, it’s time to look at some statistics. As they say, numbers don’t lie and they can tell you better whether your chances of getting into an LDR is a high.

Percentage of Long-Distance Relationships That Work

According to a survey conducted in the US, 10% of long-distance couples have been successful and ended up in marriage. This number refers to those couples that started in an LDR and then settled down later.

Marriage LDR

On the other hand, about 2.9% of couples are already married but have to be in a long-distance relationship due to work and other personal circumstances.

As you can see, the chances of a long-distance relationship working long-term are pretty small, but it’s not impossible. In fact, some studies even suggest that LDRs are more successful than they’re perceived to be. Couples who’ve battled and survived the harsh realities of being away from each other are found to be resilient and patient.

Percentage of Couples That Have Been in A Long-Distance Relationship

But despite the slim chance of long-distance relationships working out, research shows that 75% of engaged couples have been in one. That’s a lot. This means that people still start a long-distance relationship and try their best despite the fact that time and distance are colossal obstacles.

Percentage of Long-Distance Relationships that Break Up or Fail

Aside from success stories of LDRs, there are also those who’ve experienced breakups or failures while in one. As per surveys, around 40% of couples fall apart due to a mutual breakup, while 28% fail because of failure due to changes that aren’t planned for and a lack of communication.

Broken Heart

This is to be expected because LDR couples have been found to grow apart around 4.5 months on average. However, some were able to hold on for 1 year or more, which is an incredible feat considering that loneliness and longing are there to make things unbearable.

Some break up because of cheating, though. Nevertheless, many still resort to healthy ways to end a long-distance relationship.

Part 4: Is Cheating A Threat in Long-Distance Relationships

It’s a big YES! Cheating is pretty common in most LDRs. According to recent statistics, 24% of LDRs that don’t work are caused by cheating. It’s one of the reasons why people are skeptical about starting a long-distance relationship, And it’s the primary cause of why a huge percentage of LDR couples break up.

There will be anxiety, doubt, and trust issues because you fear that your partner is doing something nasty behind your back. Certainly, unfaithfulness affects the percentage of long-distance relationships that work.  And besides cheating, there are other factors that kill long-distance relationships you should be aware of.

Bonus: How to Catch A Cheater in a Long-Distance Relationship

Well, there are many ways to check loyalty in a long-distance relationship, but the easiest one is with the use of an app called mSpy for Android and iOS. It can be installed on your partner’s phone and you can see all their phone activities remotely, no matter how far they are. This way, you’d know if they’re flirting with someone else.

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With mSpy, you have access to your partner’s text messages, call records, and contacts. You can even read all of their Social Media conversations on Facebook, IG, Snapchat, Telegram, and more. That’s where all the sketchy affairs happen these days.

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Besides that, there are other features that can help you find out if your partner is a cheater such as:

  • Videos/Photos – find out if they have sex videos or naughty pics with others
  • GPS Locations – see if they’ve been lying about their whereabouts
  • Installed Apps – check if they’ve installed dating apps like Tinder or Bumble
  • Browsing History – view possible dating websites or naked cam shows they’ve visited

That’s only a taste of what mSpy offers to all users. There are other features that can further level up your spying. And speaking of spying, the app has a Stealth Mode (Hide) option that you can enable upon installation. This means that your partner will never know you’ve been monitoring their every move.

So, if you’re curious about your partner’s behind-the-scenes activities, feel free to try out this app. Just hit the banner above to create an account and get started.


The percentage of long-distance relationships that work is quite low, but still, they’ve made it work and probably got lucky with their circumstances. So, if you’re thinking of getting into one soon, at least you know that it’s difficult and that it doesn’t end well for everyone.

But there’s no need to be hopeless and all. Who knows? You and your soon-to-be partner may even be one of the 10% of couples that got lucky. Well, as long as both of you are on the same page, you can surely overcome any obstacle in the relationship.


What is the hardest month in a long-distance relationship?2023-06-09T09:33:52+08:00

According to surveys, the four-month is the hardest mark to achieve in a long-distance relationship. This is also the time where the most long-distance relationship ends. The odds of success grow significantly after eight months into the relationship. But, this will still depend on how you manage the relationship

Why do long-distance relationships feel so hard?2023-06-09T09:33:16+08:00

LDRs require a huge amount of open, straightforward, and constant communication to properly work, and this can often be difficult to manage over the phone. Its already hard to do these things even if you see each other in person, what else if you’re in LDR?

Apart from that, separation anxiety will most likely occur in both parties.

Can long-distance relationships last?2023-04-13T08:54:11+08:00

Yes. There are many successful long-distance relationships. Studies suggest that people who are in long-distance relationships get the same amount of contentment as those who are close together. In fact, most couples in LDR are less likely to feel trapped in the commitment.

Why do long-distance relationships fail?2023-04-13T08:52:46+08:00

There are two major factors that make long-distance relationships fail– cheating and lack of planning. The former is pretty much self-explanatory. When someone cheats big time, it can hurt so much that your love and trust toward each other can no longer be relied on. The latter leads to failure because you have to move in together at some point. If you don’t have plans, then you’re not taking the relationship seriously enough.

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