What Guys Want in A Long Distance Relationship (7 Things)

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Guys may seem more simple than girls when it comes to long-distance relationships. But the truth is– they also have expectations and wants in the relationship. If you’re in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend and you don’t want it to fail, you must be aware of what he wants.

Yes! What guys want in a long distance relationship matters as much as your wishes, too. In case you wonder about what your boyfriend wants, this article is for you. Below we listed the most common things that guys want in LDR. Surely, they will help you improve and keep the relationship interesting despite the difference in time and distance.

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1. Guys Want Honesty

While honesty is a given when you engage in any kind of relationship, it’s all the more important in LDRs. Guys won’t ask for it, but they surely want you to be honest with them. It’s how you build trust. In return, they’ll have to be honest with you as well.

When your boyfriend asks you about where you are and who’s with you, answer them straight and tell them the truth. As much as possible, avoid any kind of lying, including white lies. Otherwise, you’d be digging your own grave in case you mess up when your guy finds all the loose ends.

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2. Guys Want You to Spare Time for Them

Even if you’re in a different timezone, your boyfriend would want you to spare a little time with him. Like having a 30-minute video chat or caring to chat with him when you’re free. No matter how busy you are, a minute or two to check on your boyfriend daily wouldn’t hurt.

But if your schedules are really full and you both can’t seem to meet halfway, you may set a time and date when you and your guy are free. That way, you can give each other your full and undivided time and attention.

3. Guys Want to Make Love

One of the factors that make LDR mostly difficult to maintain is the lack of making love. You see, we humans are sexual beings. We express intimacy and love through sex. And more often than not, guys love sex, especially with the person they are in a relationship with.

There are a few things you can do to make up for your guy’s sexual needs:

  • You can do phone sex such as sexting or pleasuring one another through a video call. However, this won’t do in the long run.
  • You may visit your guy or have him come to your place once in a while. That way, you can be physically together and make love for real.

If you decided to go with having sex physically, make sure that your guy is not the only one making an effort to visit you. You also need to show equal interest that you are willing to travel miles to be with him.

Couple Make Love

Also, the frequency of your physical time together depends on how far you are from him. If you’re in a nearby city, you may meet once a week or once every two weeks. But if it’s really far and the transportation is expensive, meeting once yearly will do.

4. Guys Want to Feel Special Once in A While

Distance is not an issue when it comes to making your guy feel happy, satisfied, and most of all, special. Yes! Even a simple “Good morning” or “I love you” can make your guy the happiest man, especially if he’s really in love with you.

Another way to make your boyfriend feel special is by surprising him with food. You can order food online now and have it delivered to your guy’s doorstep. And when it’s your anniversary or his birthday, you can send him some gifts.

5. Guys Want to Feel Trusted

Feeling special is one thing and feeling trusted is another. Guys don’t want to be accused and questioned on every decision they make. So, avoid interrogating your boyfriend as if he’s a suspect in a crime. If you ever need to ask him about something you doubt about, approach him in a friendly way.

Long Distance Relationship Trust

Besides verbally doubting him, you should also avoid giving him the cold shoulder whenever he does something you don’t personally approve of. Allow him to make his own petty mistakes. Trust that he’s going to do what’s best. Otherwise, your guy would feel not worthy of your trust. And such a situation could blow up your relationship.

6. Guys Want Loyalty

Aside from feeling trusted, you need to exhibit loyalty to your boyfriend and your relationship by keeping him posted when you hang out with friends. As mentioned, you need to be honest. So, tell him who you are with. The last thing your guy wants is for him to find you hanging out with a man he barely knows about.

Such a situation could make him extremely jealous. And dealing with jealousy in a long distance relationship is difficult, especially if he already considered you disloyal.

So, if he ever tells you that he feels bad about the people you are hanging out with, discuss it with him in detail. Tell him everything he needs to know. That way, he won’t overthink that you are replacing him slowly.

7. Guys want Assurance

Aside from the ones mentioned above, assurance is one of, if not, the most important things that every LDR needs. Things are just uncertain in a long-distance relationship. And some guys really have a hard time dealing with the fact that you are miles away

Giving Guys Assurance

You’d know if a guy needs reassurance when he regularly asks you “Do you love me?” or “Why do you love me”. If your boyfriend needs reassurance from time to time, you may remind him of how much you love him and that what you are doing right now is for the future of your relationship. Plus, don’t get tired of his constant asking.

Also, checking up on your guy regularly is a great way to reassure him. Such a gesture can validate his feelings and the fact that you deeply feel about him.

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He can also check your phone’s call logs. There, he’d see all the outgoing and incoming calls with the caller IDs, phone numbers, dates, times, and frequency of the calls. In addition, he’d also know if you added a new contact.

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See Your Installed Apps

Your boyfriend doesn’t have to accuse you of using dating apps anymore. mSpy can provide him with a list of all the installed apps on the phone. He can see if you have installed Tinder or Bumble.

View Your Photos and Videos

Worries about you having cute pics and clips of other guys will no longer bother him. He can simply check your gallery and see all the photos and videos you’ve taken and saved. He may also check if you have suspicious selfies with another guy or if you’re still keeping intimate clips of you and your ex-boyfriend.

Know Your Location

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In addition, he may even set up Geofence to assign specific zones around your house or workplace. That way, he’d be notified in case you leave without letting him know.

That’s only a taste of what mSpy is capable of in making sure your long distance relationship stays stronger. Although it’s designed for spying on cheaters and placing parental controls, mSpy can surely be used for providing reassurance and maintaining stability in LDRs.


Those are the seven major things that guys want in a long distance relationship. Being aware of each one can improve the quality of your relationship with your boyfriend. Not to mention, a guy will most likely be faithful and stick around with you if you fulfill what he wants.


Yes, as the saying goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. In a similar fashion, the distance between you is an absence of physical presence. Therefore, it can make every moment that you are together a lot more special. And when you’re far away, your boyfriend would totally miss you even more. However, you need to make sure that you meet once in a while. Too much distance can make a man’s heart grow tired, too.

Yes. There are many successful long-distance relationships. Studies suggest that people who are in long-distance relationships get the same amount of contentment as those who are close together. In fact, most couples in LDR are less likely to feel trapped in the commitment.

There are two major factors that make long-distance relationships fail– cheating and lack of planning. The former is pretty much self-explanatory. When someone cheats big time, it can hurt so much that your love and trust toward each other can no longer be relied on. The latter leads to failure because you have to move in together at some point. If you don’t have plans, then you’re not taking the relationship seriously enough.

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