If you happen to find a funny or eye-catching scene in a WebM video and want to share it on social media, converting it into an engaging, funny, and perfect loop gif is a good idea.

With a much smaller file size, which is perfect for mobile, an animated GIF is a perfect way to convey exactly what you mean and feel, or tell a story in a flash in every conversation.

If you want to make a GIF out of a sequence of funny Webm videos and share it or comment on Reddit, Tumblr, or Imgur, etc, here’s a roundup of the best WebM-to-gif converter, along with short easy guides on how to convert WebM videos to animated gifs.

Method 1. Make Gif from WebM with WebM-to-Gif Converters

You can convert WebM into a gif with any converter you find online, but a converter that is made specifically for gif making will do the best job. And Video Converter Ultimate is the excellent converter you should try. It has a friendly and clear interface as well as strong build-in features for experts. With affluent masks, effects, and compositing methods, Video Converter Ultimate helps to create masterpieces.aiseesoft-video-converter-banner

Let’s see how to convert WebM to Gif with Video Converter Ultimate in detail.

Step 1. Run the converter on your PC or Mac

Click the button below to get a free version of Video Converter Ultimate. Install and run it on your PC.

Step 2. Import the Webm file

To import the WebM file, you only need to single-click the icon in the middle of section one shown in the picture below or drag the file to this section.


During the import process, Video Converter Ultimate will ask you whether to create a proxy file or not. The proxy file is a copy of your video with a lower resolution and much smaller size, which can accelerate the editing process.

Step 3. Edit before converting

This step can be the most interesting part of the whole process.

video converter convert webm

You can click on the scissor button and edit your raw video like trimming, splitting, and rotating. Then you need to drag the timeline to set the start point and endpoint of the video you would like to convert into Gif.

For Gifs, shorter is better because it can be loaded and played back faster with a smaller size. So please do not let your segment be too long!

Step 4(Optional). Decorate your gif

You can do more settings after getting the target segment. For example, by double-clicking the timeline, you can set the speed and brightness of the Gif.

Step 5. Select the output format and convert

There are many export formats that can be chosen but here we set it as “Gif”.convert webm to gif output format

Apart from this, the resolution and frame rate of Gif should be set. Lower resolution and frame rate always bring smaller file size, faster loading speed, and worse Gif quality. Thus, you may need to find the balance through multiple attempts.

Click the Convert All button, and you can find the converted gif from the Converted tab.

Method 2. Convert WebM into Gif with ezgif.com

If you want a WebM to gif converter without installation, an online converter is a good option. ezgif.com allows you to import file by uploading local WebM file or pasting an online video URL. Now let’s see how it works step by step.

Step 1. Click the ‘video to GIF’ button, and then upload the local video or paste the URL of the online video. The process may take a long time because of network speed. By the way, you can not upload a video over 100M.

Step 2. When the video is uploaded, a pop-up with several options will appear, you can do some settings like start time, end time, frame rate, and so on.

Step 3. Click ‘Convert to GIF’ and just wait for the conversion. When the process is finished, you can download the Gif.

Method 3. Convert WebM to Gif with FFmpeg

FFmpeg is A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. If a geek prefers to work with command lines, FFmpeg’s clear and strong features will attract you. It’s very easy to convert WebM to Gif with FFmpeg.

You only need to input a simple command: ffmpeg -I input.webm output .gif. Just replace ‘input’ as your WebM file name and ‘output’ as your Gif file name, press the enter key on your keyboard, the conversion will begin.

Of course, you can add more configurations in the command. For example, if you only need to convert a part of the video, you can try a command like the below:

ffmpeg -t 5 -ss 00:00:10 -i input.webm output.gif

It means you want to convert the WebM file beginning at 10 seconds to a Gif 5 seconds long. You can do more personalized settings by reading the FFmpeg document at its official website or use the command: ffmpeg -h, some common options will be explained.


Above are three ways to convert WebM files into Gifs to meet different needs. Video Converter Ultimate can be a good choice for all users with its user-friendly interface, simple usage, and strong bonus features. Convert online is an installation-free way to convert but the speed can be very slow. Although FFmpeg holds strong features and clear usage, command-line usage is too difficult for normal users who are used to the graphical interface.

By the way, if you want to share Gifs on social media like Twitter, please pay more attention to the file size or frame limit of these websites before conversion in case of duplicated work.