Rise And Shine! Best Wake Up Songs To Ease Up Your Mornings

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Mornings can be hard to deal with. It’s really hard to get up and do your thing when you are exhausted from the night before, or when it’s Monday. For some people, the weather makes them want to stay longer in bed. But we have to get up and face the challenges of the real world.

Speaking of getting up in the morning, you might be having a hard time starting your day and even getting up from bed. Well, I might have the solution for you. The secret to having an energetic, productive, and fun morning is on your playlist!

Can Songs help me Get up in the Morning?

Experts say that the secret to having better mornings depends on your alarm or the songs you wake up to. Good music makes your body release endorphins a.k.a “happy hormones” that can boost your energy and give you a good mood.

Can Songs Help Me Get Up In The Morning

There are millions of songs out there, and choosing the best “wake up songs” can be quite challenging. That is why in this article, we compiled the best songs to wake up to so you can add them to your morning playlist or set them up as your alarm sound. Check them out below!

Top 10 Best Wake-Up Songs

Here is a list of the best wake-up songs to warm up your mornings! You can play these songs after you wake up, while you take a shower, while making breakfast, or even driving off to work. Listen to each one of them and if you know the lyrics feel free to sing along!

1. “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

First on the list is “Lovely Day” by Will Withers and it was released back in 1977. This song is a fusion of R&B and Soul. The groovy tune and inspirational lyrics will help you build motivation to keep moving forward.

2. “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

Motivation should start from within, you should always remind yourself that no matter what everybody tells you, despite the flaws and imperfections, you are beautiful. This is one of Christina Aguilera’s top-charted songs. If you need a song that will constantly remind you of your worth, we recommend including this in your wake-up songs playlist.

3. “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato

The song Skyscraper by Demi Lovato will make you feel indestructible. If you felt weak and unmotivated because of the backlash from other people in the past, remember the lyrics “Go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground. Like a skyscraper”.

4. “Three Little Birds” By Bob Marley

If you are into reggae, you might like Three Little Birds by the legendary Bob Marley. The song’s main theme is how you should not worry about your problems as everything will turn out okay. It also symbolizes freedom and the feeling of not being held down. If you are about to do something big in your life, you might want to start your day by listening to this relaxing wake-up song.

5. “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

Most of us might recognize this song because of the 2004 movie “Whitechicks”, and I can say that this is one of my favorite songs. Not because it is used in a comedy movie, but because of the upbeat melody and the cute and innocent lyrics. I personally feel cute and pretty when I listen to this song. This song is a great tune to listen to in order to make your mornings feel refreshing.

6. “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé

The song Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé will surely make you feel like a boss. This song screams “Girl Power”, and if you need a boost of confidence, this is the song that should be in your wake-up songs playlist.

7. “Can’t Stop The Feeling” By Justin Timberlake

Ready your dance moves as you will have a groovy morning with Justin Timberlake’s 2016 hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. This song will surely bring out your happy hormones and make the rest of the day feel better. This song is a must-have on your wake up songs playlist.

8. “Shake It Off” By Taylor Swift

Don’t worry about all the negativities; start your day with confidence. And as Taylor Swift says in her song Shake it offhaters gonna hate, fakers gonna fake, so just shake it off!” Get ready to shake your body with this fun and upbeat tune and start your day with confidence.

9. “Happy” By Pharrell Williams

The message of the song is in the title, start your day with happiness by listening to Pharrell Williams’sHappy”. Clap along with the groovy beat and move your hips while getting reading in the morning. Or you can set this up as your alarm to remind yourself always to be happy.

10. “Roar” By Katy Perry

The song Roar by Katy Perry is one of my personal favorites. This song will make you feel confident and that there is nothing that you can’t achieve. Keep your head up and let your voice be heard. Roar!

Tip: Here is How to get the Best Wake-Up Songs on your Device

Now that you know the best songs to wake up to, you’re probably planning to download them on your device so you can enjoy them offline. Well, I have the perfect tool for that.

Musify Music Downloader will help you by building your wake-up songs playlist as it can download songs from different websites. Yes! Get your wake-up songs from SoundCloud, MixCloud, and more. You can also convert and download music videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites you can listen to conveniently. Pretty cool right?

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Apart from that, this supports multiple audio and video formats like MP4, MP3, FLAC, OGG, and a whole lot more. Musify also protects your download’s sound quality. Rest assured that they will sound as good on your device as they are on the site!

With Musify, you can now use any device to play your wake-up songs and easily share them with your friends and family. How convenient is that?

Build your wake-up songs playlist with Musify Music Downloader now!

Download the best songs to wake up to with Musify

  1. First, download Musify on your computer by clicking the button above. After that, install the program by following the instructions on your
  2. Access the site where you want to download your song and copy the file URL.
  3. Launch Musify and access the Download tab. Hit the Paste URL button and wait for the file to load.
Paste the Share Link to Musify Music Downloader
  1. After a few moments, the download will start. When it’s done, it will automatically be saved on your computer.

Thanks to Musify, we can now have great mornings with the help of the best wake-up songs. Grab Musify now!

Final Thoughts

Waking up in a good mood and starting your mornings with positivity is a good way to start the day, and music helps to achieve that. With Musify, you can download all the best wake-up songs and listen to them on any of your devices.


Yes. With the Sleep Timer feature, you can set up your desired time to play a song or a playlist on Spotify.

  1. Open the Clock app on your phone then access the Alarm tab.
  2. Set up your target time and date.
  3. Next, hit the Download icon and browse Spotify songs. Locate the one you like and hit Add New.
  4. After that, tap Done to save the changes.

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