Watching virtual reality (VR) videos is an amazing experience that you feel are you are actually in the scene. It works in a way that displays different scenes separately to your left and right eyes, cheating your brain to believe that it is real life and the video is something actually happening. You will feel unbelievable like being involved in it. There are many types of VR videos: 360 degrees and 3D(best), 360 degrees and 2D, 180 degrees and 3D, 180 degrees and 2D.

To make 360 degrees and 3D VR videos, you need special filming equipment and it is not quite easy for you to convert your normal videos to VR videos.

In this article, I will take you through several feasible workarounds of convert video to VR video with VR video converter. There are so many video converters out there in the market while only UniConverter exclusively provides a dedicated VR conversion mode for VR headsets/glasses users. So in the below guide, we will concentrate our focus on how to use this VR converter to convert video for VR viewing.

Best VR Converter

UniConverter is an all-in-one ultimate video tool for video format converting, simple video editing, video download, DVD burning, DVD converting, and screen recording.

  • Convert any video to VR format.
  • 5 VR video modes: 360°/2D, 180°/3D(up and down), 180°/3D(left and right), 360°/3D(up and down), 360°/3D (left and right).
  • Convert video to VR video for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Phone(Cardboard).
  • Convert 2D video to 3D video to watch with VR devices.
  • Convert a video at a super-fast speed without image quality loss.

How to Use this VR Converter to convert video for VR

Step 1 Download and Install UniConverter on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2 Launch the program and go to Toolbox panel where you can find it on the top-right menu bar. And then select VR Converter module.

Step 3 You will see a VR Converter pop-up window as below. Now you are going to convert video to VR for your VR device. Just select a video file by clicking the horizontal three-dot icon to import your video.

UniConverter VR Converter

Step 4 Select a VR video mode, If your video is not an exceeding wide-angle one then I think to select a 180°mode will give you better-watching experience.

Step 5 Select the device for better compatibility, you only have three options: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR. If you don’t have these devices but other VR instead, select Samsung Gear VR.

Step 6 Appoint an output directory to store the VR video that converted. Then click Convert button to start the process.

After the conversion, transfer the video to your VR device and enjoy it.

How to convert 2D video to 3D video for VR Headsets

If you just want to enjoy your 2D video in 3D with a VR device, you just need to convert your video to 3D video for VR.

The best practice to enjoy a normal video with VR Headsets is to convert it to 3D video, so that you can have a fair 3D viewing even without 3D display. Let’s see how to convert video to SBS 3D for VR.

Step 1 Launch UniConverter

Step 2 Add your video into the program, you have many ways to do that, you can drag files or click Add Files button or click the big folder icon in the middle.

Step 3 After you have imported a video file, you can see the information as below. Now, click the arrow-down icon and choose MP4 > 3D Left-Right. You can choose other video formats that fit your needs. If you want to customize your output profile, you can click the little edit icon after 3D Left-Right.

UniConverter import VR video

Step 4 Click Convert button.

Now, you have your video converted for VR and you can connect your device with your computer and copy those video files to it. Start you watch the VR videos.

Next Step
To convert normal video to VR video is not the best option, if it is feasible, I will suggest you download VR video directly online with Video Downloader.

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