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What Is VOB and How to Play/Burn VOB Files on Windows/Mac

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It is a rare case for you to get into a situation where you need to open a file with the .vob file extension. You may get it after the download from a movie downloading site is complete. Having this VOB file on your computer, you will surprisingly find that the media player on your computer cannot stream this format and displays a black screen.

In this case, you may wonder what is this VOB file and how to play it on your computer or any other device you want. To help you out, we will explain what is VOB file to you and also, the methods to stream the file.

Part 1: What Is A VOB File

The VOB (Video Object) format serves as the container format in the DVD-Video media which contains digital video, digital audio, menus, trailers, subtitles, and other content about navigation.

In the DVD folder, you will see that the file sizes of the VOB files vary from 10MB to around 1GB. That means one VOB file is usually the digital duplicate of a movie or music DVD. It’s mostly extracted from a DVD with professional DVD ripper programs.

VOB Files in DVD Folder

But pay attention to one thing: though VOB and DVD seem to have the exact content, you cannot play the VOB file on a computer or DVD player normally.

Why Can’t I Play VOB Files on PC/TV

There’s this Video_TS folder on a DVD. Inside this folder, there are three types of files that generate a DVD playback, they are:

  • VOB: The media files and menu of the DVD movie;
  • IFO: The directory file that starts the playback;
  • BUP: The directory file that starts the playback when errors occur.

To be short, without the IFO files, DVD players and computers cannot play this VOB video normally since they can’t find the directory file – IFO.

When there’s no IFO file, what can we do to play the VOB files? Don’t worry, there’re multiple solutions:

Depending on your need, you can pick up one method to play the VOB files on a computer or TV.

Blu-ray Player

Ultimate Blu-ray Player

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Part 2: How to Play VOB Files on Windows/Mac

Though you fail to open the VOB file on your computer on the first attempt, this doesn’t mean the VOB file is unplayable. The media player software you use doesn’t support the VOB format, simple as that. In this case, you can download a media player that is compatible with the VOB format.

Without further ado, let’s download a VOB player – echoshare Blu-ray Player.

This is a power media player program that is eligible for all kinds of video and audio formats even if they’re rare and less useful. From encrypted DVD and Blu-ray to common digital formats like MP4 and MKV, echoshare Blu-ray Player will decode the imported videos and deliver you the frames in the best quality.

Open Disc on Blu-ray Player

As for the VOB files, this Blu-ray player software guarantees the playback will run smoothly. Both the audio and visual effects will be exactly the same quality as the DVD movie.

Besides the VOB files, if you ever download any rare digital formats like BDMV, Video_TS, or IFO, this media player will help you stream the clips from these files. Download echoshare Blu-ray Player and play any videos 100%.

Blu-ray Player

Ultimate Blu-ray Player

Best All-in-one Blu-ray, DVD, and Media Player Software

  • One-click Play Blu-ray disc, BD Folder, & BD ISO
  • Decrypt DRMs like BD+, AACS, Cinavia, etc
  • Supports 3D, 4K UHD, 8K, AVCHD, and more

*Works on Windows 11 & macOS Ventura

Step 1:

Simply download and install the media player software on your computer. Launch it then.

Step 2:

On the interface of the player, hit Play File and browse to select the target VOB file from the pop-up. Double-click to start streaming the VOB on this Windows or Mac computer.

Play Blu-ray with Aiseesoft Mac Blu-ray Player

Part 3: How to Burn VOB Files to DVD

To burn VOB and any other digital files to DVD, echoshare DVD Creator will always be the first choice.

Being a considerate DVD burner, echoshare DVD Creator can burn all your VOB files and other formatted files into DVD without quality loss, making you sit on the couch enjoying the exact frames and audio on your big screen with ease.

Make your own DVD collection

Equipped with various codecs (the tech to handle digital formats), echoshare can import most digital formats such as VOB, MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, OGG to DVD, ISO, or Folder. You can save so much space on your computer and have your own DVD collection built up.

DVD Creator

Be a homemade DVD professional

Every disc deserves a disc menu and that’s how you can start playing a specific chapter without going through the rest. If you’d like to, echoshare offers you dozens of templates you can install on your movie DVD.

Moreover, if none of the templates please you, customize one with your favorite photo, music, and opening film (like the one we saw in an MGM movie – the famous lion intro).

Enhance your video to theatre class

Do you think that the VOB file is a bit flawed, like lacking subtitles, or having bad video effects?

echoshare settles them down. You can, with several clicks, add subtitles to the target VOB file(s) and modify the effects like brightness, contrast, and more of the frames, skipping an extra video editor program and the cost of it.

Download it now and let’s get your VOB file burned to a DVD.

DVD Creator Burner

echoshare DVD Creator

Creator Homemade DVDs with Video and Audio Files

  • Burn MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more to DVD
  • Manage Chapters and Titles of DVD Movie
  • Customize Disc Menu with songs, films, photos

*Supports DVD-5&9, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM

Steps to Burn VOB to DVD with echoshare

Let’s see how to use echoshare DVD Creator to burn your VOB to DVD perfectly now.

Step 1

Launch echoshare. On its interface, click the Add Media File(s) button to load the VOB to the program. Or you can just drag and release the VOB to the burner.

Step 2

Find the three options: Disc Type, Audio, Subtitle, Power Tools, and Video Quality.

  • Disc Type: Based on the disc you’re about the use, choose DVD-5 or DVD-9.
  • Audio & Subtitle: Choose one or create a new track.
  • Power Tools: Edit the frame, audio, and subtitle effects.
  • Video Quality: Set to High or Fit to Disc if you want no resolution drop.

Click Next to proceed.

Burn Video File to DVD Setup

Step 3

Then, we come to the Menu Design page. Choose a template or create a personal menu with local photos and music. Or, tick No Menu to keep the playback straight.

Custimize DVD disc Play Menu

Click Burn and move to the final step.

Step 4

Here we come to the last interface.

Insert a DVD into your computer disc tray. Back to echoshare interface. Tick the Burn to disc option.

Tip: VOB to DVD Folder/ISO You can burn the VOB files to the computer. Select a destination from the Folder path or Save as ISO options to burn the VOB as a DVD Folder or ISO.

Start Burning Process

Then, decide the TV standard based on the region you’re in. Living in the US, keep the default NTSC, otherwise, use PAL.

After these, click the Start button to initiate the VOB to DVD conversion.

In just a few minutes, echoshare will finish the process and you can pop out the disc. Play it on your TV right away.

DVD Creator Burner

echoshare DVD Creator

Creator Homemade DVDs with Video and Audio Files

  • Burn MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more to DVD
  • Manage Chapters and Titles of DVD Movie
  • Customize Disc Menu with songs, films, photos

*Supports DVD-5&9, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM

Part 4: How to Convert VOB To MP4

The VOB format isn’t the only option. MP4 will be a decent choice for sure when it comes to compatibility.

However, we can’t just do a conversion for the protected VOB files as we do on other unprotected files.

For commercial DVDs and movies, producers will add DRM methods -Digital Rights Management to the content to protect the copyright. When the VOB file is ripped from a DVD, the DRM methods are likely active. Regular converters are helpless to the encryption. So, we need a professional VOB converter program that decrypts the DRM.

Here, my pick is the Leawo Prof. Media, an all-in-one converter program as well as a decrypter.

Leawo Prof Media

This program will crack all protection methods used on DVD and DVD content including VOB files in seconds. With Leawo Pro. Media, converting your VOB to MP4 becomes an unalloyed benefit by all means.

Besides MP4, the program supports hundreds of output formats. You can simply choose any desirable format to convert your VOB files. This makes it easier for you to play and store video clips on various devices.

Leawo Prof. Media

Leawo Prof. Media

Multimedia Converter for Blu-rays, DVDs, and Digital Files

  • One-click Rip Blu-ray & DVD to Media File
  • Decrypt Blu-ray & DVD DRM: BD+, AACS, Cinavia
  • Burn 500+ Files to Blu-ray Discs & DVDs
  • 1:1 Copy BD & DVD Movies and Music

*Supports more than 500+ digital formats, Blu-rays & DVDs

Download this media converter on your computer and let’s start to make your VOB files digital.

Step 1:

Launch the converter program on your computer. Hit the Convert tab on the top of the screen.

Step 2:

Click on Add Video and import your VOB file(s) to the program.

Leawo Prof. Media Add Video To Convert

Step 3:

Change the output settings or keep it default as MP4. Hit Convert to complete.


echoshare DVD Creator supports various video/audio formats and that includes IFO VOB files. The program is not only used for creating/burning video or audio files to DVD, but it can also edit videos with its built-in video editing tools. Therefore, download echoshare DVD Creator and start editing and burning parts of IFO VOB files.

IFO is a DVD movie information file used by DVD players that contain information about the region, encoding, and navigation protocols to play the contents of the DVD properly. Usually, it comes together with the VOB and BUP files on a DVD. The common IFO filename is VIDEO_TS_.IFO.

The headers of an IFO file inform the DVD player what screen to show at launch, where each chapter begins, where the audio tracks are on the disc, and so on. An IFO file is compatible with video programs such as Windows Media Player, VLC Player, or Win DVD.

VOB (for video object) is the container format in DVD-Video media. VOB can contain digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus, and navigation contents multiplexed together into a stream form.

You can burn VOB files to DVD using a DVD creator program. And in this way, you can play with any DVD player.

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