How to Upload Spotify Playlist to YouTube [2023 update]

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How To Upload The Spotify Playlist To Youtube

Have you ever wished to transfer a Spotify playlist to a different platform? Are you tried to switch applications for listening to a particular playlist? Maybe you want to share a playlist with friends who don’t have a Spotify account. Or you decide to cancel Spotify Premium but keep the playlists. Since YouTube is one of the biggest streaming platforms, you will intend to figure out how to upload Spotify playlists to YouTube.

Once you have done, you can play your Spotify playlist on YouTube. Furthermore, when you cancel the Spotify Premium subscription, you won’t need to worry about losing the songs on Spotify.

We are going to suggest two ways to upload a Spotify playlist to YouTube.

Part 1. How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to YouTube through a Playlist Transfer

After trying a lot of web tools that provide people to transfer the playlist from Spotify to YouTube, we found Soundiiz is one of the best, which is reliable and easy to use. Soundiiz not only can help users deliver their playlist from one streaming platform to another but also offers to sync the playlist automatically (premium includes 20 syncs, free only 1). The premium account also supports uploading and downloading the playlist in a popular format, such as M3U, XSPF, iTunes, CSV, Web URL, etc. Moreover, it enables the premium subscribers to combine and split the playlists.

However, Soundiiz only allows free users to transfer less than 200 tracks at a time. That means you have to subscribe to the premium for transferring the playlist that contains more than 200 songs at once.

There is a thing you need to notice: Soundiiz will require you to link your Spotify and Google account. (If you are concerned that it would lead to the privacy issue, we advise you to read the next solution that won’t request users to link their account.)

Here is the procedure of transferring playlist from Spotify to YouTube with Soundiiz:

Step 1: Open Soundiiz on a Browser.

open soundiiz on a browser

Step 2: Click the Start now button in the centre of the page, the sign-in page will display. If you don’t have an account, select the Sign up that is under the Log in button.

Sign Up A Soundiiz Account By Click The Words Under Log In

Step 3: The interface will show after logging in. Click the Spotify icon on the left sidebar to connect your Spotify account to Soundiiz. After that, select the YouTube icon to connect your Google account to Soundiiz.

After connecting accounts, press the Transfer on the left side of the interface, a guide window pops up.

Connect Spotify And Youtube Account To Soundiiz

You should click the Playlist icon first.

Click The Playlist Icon To Select A Category

Next, press the Spotify

Press The Spotify Icon Select The Source Platform

Then, choose a playlist and select the Confirm and continue

Choose A Playlist Select The Confirm And Continue Button Soundiiz

After checking and editing the information of the playlist, click the Save configuration

Check The Playlist And Save Configuration Soundiiz

Select Confirm

Check Tracks On The Playlist And Select Confirm On The Buttom Of The Window

Click the YouTube icon to set a destination.

Click The YouTube Icon To Set Destination

Step 5: You will find a pop-up window that displays the progress of the transferring. It will remind you when the transferring finishes.

The Window Displays Progreess Of Transferring

Finally, you can check the playlist on your YouTube playlist.

Like Soundiiz, Tune My Music is another reliable tool without the number limitation, but the free plan only allows a user to transfer up to 1000 tracks.

It is convenient to transfer the playlist cross-platform through a web tool, but if the specific song is not available on YouTube, you may find the song on the converted playlist will be a different one. For example, the songs’ name is the same, but they are from different artists. In order to avoid this situation, you had better read the next part to try another solution.

Part 2. Save Your Songs from Spotify to PC and Upload Them to YouTube

To ensure the transferred playlist is a copy one on Spotify, you should try to download Spotify songs to the PC and upload them to YouTube. Even though it will take you a few minutes.

This solution will be divided into three parts:

  1. How to download songs from Spotify to PC
  2. How to upload the music files to YouTube Music
  3. How to upload local songs to YouTube channel

1. How to Download Spotify Music to PC

Musify Music Downloader is the best downloader we have tested with many handy features. The brilliant feature that makes download operations a breeze is that you can download Spotify songs to the PC with the share link, which means if a friend sends an album share link to you, then you can download it immediately by copying the link to Musify. Also, it supports converting online video to music file from YouTube and other websites (Facebook, Soundcloud, Vevo, MixCloud, Bandcamp, etc). Besides, the tags and quality of the song will remain after conversion.

Follow these steps to download songs with Musify:

Step 1: Download and Install Musify Music Downloader

Step 2: Copy the Share Link from Spotify

Open the Spotify, click a playlist you want to download, then select the three-dot icon, a dropdown menu will display, move the mouse on the Share and click the Copy Playlist Link. Now, you got the share link.

How to Copy the Share Link from Spotify

Step 3: Paste URL and Download the Spotify Songs

Launch the Musify, press the Paste URL button, a window will present to require you to confirm the list, click the Download button.

Downloading Song by Copying the Spotify Share Link to Musify

Step 4: Open the Output Folder

When the conversion ends, click the Downloaded tab, then you will see all the converted songs, select the folder icon on the right of each song, and the output folder will show.Open the Output Folder of the Musify Music Downloader

2. How to Upload Spotify Music to YouTube Music

YouTube Music, another streaming platform, has replaced Google Music(which is unavailable now) in December 2020. YouTube Music contains more than 70 million official songs. The abundant music content includes live performances, covers, remixes, etc. Also, it serves users personalized music base on their past listening activities. Last but not least, it allows users to upload music files from their PC.

Here are the uploading steps:

Step 1: Open the YouTube music web player on a browser, click your info photo on the top right of the interface.

The Interface Of Youtube Music Web Player

Step 2: You will see a menu and press Upload music. After that, a file browser window will display to let you choose the local songs, when you have selected, then click the Open button.

Upload Music Files To Youtube Music

Step 3: A pop-up window will show on the bottom left of the interface, which reminds you the uploading process is finished.

If you would like to play the upload songs right now, select GO TO THE LIBRARY on the bottom right of the window and a Library page will show with a list of uploaded songs.

Finnish Music Files Uploading

3. How to Upload Spotify Music to YouTube Channel

As we all know, the YouTube channel is an online video platform, it only allowed users to upload the video file. So, you need to merge music files and photo to make a video through a video editing software program (Adobe Premiere Element, OpenShot, Video Pad, Freemake Video Converter, VSDC, iMovie, etc)

We will present how to make a video by mixing a music file and a photo through Adobe Premiere Element:

Step 1: Open the Editor workspace

At first, you need to download and install Premiere Element. Open it after the installation, select the Video Editor icon on the right of the interface. The Editor workspace will show.

Interface Of Adobe Premiere Elements

Step 2: Create a Video in The Workspace

Select Combine photos and videos to create a single movie, a file browser window will display. Navigate to the folder that includes the photos and songs that you want, select them and click the Open button. You will see the image and the music file have mixed in the workspace, which also enables users to check and edit the video.

The Interface Of Workspace Of Video Editor

Step 3: Export the Video

After editing the video, you can export the video by clicking the Export & Share on the top right of the interface. A pop-up window will show to let you edit the format and quality of the video. Definitely, you can directly click the Save button. When you find the words “Save Complete!”, press the Open Folder button, then you will see the video file.

Export The Video Premiere Elements

When you have made the video, follow the procedure of uploading videos to your YouTube channel from YouTube Help. Please remember to make your video private since it is necessary to respect copyright.

Set Upload Video As No Public


Now, you know how to upload a Spotify playlist to YouTube. Of course, it will be efficient to convert the playlists cross-platform by a web tool. For the person who cares about the sameness between transferred tracks and songs on Spotify, the better solution is downloading songs first and uploading them to YouTube. Have fun with the songs!


Of course, converting songs from Spotify to local and upload them to YouTube will take you a little more time than cross-platform transferring through a web tool. Because some specific song may not available on YouTube, you may find the different song on the transferred playlist, for instance, the name of the two-song is the same but from different artists.

Don’t worry, it will be legal if you are not making it for profit.

Indeed, it seems like wasting time. However, it will be helpful when you decide to cancel your Premium but listen to Spotify’s playlist.