How to Upload iMovie Video to Instagram on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Last Updated on April 22, 2021 by Leo Standy

For Instagram Vlog Uppers, it is very import to edit a video before uploading it to Instagram, you may want to add some background musics, trim the video or even resize the video from horizontal to vertical. iMovie is a very reliable video editing tool on iPhone, iPad, and on macOS, since if you want to apply some more advanced editing to your videos, you definitely have to move your video editing procedure from phone to Mac desktop, especially when you are making a video for IGTV.

While sometimes it is satiric that you have already refine your video on iMovie, while you are stuck at about how to upload the iMovie edited video to Instagram. In this article, we will solve your problems.

#1 How to Upload iMovie Video to Instagram on iOS

iPhone can film extraordinary videos and photos, while even you record videos with DSLR you have to refine your videos and make it more storytelling and eye-catching. iMovie becomes a choice for many iPhone or iPad users since apple brings it from desktop to mobile. Although iMovie for iOS just offers some basic edit functions, you can still astonish your visitors with videos that edited by it. You can split your video segments, trim a clip, change the play speed of a clip, add transitions between clips, add fancy titles, add video effect filters, add background music, and add parsing dubbing. AND please keep in mind that it is not possible for you to change the resolution of a video that created on iMovie for iOS, so if you want to make a square or vertical video, do it on desktop.

To upload your iMovie video to Instagram is super easy.

Step 1 If you are on the main pane of iMovie, tap on the video that you want to upload to Instagram and tap on the share icon iMovie Share Icon beneath the video thumb nail. If you are editing the video, tap on Done button on the left-top corner, then you will see the share icon in the middle of three icons on the bottom action bar.

Upload iMovie Video to Instagram on iPad

Step 2 In the share destination column, slide to left, then you will see Instagram.

#2 How to Upload iMovie Video to Instagram on macOS

Just like uploading iMovie video to Instagram on iPhone or iPad, it is very easy for you to find the share icon. When you finish the editing of your video, move to the right-top corner of iMovie, you will see the share icon.

Just click on the share icon iMovie Share Icon and choose Instagram for your uploading.

If you prefer to upload the video through the Instagram app on phone then you need to transfer the iMovie video to your iPhone to iPad with iOS Transfer.

#3 How to Convert iMovie Video to Instagram Supported Format

Instagram has specified the recommended video technical specifications for better uploading. Following its instructions will facilitate the uploading. So if we failed to upload video within iMovie or if you want to accelerate the upload speed, then we better apply a third-party video converter to adjust the video before upload.

Best video format for Instagram uploading.

Video format: MP4
Video codec: h.264
Frame rate: 30fps
Resolution: 864pixels (width) by 1080pixels (height)
Aspect ratio: 4:5

Let’s start to convert the video.

Step 1 Copy the video to your computer, and install Insragram Video Converter on your computer.

Mac Download
Mac Download

Step 2 Launch the video converter and drag the video into the pane, you will has a video item listed with basic video information.

Step 3 Click on the Edit button on the top bar, a Edit pane will be opened and you will see many editing feature available for you, like Rotate, Crop, Effect, and Watermark.

Step 4 Move to Profile and click settings to choose a appropriate video format. Here I will suggest you to choose Streaming Video > YouTube HD video.

Convert Video to Optimized and Preset Video Format

Step 5 When you have done your adjustment, click Convert button to start the conversion procedure.

In minutes, you will have your best prepared iMovie video for uploading to Instagram.