Got a New iPhone? Here’s How to Transfer your WhatsApp History

Last Updated: October 24th, 2023By Categories: WhatsApp Transfer

Getting a new iPhone is almost like a pilgrimage to many. Year after year, Apple releases its newest model of the iPhone and its customers flock outside to get it. It is not uncommon for lines to form hours before shop openings and for product shortages to occur.

But getting a new iPhone is only half of the story. The other half is what happens once you have to set up your newest acquisition and inevitably transfer all your most important data from the old one. And what kind of data is more important than your WhatsApp history and all the important moments you have captured there in text form?

This is exactly why we have created this guide, to help you transfer your WhatsApp history from your old iPhone to your new one without losing a single precious moment.

Transfer Whatspp iPhone

Transfer WhatsApp history from old phone to new iPhone using a third-party app

We understand that there are a plethora of different kinds of information that exist in our WhatsApp history; from important, personal moments to confidential pieces of information. Thus it is necessary to transfer it safely and through an encrypted channel.

What is more, as we usually have several chat threads that we want to keep, ideally, we would be able to transfer them all without having to go through a lengthy selection process where we choose each chat separately. And, on top of that, we would also like to be able to do all that without any size limits, since the media files, like photos, included in our chat history can be quite heavy.

This is why we recommend WhatsApp Transfer. An app that can do everything mentioned above in a very simple-to-use package. With WhatsApp Transfer:

  • You can transfer all your chat history at once, including photos.
  • You do not run the risk of losing any data.
  • You can work on all iPhone models. Even the newest ones.
  • You do not have to transfer things through the internet, thus keeping your privacy intact.

Here is how to use it to transfer your WhatsApp history from your old iPhone to your new one.

  • Download and install WhatsApp Transfer using the buttons below.
  • Launch it after installation is complete. Then, click on WhatsApp.
  • Connect both your new and old iPhone to your computer via USB.

Choose WhatsApp Transfer WhatsApp iPhone

  • Follow the steps to get into debugging mode on both devices.

Transfer WhatsApp iPhone Connect Device

  • Then, click on Transfer and just wait.

Transfer WhatsApp iPhone Start Transfer

  • WhatsApp Transfer will transfer your data safely and quickly.

Transfer WhatsApp history from old phone to new iPhone with iCloud

There are alternatives to using a third-party app for those of you who do not wish to do so. The first one involves using a cloud service. In particular, iCloud.

iCloud is an online storage space where you can save files and then download them from any device that has a stable connection to the internet. And this is exactly what you can do with your WhatsApp history; you can export it, upload it to the cloud and then download it on the new device.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  • You should have iCloud backup activated on both devices.
  • Open WhatsApp on your old iPhone.
  • Go to SettingsChat settingsChat backup.
  • There, tap on Back up now.

Transfer WhatsApp iPhone iCloud

  • Wait for a while and all your conversations will be backed up on the Cloud.
  • Open WhatsApp on your new iPhone.
  • Log in with your number. That should log you out on the old device.
  • WhatsApp will ask you if you want to restore your previous chats.
  • Tap OK and that’s it!

Transfer WhatsApp iPhone iCloud Restore

Use iTunes backup to transfer your WhatsApp history from old phone to new iPhone

An alternative to the cloud is iTunes backup. With iTunes backup, you will be using your iPhone’s own music service to upload your WhatsApp chat history and download it on your new device. The process is similar to using the cloud and doesn’t require anything other than an active iTunes account and a computer (preferably a Mac).

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Connect the old iPhone to your computer.
  • Launch iTunes.Then, go to FileDevicesBack Up.
  • After that, connect your new iPhone to your computer.
  • Launch iTunes again. You will have to set it up. There you will also get the option to Restore from iTunes Backup. Select it.
  • All the data from your old iPhone will be transferred to your new device, including your WhatsApp history.
  • Log in on WhatsApp with your phone number on the new device.
  • Tap Yes when prompted to restore your chat history.


Getting a new iPhone can be exciting. And people tend to do it quite often, given the frequency with which Apple releases new models. But this doesn’t mean that we have to leave our chat history behind every time we buy a new iPhone. This article focuses on how you can keep all those important chats safe and follow you no matter how many devices you change.


Whether you have opted for automatic backup or you do it manually, WhatsApp usually backs all its chats up on the iCloud, that is, an online storage service specifically made for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

There are several alternatives to iCloud if you want to transfer your WhatsApp chat history. You could use iTunes and back up your entire phone’s data or go chat by chat with email transfer. Or, you could use a third-party app like Echoshare Switch Data Transfer and do everything in just a few clicks.