How to Transfer Spotify Music to iPod

Nowadays, if you want to listen to the new album, you should pay for it. Many folks rather subscribe to Spotify Premium.

For iPod users, it will be quite a struggle that they are not able to listen to the recent music on their iPod anymore since the Spotify app isn’t compatible with most iPod, except iPod touch.

Also, each Spotify song is protected by DRM, even if the users transfer the music files to their iPod, the iPod can’t play those songs.

Seems that purchasing the DRM-free songs from iTunes Store and transferring them to old model iPod is the only way to listen to the new album.

In fact, here is another practical way to put Spotify music on iPod — Download the DRM-free Spotify songs to PC and transfer those files to iPod.

Part 1. Download DRM-free Music Files from Spotify to PC with Music Downloader

With Musify Music Downloader, it is easy to get the high-quality and DRM-free Spotify music files, which is playable on iPod. Also, this downloader offers 4 converting formats that are playable on iPod: MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF.

Besides, it will preserve the song’s original ID3 tags, so that you won’t need to edit the title one by one.

Follow the user-friendly procedure below, you will be able to download songs from Spotify:

Step 1: Copy the Sharelink of Song/Album/Playlist from Spotify

Open Spotify, right-click the song/album/playlist, select Share > Copy Song Link/Copy Album Link/Copy link to playlist.

Get Share Link on the Spotify Web Player

Step 2: Edit the Downloading Format and Quality

(the default format is MP3 and quality is 320kb/s, if you don’t want to change it, skip this step)

Launch Musify, click the Settings icon > Download tab, then press the box which is on the right of the format to choose another format, for instance AAC.

Next, select the box on the right of quality, choose Best. Remember to press the Apply button to settle the change.

Edit the Format as FLAC and the Quality as Best

Step 3: Start to Download and Find the DRM-free Music

Click the Paste URL button, the download process will begin. However, if the link includes more than one song, you will need to press the Download button on a popping window.

Paste the Spotify Share Link to Download Music Files with Musify

When the downloading process ends, click the Downloaded tab. Press the folder icon on the right of a downloaded song.

Open the Output Folder of the Musify Music Downloader

Part 2. Transfer Spotify Music Files to iPod

Transfer Spotify Music Files to iPod Touch

If you want to transfer the files to iPod Touch, Dr.Fone will be able to help you smoothly put the Spotify music files to iPod Touch in a minute.

Step 1: Open the program, choose Phone Manager, connect the iPod Touch to your desktop, and you will find the device appears on the interface.

Choose Phone Manager Dr.Fone

Step 2: Click Music tab > import icon > Add Folder, when the folder explorer/finder pops-up, navigate to the location of the output folder, then the Spotify songs will be copied to iPod Touch.

Add Music Files to Kindle Fire

Transfer Spotify Music Files to iPod Devices (Except iPod Touch)

We will illustrate how to transfer Spotify music files to iPod with iPod Nano.

Transfer Spotify Music Files to iPod with Apple Music on Windows

Step 1: Open iTunes, connect your ipod to the Computer with a USB cable, it will ask you to go through the setup process if this is the first time you connect to iTunes.

Step 2: Then, you will find the device shown on the left of the interface. Under the device’s name, click the Music. You will find the music section shown on the interface. Then, drag the files from the output folder to it.

Transfer Spotify Music Files to iPod with Apple Music on Mac

Note: The iTunes is unavailable to the macOS Catalina and the later version. You can still edit the settings on the Music app and transfer the file via Finder app.

Step 1: Connect the iPod Nano to Mac

Plug in the cable in Mac and iPod Nano. Then, open the Finder app, when it successfully connects, the device will show on the left under the devices.

Note: if you can’t find the devices, you should change the setting of Finder.

Select Finder > Preference on the top of the screen, click External disks and General CDs, DVDs, and iPods on the pop-up window.

Press the device’s name and go to the General tab. Choose Manually manage music, movie and TV shows and Enable disk use.

If you choose to manually manage music, you can add music from several desktops without losing the file.

Step 2: Copy the Music Files to the iPod’s Music Folder

Then, you will see the iPod on the screen. Double-click the iPod icon, press “Command + Shift + .” to show the hidden folder. Next, open the iPod_Control Folder > Music.

Copy the music files from the output folder to it, and you have successfully added songs to your iPod Nano (if you want to hide the hidden folder, press “Command + Shift + .” )


Follow the steps above, you will be able to play Spotify music to iPod. Of course, if you have other needs you can buy a portable Spotify MP3 as well.

Go camping on a weekend, while the wind is blowing, play the songs on your iPod. Lay down when you are tired, if you wake up at night, you will see the whole starry sky.