When moving to a new phone, particularly from Android to iPhone, text messages are usually abandoned on the former and you just move on with your new phone.

That’s kind of sad or impractical for many, especially if there are sentimental/important messages. Of course, you’d want to keep your conversations with your lover, family, friends, workmates, or even SMS notifications from your bank.

Well, the good news is that you really don’t have to leave your precious SMS. In fact, there are ways to transfer messages from Android to iPhone. And we are going to walk you through them. Just continue reading to see which one works for you.

Transfer Messages From Android To iPhone Poster

Method 1: Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS

Considering that you are still setting up your new iPhone, there’s an app called Move to iOS that can do the transfer for you. It’s the official transfer app by Apple that helps Android users move their phone data, including text messages and saved contacts, from Android to iPhone wirelessly.

However, the downside of this app is that it tends to overwrite or replace existing phone data. That’s why we can only recommend this if you don’t have other important files as it could result in data loss.

Step 1

On your Android phone, open Google Play Store and type in “Move to iOS” on the search bar. Once the app appears, tap on the Install button.

Step 2

When the app is finally installed, go to your iPhone’s Settings and look for App & Data. There, you will see a list of options. Choose Move Data from Android and tap Continue. Terms of Conditions will appear on the screen. Read them and then Agree.

Move To IOS IPhone

Step 3

Right after that, there should be a special code on the screen. When it appears, don’t turn off your iPhone. Proceed to your Android phone and launch the Move to iOS app. Then, hit the Continue button.

Step 4

Next, you must enter the code from the iPhone. Then, tap Continue and then Connect right after. Both phones should establish a secure connection immediately. Once connected, go to your Android phone and choose Messages.

Move To IOS

Step 5

Finally, just tap the Continue button to start the transfer. Wait until the progress bar on the iPhone is complete before disconnecting. You will know whether or not the process is finished when you see the option “Continue Setting Up iPhone” on the screen.

Method 2: Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone with iTransGo

Well, if you’ve been using the target iPhone for quite some time now and there are already important messages there, method 1 isn’t for you. But you’ve not hit a dead end yet. There’s iCareFone iTransGo that can save your day!

It’s an app that’s made for transferring phone data from Android to iPhone. One of the data it can transfer is SMS content. The best part is– that you can do it in just one click!


iCareFone iTransGo

Imports Everything from Android to iOS Without Factory Reset

  • Transfer data successfully from Android 13 to iOS 17
  • Supports Contact, photo, video, music, message, and more
  • A lossless transfer without a quality drop and file corruption

*Compatible with 8000+ Android devices and All iPhone models

This app works fast and smoothly. It scans all the message content on your Android phone, which means that no single SMS will be left behind.

Yes! This includes not only the texts but also the attachments, making sure that your conversations are complete. Not to mention,  the mobile numbers of senders/receivers and the date & time of each message are preserved as well. After the scan is complete, you just need to click one button to transfer all of them to your iPhone seamlessly.  How cool is that?

In addition to messages, iTransGo can also transfer other phone data such as contacts, photos, videos, calendar events, and even music files. Indeed, this app is a delight to have whenever you want to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

How to Use iCareFone iTransGo

To use this app, you will need a Windows PC and two data cables for the Android and iPhone.

Step 1

Open your PC’s browser and click on the banner above to download and install the app. Afterward, run the program and then click on the Start button on the main interface.

iTransGo Main Interface

Step 2

Using the data cables, connect your Android and iPhone to the computer. You will have to enable certain permissions on both phones to establish a secure connection. But don’t worry, iTransGo will flash instructions on the screen. Just follow them.

iTransGo Android IPhone

Step 3

When the phones are finally connected to the computer, select the data you want to transfer. Just tick Messages and then click on Start Scan. Wait for a second or two and the scan should be complete.

iTransGo Android IPhone

Once it’s done, click on Transfer Data to finally transfer all the messages from your Android phone to your iPhone. You’d know it’s finished when you see the successful transfer message on the screen.

iTransGo Android IPhone

That’s it! After that, just check your iPhone and the message threads should be available there.


With these two methods, you don’t have to leave your treasured messages on your Android phone when moving to an iPhone. They actually work the same way, but they have different advantages depending on your situation.

The first one is suited for those who are setting up a new iPhone, while the second one is recommended if the iPhone you’re transferring the message to has existing SMS data.

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