How to Transfer eBooks from Computer to Nook

After unboxing the Nook glowlight 3, what would you do next? Do you want to add some ebooks in your Nook?

Buying some from Barnes & Noble is an option, but there is another one, more wallet friendly, is to transfer an ebook to Nook if you have already downloaded some ebooks files on your computer.

You don’t need to worry about whether the process is complicated. We will show you step by step. Now, let’s start.

Part 1. Prepare eBook Files

A lot of users complain that they can’t open the ebooks files, which are imported from their PC. To make sure the ebook file is readable on Nook, there are 3 things we need to check:

1. File Format

Nook only compatible with .epub, .pdf format, and other formats need to convert before transferring. For instance, .mobi and .azw3 should be converted to EPUB with eBook Converter.

2. Completeness

Open it on the reading application to check if the file is complete. If not, you need to download the file again.

3. DRM-free

You had better remove DRM first to make sure you can read those books on the Nook, if you have got those files from Google Play or other ebook stores.

It will be easy to do with a great tool — Leawo Prof.DRM, which is able to eliminate DRM from Kindle/Google Play/Kobo eBooks in 1-click. Moreover, it supports converting ebook files to EPUB.

What is more, the steps are pretty easy to operate:

Step 1: Add eBook to the Converter

Launch Prof.DRM, and click eBook Converter. Drag the ebooks files to the interface.

Step 2: Convert the Files and Open the Output folder

Click the Convert button to start a conversion. The books will be converted to DRM-free EPUB file.

Drag the Files to eBook Converter

Until it ends, select the Converted tab, and click the icon on the right of an ebook. The folder where the converted ebook files are located will pop in a second.

Open the Output Folder of eBook Converter

Now, the ebook files are ready, let’s transfer the files to your Nook.

Part 2. How to Transfer eBooks Files from Computer to Nook

Step 1: Connect Nook to Computer

First: Connect the desktop to Nook with a USB cable, which was packed with Nook together.

Second: A window pops up on your Nook. Tap Connect to open the USB mode. And your Nook will show on the PC, as a new dive.

USB Mode on Nook

Step 2: Copy the eBooks Files to Nook

Open the Nook drive > My Files, drag the ebook files in it.

When transferring finnish, disconnect the Nook and computer.


Now, you know how to transfer ebooks from computer to Nook. Follow the steps above, you will find it is quite simple to operate.

However, don’t forget to check your file in advance. The incompatible format, DRM limits, or damaged file will stop you from reading the ebooks on the Nook.

If the file is not complete, you should download it again. When you meet format or DRM issues, you can use the ebook converter to convert format or delete DRM.

Once you have transferred the ebook to your nook, you are relieved from carrying the paperback books to go out. Put this gadget in your bag, so you can effortlessly read books while commuting. Enjoy your reading!