Solved: Where Are the Location of Audible Files on Kindle/Android/PC

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Where Are the Location of Audible Files

Have you ever wanted to know how to find Audible files on Kindle/Android/PC? Once you figure it out, you can back up the Audible books or convert them to MP3.

Let’s go!

Part 1. Where Are Audible Files on Windows

There are 2 possible locations on Windows, if you download the Audible files via browser, you would be able to download in a specific folder.

While if you download on the Audible application, then you can open the folder by: open Audible, go to Settings > Downloads,  click Open Downloaded Location in File Explorer.

Or directly go to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Packages\AudibleInc.AudibleforWindowsPhone_xns73kv1ymhp2

Part 2. Where Are Audible Files on Mac

The Audible app doesn’t have the Mac version, however, download the files from Audible to your Mac and enjoy the Audible books through iTunes.

Visit, go to Sign in > Library. Click the Download button on the right of the Audible book you want, then it will require you to choose a folder before downloading, and the default one is the location of Audible files on Mac.

Part 3. Where Are Audible Files on Android

When you connect Android devices to your computer, go to the Android device disk, then go to Internal storage/Android/data/

If you want to know how to find it on Android devices, tap Files app > Internal storage > Android > data > > files

Then you will find the Audible files in .aa/.aax format.

Part 4. Where Are Audible Files on Kindle Device

If you have downloaded Audible files on your Kindle device, connect it to PC and you will find the Audible files on PC. Open the File explorer or Finder > Kindle disk > Audible, all the offline Audible books will show.

Leawo Prof. DRM Audible Converter

For those users who want to play Audible books on their device, but want to get rid of Audible app, Audible Converter will help. Which is able to remove the DRM from Audible books and convert them to MP3 files.

Also, you will be able to keep those files when you cancel the subscription. Besides, its intuitive interface and easy operation will make a smooth downloading process.

Steps to Convert Audible Files:

  1. Add Audible books to Audible Converter

Launch the program, open Audible Converter > Add Files. Select the sync icon beside the Audible Books, choose the checkboxes of the Audible books, press the Add button.

Add Audible Book to Audible Converter

  1. Start the Conversion

Click the Convert button, the books will be converted.

  1. Open the Output Folder

Press the Converted tab, select a converted file, then press the folder icon on the right. The folder that includes the Audible books will present in a second, which means you can play those Audible books on another media player.

Open the Output Folder of Audible Converter


Now, you are totally clear about the location of the downloading Audible files on Kindle/ Android/PC. Whether you want to eliminate the DRM or back up the whole library, you can find the Audible files and move to the next step.


Launch Audible application, go to Settings > Downloads > Download location > Custom location. The file explorer pops up, then you can choose or create a folder as a new location.

If you have already runned out of the storage on Android, you can change the location to an external SD card. (However, you can’t play the Audible book on the car or other media player, since Audio Books on Audible are protected by DRM.)

Open Audible app, Tap Profile > Settings > Data & Storage. Under Download Location, click Download to SD card.