Switching from Android to iPhone (How to Do It)

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Switching from Android to iPhone is a pretty common occurrence in the smartphone world. And unlike Android-to-Android or iPhone-to-iPhone switches, a cross-platform switch can be a bit challenging. This is because there’s no direct way of doing it on both phones. Well, that’s Android and iOS ecosystems for you.

But despite that, there are two legitimate ways to switch from Android to iPhone you can try. We’ve tried them and we can say they’re the easiest among all the methods you can find out there. Now, if you are moving

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Part 1: Should I Switch from Android to iPhone

Switching from Android to iPhone is a big move, considering that you’ve stored important files and organized your messages, calendars, or whatnot. Regardless, it shouldn’t discourage you from transferring them. If you really need to switch because your Android phone hasn’t aged well, going for an iPhone is surely a fresh start.

iPhones are known for running smoothly, and their software is supported regularly and for long periods of time– 5 years or more. If that’s an important factor for you, then it’s wise to switch from Android to iPhone. ‘

Apple iPhone

Apart from that, you should also know the pros and cons of switching from Android to iPhone so you can decide whether you really want to switch or not.

Pros of switching from Android to iPhone

  • Great cameras with consistent image quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • Elegant overall design and style
  • Smooth transitions of apps
  • High-end screens/displays
  • Trusted Security Features

Cons of switching from Android to iPhone

  • Expensive
  • Limited storage options (no microSD card, too)
  • Less flexibility when it comes to mods and customization.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons, which means that it’s really worth switching from Android to iPhone if it’s within your budget. The most common concern when moving files from Android to iPhone is whether or not it’s difficult.


iCareFone iTransGo

Imports Everything from Android to iOS Without Factory Reset

  • Transfer data successfully from Android 13 to iOS 17
  • Supports Contact, photo, video, music, message, and more
  • A lossless transfer without a quality drop and file corruption

*Compatible with 8000+ Android devices and All iPhone models

Part 2: Is It Hard to Switch from Android to iPhone

Switching from Android to iPhone can be hard. This is true, especially for those who are used to the Android ecosystem. As we know, iPhone has a different OS and interface, which could take time for you to adjust. Not to mention, you’ll be missing some things when you switch to iPhone.

What Will I Miss Switching from Android to iPhone

For example, iPhone X and later iterations don’t have a fingerprint scanner. There’s also no lock feature for specific apps for better privacy and security. Not to mention, you have less freedom to download free music because of paywalls and restrictions. The list goes on.

Apple iPhone And Android

On a different note, switching from Android to iPhone can be difficult, too, especially if you don’t have the right methods to do it. You wouldn’t know where to start and you’d worry whether you can transfer all your precious files. But if you do, the whole transfer process would be a walk in the park.

As mentioned, we have two legit ways how to switch from Android to iPhone. They can surely make the transition much easier and stress-free for you. Just check out the next part.

Part 3: How to Switch from Android to iPhone

The two methods below are the easiest ways you can switch from Android to iPhone. The first one is done wirelessly and is recommended if you’re setting up a new iPhone. And the second one is wired transfer, which involves the use of a computer. It is much faster and more stable. So, we recommend it if you are transferring many files.

Method 1: Switching from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS

Apple is more than happy when you switch to an iPhone. That’s why they created an app called Move to iOS so Android users can easily transfer their phone data. This includes messages, contacts, photos, videos, mail accounts, calendars, and WhatsApp data.

The app is available to install on Android via Google Play Store. Just install it and follow the methods below.

Step 1

Considering you’ve already installed the app on your Android phone, proceed to your iPhone. There, go to the Apps & Data screen and select Move Data from Android.

iPhone Move To IOS

Step 2

Next, Tap the Continue button. There should be a string of numbers or a code on the screen. Take note of it. Then, go back to your Android phone and launch Move to iOS. There, hit Continue and then Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 3

After that, you will be required to enter the code. Then, tap Continue and hit Connect right after. Both your Android and iPhone should be connected immediately. On your Android phone, select the type of data you want to transfer.

Move To IOS iPHone

Step 4

After the selection, just tap Continue and the moving process should start right away. Wait until the process is complete. You’d know it if you see Continue Setting Up iPhone.

However, if you are transferring large data (videos/photos) wirelessly via Move to iOS, the moving process could be a bit slower as compared to using data cables. Not to mention, wireless interference from the surrounding could interrupt the process.


This method is recommended if you are moving to a new iPhone that is yet to be set up.  This is because Move to iOS overwrites existing data, which could result in unwanted data loss.

Method 2: Switching from Android to iPhone with iCareFone iTransGo

Well, if you want to switch from Android to iPhone faster and safer, there’s an app called iCareFone iTransGo. It’s a program that scans all the important phone data and then transfers them in just one click. You don’t need to manually select each file, unlike other methods using the computer.

And comparing this to the previous method, iTransGo offers a 30-minute quick transfer, which is far better than the 7-8 hours transfer time of Move to iOS if you’re transferring large files. Your iPhone’s existing data is safe, too, as no overwriting occurs during the process.


iCareFone iTransGo

Imports Everything from Android to iOS Without Factory Reset

  • Transfer data successfully from Android 13 to iOS 17
  • Supports Contact, photo, video, music, message, and more
  • A lossless transfer without a quality drop and file corruption

*Compatible with 8000+ Android devices and All iPhone models

Plus, this app has 99% success rate because it’s wired and less prone to interruption. Indeed. you can save time, effort, and worry less about your data.

With iCareFone iTransGo, you won’t miss any of your essential phone data as it includes transfer of:

  • Photos – jpg, jpeg, png, heic, webp, gif, tiff, bmp, and dng
  • Videos – mp4, m4v, 3gp, and mov
  • Contacts – names and phone numbers
  • Messages – all massage threads (sent messages and replies)
  • Calendars – events and important dates
  • Music – mp3, m4a, aac, wav, and flac

Yes! All of these data can be transferred in one go. It’s like you’ve never switched from Android at all since all of them would be readily available on your iPhone as soon as the process is complete.

Get Started with iCareFone iTransGo

If you want to try this app, there are only 3 easy steps to make the switch.

Step 1

Download the installer by clicking the banner above. Then, install and launch it on your computer. On the main interface, click on the Start button.

iCareFone iTransGo Interface

Step 2

Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer. Make sure to use USB data cables that are not faulty or loose. Then, you need to enable certain permissions on both phones. Just follow the on-screen guide to do it.

iTransGo Android And IPhone Connect

Step 3

After that, select the data you wish to transfer. Just put a checkmark on each of them. Then, hit Start Scan. After a few seconds, you will see the total number of files and size. If you think your iPhone has enough space to store them, click Transfer Data.


The transfer should start right away. Just wait for a few minutes until it’s finished. Most importantly, don’t disconnect the data cables while the process is ongoing as it may interrupt the transfer

iTransGo Successful Data Transfer


Switching from Android to iPhone isn’t hard as long as you follow the right methods. There are many ways out there, but more often than not, they’re complicated and risky. But luckily for you, we’ve found two ways that will surely make the switch a piece of cake. Just try them out and see which of them best works for you. But personally, we recommend if you want a faster transfer.


For a long-time Android user, the lack of customizability/flexibility when it comes to user interface and “modded” apps are the major downsides when switching to an iPhone. But for regular users, it’s the myriad of paid services that you usually get for free on Android.

The biggest edge of iPhones over Android phones is software updates. The guarantee of a 5-year software update support contributes to iPhone’s longevity in terms of usage. Unlike most Android phone manufacturers, they only promise 2-4 years, which makes other apps and programs incompatible and laggy after the said period.

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