DVD to Roku Guide: By Ripping, You Can Stream DVD to Roku

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Being one of the most popular media streaming hardware players in the US, the Roku is surely a perfect tool of entertainment for those who love movies, TV shows, and music.

Capable of streaming videos from various channels and online services like Netflix and Hulu, the Roku delivers almost all the world’s visual joy to you. Why do I say “Almost”? That’s because this powerful hardware is unable to play a DVD directly.

Due to hardware shortage – the Roku player doesn’t have a disc tray to process and play a DVD, Roku is never the first choice for people to stream a DVD. Generally, a DVD player or a computer with a disc tray will be the perfect tool to stream a DVD.

However, if you insist on doing that that as you love to have big-screen streaming while lacking a DVD player, Roku may still be helpful with the correct tool and steps. Don’t want to let your DVD become dusty on the shelf? Keep reading and you will find out how.

DVD to Roku:

  • Part 1: What to do if you want to stream your DVD to Roku
  • Part 2: What should you prepare for the DVD-to-Roku streaming
  • Part 3: How to Stream DVD to Roku through ripping

Part 1: What to Do if You Want to Stream Your DVD to Roku

Though a Roku player hasn’t had a disc drive installed, it has a USB port that we can use to stream a DVD movie or TV series.

All you need to do are to:

  1. Run a DVD ripper program and the DVD on your computer;
  2. Rip or Extract the DVD content out of the disc to your computer hard drive;
  3. Use a Roku streaming stick to transfer the DVD movie to your Roku and stream it.

Through these 3 steps, the DVD movie is available on your Roku and the big screen you’re using.

Part 2: What Should You Prepare for the DVD-to-Roku Streaming

Before we start to rip and stream your DVD to Roku, get ready for the following stuff:

  1. A computer: Mac or Windows desktop or laptop will all do as long as there’s a disc drive installed. Note that the new iMac and Macbook don’t have a built-in disc tray, so you have to get an external one to rip DVD for Roku.
  2. A DVD ripper program: To make sure a smooth conversion of the DVD to Roku, you’d better get a DVD ripper program on your computer to avoid quality loss and ensure feasibility.
  3. A practical Roku streaming stick: Later when the ripping is complete, you will have to transfer the DVD content and stream it to Roku with the stick.

Stream DVD to Roku via The Roku Streaming Stick

Part 3: How to Stream DVD to Roke through Ripping

Now, let’s get started to rip your DVD and stream it to Roku then. Here, I will use my favorite DVD ripper – echoshare DVD Ripper to show you how to do the ripping.

About the echoshare DVD Ripper:

As a perfect choice for home-based DVD fans, the echoshare DVD Ripper is a very easy-to-use DVD ripper tool.

How easy is it? Well, even if you’re new to the DVD ripper task and know nothing about the terms or the DVD ripper, that’s fine. You can master it and finish the ripping within seconds.

Despite its easy operation, the product also conducts a perfect DVD ripping, offering a feast to your eyes and ears.

Supporting up to 8K resolution and Dol 7.1 Surround sound effect, no matter what kind of DVD you input, echoshare will rip the movie along with the audio out of the disc without quality loss.

Also, if you worry about the output DVD movie being unplayable on the Roku, well, don’t be when you use this DVD ripper.

Roku supports streaming digital formats like MP4 and MKV that are almost on the Support list of echoshare DVD Ripper. So, with the program, you can easily rip your DVD to compatible formats and stream it to Roku, no more concern about the playability.

There are more benefits that the program can give you, like helping you:

  • Enhance the performance of the DVD movie by applying filters and adjusting effects;
  • Choosing the main movie to stream on Roku;
  • Etc.

Download the program and let’s get started to rip the DVD for your Roku.

Steps of ripping and streaming DVD to Roku

Step 1: Import your DVD to the DVD ripper

On your computer, download the DVD ripper with the buttons below, launch it afterward.

Next, insert the DVD into the disc tray of your PC. Back to the DVD ripper’s interface, click on the Load DVD > Load DVD Disc > [Name of your disc].

Insert DVD disc and Load DVD to program

Wait for a second or two, the ripper will finish processing your DVD and display the main movie of the disc.

Step 2: Finish the ripping

Now, let’s set up for the ripping.

  • First, locate the Full Title List as the DVD ripper will display and rip the main movie/video of the disc. With the button, you can choose any videos of the disc that you want to rip and stream.
  • Then, locate the Audio and Subtitle drop-down menus there, choose the one that you prefer.
  • As for the format, you can just keep the default option – MP4 (Same as Source). Of course, if you want to try something different, click on the MP4 option on the Rip All to menu and browse for more formats there. You may choose MKV, WMV, or AVI, etc. Just remember to select the Same as Source option.
  • By the way, to enhance the video performance, if you have the plan, click on the Magic Stick and the Scissor buttons to edit the DVD movie.
  • One more thing to tell you is that if you choose to rip multiple videos out from the DVD, you may check the “Merge into one file” option to produce all in just one video file. So, it’s more convenient for you to manage, transfer, and save the DVD movie. Of course, you can rip each episode separately without checking that.

Tipard File Set Up

Finish all the setup, click on the Rip All button to start the ripping. Wait for a minute or two, the ripping will be complete and the destination folder where the DVD movie is stored will be opened automatically.

Step 3 Transfer and stream the DVD movie to Roku

Now, take out the Roku streaming stick and plug it into your PC. Transfer the DVD movie to it. Plug it out when the transfer is complete.

Lastly, insert the Roku streaming stick into the Roku player and stream it right away. Enjoy the DVD then.


Are DVDs good for backups? No, the DVD format is definitely not a good one for data backup.

We all know that DVD is made of several layers of plastic, and it’s like 1.2 millimeters thick. It’s so thin that you must store a DVD on a disc case to protect it from dust, light, heat, scratches, and more. Otherwise, your disc will probably be out of function all of a sudden.


DVD backup means an action of extracting the videos, audio, and other files out of a DVD to computers or other storage devices. The backup files can be in different categories of formats depending on the DVD content, like the video formats, audio formats, photo formats, etc.

To do such a backup, you need a DVD ripper program to do the extraction and conversion.

Yes, you can transfer movie as well as music files on a Roku.

Roku has a USB port on the surface, so you can just transfer the movie file to the USB drive using your computer. Then, you can plug in the USB stick to Roku and start to play the movie.