Videos are treats to the eyes and a good one, well that’s the cheese on a pizza, so pleasing. Bandicam, a great screen recorder, helps people to create a pretty nice video.

However, Bandicam is flawed somehow. Case in point, you might suffer from lags while recording with Bandicam. Such Bandicam laggy problem is annoying as hell that it affects your other on-screen activities like games, videos, and others as well as gives you a video with gaps and stutters.

If you bump into against the Bandicam laggy recording issue, then this tutorial will tell you the reasons and solutions for it. You may check out the content below and reutilize Bandicam to create a decent video.

Hopefully, all the information based on my experience can get you out of the disturbance.

Fix Bandicam Laggy Recording:

  1. Update your CPU, GPU, and RAM
  2. Modify the Bandicam settings
  3. Free your overloaded CPU

Workaround: Apply to a Bandicam Alternative when lags remain

1. Update your CPU, GPU, and RAM

A Bandicam screen recording process demands a lot from your CPU, GPU, and RAM. If the hardware on your computer cannot handle Bandicam recording properly, lags will happen accordingly.

Computer Hardware

When you’re recording gameplay, YouTube videos, streaming, or other activities with Bandicam, your hardware will work together to decode and create the video for you.

  • CPU needs to run the processes of Bandicam along with all the other activities on your PC;
  • GPU will display the gaming or video images and decode the recording at the same time;
  • RAM has to analyze, save, and export all the relating data.

When one or some of the hardware is overloaded due to inferior capability, lags happen for sure. In short, Bandicam will be laggy when running on a low-end computer.

To fix Bandicam lags, you need to update your hardware. Well, it means you need to buy some superior ones and replace the old ones with the new stuff.

Tip: If you’re not having enough budget to improve all three of them, you can switch to a much more lightweight screen recorder to record a video.

2. Modify the Bandicam recording settings

Bandicam provides adjustable configurations like resolution, frame rate, and quality of the output videos.

Supposing, you set up some very high video standards on Bancicam that your computer is incapable of, the lagging issue will take place. For instance, you set the resolution to 4K when your PC can only support to produce a 1080p video.

A series of reasonable configurations ensure you a smooth recording and a decent video. So, we can modify your Bandicam settings to reduce lags.

Step 1 Open your Bandicam

On Bandicam, go to the Video tab, locate the format section, and click Settings.

Bandicam Video Settings

Step 2 Modify the video setting

On the Format settings window, focus on the following options:

  • File type: Format of the output

If you want to upload the video to YouTube or Twitter, choose MP4. Otherwise, an AVI video will be great.

  • Size: Resolution of the video

You’d better choose 1280*720 or 1980*1080. 720p and 1280p are both high-definition figures and are enough for sharing. Once you choose a higher one, your machine will be given extra stress and cannot handle other processes well.

  • FPS: Frame rate of the video

A video with high fps will be more fluent and smooth. Normally, a value of 60 or 30 will be adequate for a regular video. Anything higher will be stressed.

  • Codec: Hardware acceleration

Here, the default H264 will be enough. If you want the file size to be smaller, you can choose YV12 or RGB24.

  • Quality: The quality of your video

A video with higher quality means a larger file size and more stress to your computer. To help you better transfer the video and give your computer less burden, just use the default value – 80.

Bandicam Video File Settings

When you finish your reset-up, click OK to apply the new settings.

Step 3 Further improvement

There are more adjustments you can do to fix your laggy Bandicam. For example:

  • Capture mode:

Before you start a screen or gameplay capture, choose the right mode. Once you choose the correct mode for recording, Bandicam will not take up extra CPU usage.

Bandicam Recording Mode

  • Audio Device:

Turn off the secondary sound device when you don’t need it. On your Bandicam, go to Video > Record > Settings > Sound and set Secondary Sound Device as Disable.

Bandicam Set Audio Device Disable

Now, you can start making a video with Bandicam, less or no lag will appear.

3. Free your overloaded CPU

Screen recording is an inherently CPU-intensive process. If there’re multiple applications and programs running when you’re recording, your recording will be laggy.

To reduce lags, you’d better close those unnecessary processes including those hidden ones. Just keep Bandicam and the target activity running.

On your desktop, right-click on the task tray and choose Task Manager.

Open Task Manger

Then, on the Task Manager window, choose those heavy and hidden processes, click End Task to shut them down completely.

End Task

After closing those processes, you can run Bandicam again and start your recording.

Bandicam Alternative: Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

You can try another screen recorder when Bandicam keeps producing lags, here, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will be the best recommendation.

Screen Recorder

As one of the greatest screen recording applications, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder plays a very important role in ordinary recording, it can help you record all your on-screen activities.

The simplicity, it’s worth noting, is one of its great features that there’s barely a user having lags. It guarantees you two things, a fluent recording, and a decent video.

With the tool, there’s no need to worry about the size and definition since all the properties are up to you to decide. Plus, if you want to add annotations to your video, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers multiple editing tools.

You should pay more attention to this screen capture tool for its powerful and considerate performance.

Closing point

The reasons for your lagging Bandicam vary from hardware shortage to demanding Bandicam video settings. It’s not difficult to reduce lags or even fix the lagging issue when you adopt the previous methods on this page.

And just switch to Aiseesoft Screen Recorder when the lagging problem remains, you’d better keep that in mind.

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