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Spotify and SoundCloud are two names that are on top of the list when it comes to music streaming. Both sites offer vast collections of tracks and excellent service.

Although they are both music streaming platforms, Spotify and SoundCloud have differences and their own unique features.

If you’re having difficulty choosing which music streaming site to use, this article will help you. On this page, we are going to tackle Spotify vs SoundCloud and explain how they differ from each other. Stay tuned!

Spotify vs SoundCloud – What’s the Difference?

If you can’t choose what streaming app suits you, this review might help you. Below, we have listed some of Spotify and SoundCloud’s attributes.

What are Spotify and SoundCloud?

Spotify is a music streaming site that offers its users tracks of different genres from various known artists. If you want to know the latest songs from your favorite artist, Spotify can help you out.

SoundCloud on the other hand is both a music streaming and sharing site. Meaning users can share their own music and share it with other listeners as well. If you like to share your music and get discovered, you might want to consider using SoundCloud.

What Type of Music do they Offer?

As mentioned above, Spotify mainly focuses on distributing music from known artists and their latest releases. Spotify also has a wide collection of songs from different genres. Tracks from less-known artists are barely seen on the site. If you want to explore your taste in music.

Spotify vs SoundCloud Are They Convenient to Use

SoundCloud supports music and creations produced by indie artists or beginners. The site offers mixtapes, covers, and even podcasts from artists.

Are They Convenient to Use?

One of Spotify’s top features is its ease of use. Spotify has a more user-friendly interface than SoundCloud. The songs are arranged by genre, and artists and have a page for the latest releases. What is more fun about Spotify is that it lets you create public and private playlists or follow pre-created ones.

SoundCloud can be quite difficult to navigate especially for new users. But apart from that, the app also lets you upload your own content. And just like Spotify, the tracks on SoundCloud are also separated into different categories.

Do they have Offline Features?

On Spotify, a free version is available for all users, but keep in mind that the features will be limited including the online feature. But if you are subscribed to a premium membership that cost $9.99/month, you can access all of the features and save songs offline.

SoundCloud on the other hand offers a platform for both listeners and creators that is free, but just like Spotify, the features will be limited. If you want to use all the features and benefits, you can subscribe to their premium platform called SoundCloud Go+.

What About the Sound Quality?

In terms of sound quality, Spotify offers 96kbps to phones and other mobile device users and up to 320kpbs and higher on desktops. You also have the freedom to set the audio quality depending on whether you’re using WIFI or Cellular data.

Spotify vs SoundCloud What About the Sound Quality

On the other side, Soundcloud offers 128 kbps, and SoundCloud GO+ offers 320 kbps.

Spotify vs SoundCloud – Which is Better?

After the side-by-side comparison between SoundCloud vs Spotify, the choice is now up to you. Choose which one suits you better and which one you are more comfortable using.

Spotify vs SoundCloud Which is Better

As we can see above, the two sites have one thing in common, they give limited features and don’t have offline options for non-premium users, and to be honest, it’s really disappointing. But what if I tell you there is a way that you can access Spotify and SoundCloud songs offline without paying a subscription?

Want to know how? Check out the next part!

Bonus: Easily Download Spotify and SoundCloud Songs Offline with Musify

There’s no need to choose which music streaming site to sign up for. With Musify, you can enjoy all the premium perks on both Spotify and SoundCloud without paying a monthly subscription. Yes! You read that right!

Musify Music Downloader supports both SoundCloud and Spotify, including other music streaming and download sites/apps like Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more!

What makes Musify a perfect choice is that it can download a whole playlist with the help of its batch download feature! This will save you tons of time and you can enjoy your personal playlist without going through a lot of steps!

Musify Poster

In addition, rest assured that the song’s sound quality will be retained even after downloading it.

This tool also supports multiple audio formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and more! That is why Musify is considered a flexible tool as it can download all sorts of audio files and formats. Pretty cool right?

So don’t waste your time and start downloading songs from Spotify and SoundCloud now!


When choosing a music streaming site, all you need to consider is which one is easier to use and the one that has all your favorite tunes.


SoundCloud supports a variety of formats like WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC, MP4, MP3, and a lot more.

Spotify is always on top of this list every year. Providing great service and good music to its customers, Spotify obviously deserves the spot.

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