Why are Songs Greyed out on Spotify and Being not Available

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Songs Greyed Out On Spotify

Can’t play songs on Spotify since they turn grey? You may be confused by the situations: the songs of the whole playlist greyed out on Spotify or just a few do; the music is available on the web player but not on the application.

The reasons that will cause the song to blank out are varied, such as problems of VPN, wrong settings of your PC and platform, international travelling, the licence of the song is expired, etc. Generally speaking, they can be classified into 3 kinds of situations:

  • Spotify application doesn’t have a stable network connection
  • There are some bugs in the Spotify application
  • The licence problem

Following this article, step by step, you will fix the problem.

Solution 1. Fix the Grey out Songs on Spotify by Excluding the Possible Reason

Just to be clear, it is necessary to know the possible reasons vary by the situations. Match the description to your situation, then select the correspondent tips:

  1. You can’t visit any website:Tip 1
  2. You can visit the website but Spotify keep reminding you are offline:Tip 2
  3. You used to listen to the music on Spotify through a VPN, but the Spotify is offline even using a VPN now:Tip 3
  4. The songs only grey out on a single device:Tip 4
  5. The songs are playable when you switch to another account:Tip 5

Want to find the best solutions that 100% helpful and easy to operate? Feel free to read SOLUTION 2

Tip 1: Confirm the Network Connection is Stable

When the network connection is weak or lost, the Spotify application is disconnected from the internet, which will lead to all songs turned grey on Spotify.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the network connection is working before the following procedures. You can open any website on a browser to confirm.

If not, go to Network & Internet Settings on PC (Network on Mac), clean up Internet barriers.
While you can’t open any website on a mobile device, restarting your Wi-Fi or turning on the cellular is a useful option.

Network And Internet Settings

Tip 2: Check the Settings of PC/ Mobile

If you find the network connection is alright, but Spotify still remind you with the words “No internet connection” or “Spotify is offline”, you need to make sure there are not any wrong setting that prevents Spotify from connecting to the internet.

For Desktop User:

Check whether Spotify in the whitelist of the Firewall since the Firewall can stop Spotify from connecting to the internet.

Whitelist Of The Firewall Windows

For Mobile user:

Unlock your cell phone, find and tap the Settings app, select Cellular, scroll down and turn Spotify on.

Check Cellular Usage On Iphone

Furthermore, you need to make sure the offline mode of the Spotify app is closed. Open Spotify, tap the Settings icon on the top right of the Home page, then the Settings page will appear, scroll down to click Playback, and when you see the Playback page, the offline mode of the Spotify app should be closed.

Tip 3. Ensure the VPN is Working

The VPN problem also will lead to blank out songs. Open Spotify web player on a browser to test whether the VPN works or not.

If it doesn’t work, you need to use another VPN or request the VPN customer service for help.

If it works, then the song turning grey out isn’t caused by connection issues, it may come from the errors of the application or account.

Tip 4. Clear Caches or Reinstalling Application

As we are using the app, the increasing caches will lead to many bugs. As a result, to make sure the app is well-performing, we are supposed to clear Spotify’s cache often. Here is a procedure: Open Spotify on your cell phone, click the Settings icon on the top right of the home page, then the Settings page will appear, scroll down to select Storage, and when you see Storage page, press the DELETE CACHE.

Clear Spotify Cache

If clearing caches doesn’t work, then you need to consider the update frequency of the Spotify app and platform. It is vital to update Spotify to the latest version since updates usually fix some troubles. (official introduction of updating steps)

Also, we recommend a clean reinstalling of the Spotify application if you are patient to spend some time on it, you can follow the steps on the Spotify community.

Tip 5. Check your Account

Instead of the network connection and the application problem, the unavailable song may be a result of an account problem or licence issue.

If your friends who live in the same area can play the songs, you can switch to their account. If it works, then it can be inferred that there is a problem with your account, ask Spotify to help you.

If your friends discover the song is not unavailable, then we infer it isn’t related to the account issues.

Solution 2. Download Songs to Local with a Music Converter

As we can’t fix the licence issue directly, the best option will be downloading music to PC. Then, you don’t need to concerned about any issue that will turn the songs grey.

How to Download Spotify Songs to PC

Are you worried about other songs will be grey out someday? For instance, it will be terrible if the songs greyed out on an international journey. Downloading Spotify music to your PC is the most intelligent solutions you should try before the songs greyed out. What you need is a music converter.

As a professional converter, Leawo Prof. DRM comes packed with handy features. For example, it supports downloading songs to 9 formats (MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC, WMA, OGG, MKA, AC3), 6 kinds of sample rates, and 14 kinds of bit rates. What’s more, all downloaded music files can be played on any music player or device without restriction from Spotify, such as iPod, Sony NW-WM1A Premium Walkman, Xbox, Car audio.

The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Download and Install Leawo Prof. DRM (Make sure Spotify is logged in with your account).

Step 2: Add Songs to Leawo Prof. DRM

Launch the program, then pick Spotify Converter.

Click Spotify Converter On The Interface Of Prof.Drm

A window will appear to require your permission to launch Spotify, click OK to make everything goes right.

A Window Asking To Launch Spotify

Drag the song/playlist to the program, you will then see a list of music you just added.

How to Drag Spotify Music To Prof.Drm

Step 3: Change Output Format (if you don’t need to change, skip this action)

If you want to change output files’ format (the default one is mp3), move your mouse on the song, and click the Editing icon on the right. To make the change settled, click the Apply to all button, the formats of all songs on the list will change.

Bear in mind: this operation won’t change the default format, if you need to add more music after that, it is important to check the format at the rear of each song.

Set Output Format And Audio Quality

Step 4: Start to Convert

Press the Convert button to start conversion.

Click The Convert Button The Bottom Of Interface

Step 5: Open the Output Folder

After the conversion, look for a magnifier icon at the bottom of the interface, click it so that you can open the output folder that saves converted songs.

Open Output Folder By Click Magnifier Icon On The Bottom Of The Interface

Download Spotify’s Unavailable Songs from Other Providers to PC

Suppose the song is not available on Spotify anymore, another solution is to find them in other music providers and download them with Musify Music Downloader. Since Musify Music Downloader is one of the best downloaders that includes many handy features. For instance, Musify not only supports the popular streaming platform(YouTube Music, Spotify, SoundCloud) but also enables the user to save online videos to music files. Moreover, you can download the music with only a share link.

Now, you know why songs greyed out on Spotify and have a solving plan in your mind. With the solutions mentioned above, you can choose one depending on your situations. There is no doubt that downloading songs to your PC will be the best choice, once you have them, you can get rid of the worries of the songs becoming unavailable. By the way, if you think that the Premium is not worth the price, you can also cancel Spotify Premium to better spend the money. Enjoy your listening!


Please have a look at these songs. Are they from specific artists? If yes, maybe you forget that these artists have been blocked before. You can unblock them by these steps: go to the artist’s page on the Spotify app, select the three dots on the right of the FOLLOW button, then there is a menu showing up, click Allow to play this artist, then the artist is unblocked.FAQ Block The Artist

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