Have you noticed the notorious message on Spotify saying “Can’t play this song right now” at the time of listening to the specific songs? Normally, the situations of the errors are different. For example, some user can’t listen to the greyed out song on all devices, while others find it only happens on one or two devices.

There are plenty of issues that will lead to the error, such as your Internet connection is weak or you have turned on the offline mode. This article will give you some tips based on the device that has this problem.

Solved Spotify Cant Play This Right Now

Part 1. The Ways to Make Spotify Play Current Tracks Again

Before moving to the content of each tip, you should figure out this error occurs on which devices at first:

  1. If you can’t open the web player on the browser, read Tip 1
  2. If the issue appears on all your devices, read Tip 2
  3. If the issue appears on PC, read Tip 3
  4. If the issue appears on Mobile, read Tip 4

If you think it too complicated to verify the situation, it is okay to skip to Part 2 that will let you know how to fix this problem in another easy and efficient way.

Tip 1: Fix Your Internet Connection Issue
There is no doubt that you are not able to visit any website unless the network connection is good. Assuming that the Internet connection is weak, you should follow the guidance to troubleshoot the connection problem.

Tip 2: Switch to Another Account

If the Spotify application isn’t responding on all devices, in order to check whether the problem comes from your account, you can switch to an account of your friend who can play the track. Suppose changing an account do solve the matter, we can infer that there is an issue with your account, it will be helpful to contact Spotify for support.

(Provided you have found the network connection is alright and the matter also doesn’t exist on the web player, we can deduce that Spotify can’t play the song doesn’t result from Internet connection issue and Spotify account problem.)

Tip 3: Check the Settings of the Spotify Application and Your Desktop

If this error appears on your computer, there are 4 practical methods:

Turn off the Offline Mode

You will spot an offline icon that is next to the user name on the top of the application’s interface when the offline mode is open.

The Sign Of Offline Mode

To deal with the trouble, you need to turn it off by a few steps: click the three-dot icon on the top left on the interface, and a drop-down menu will show, move your mouse on the File, select Offline Mode in the middle of the submenu.

Turn Off The Offline Mode

Disable Hardware Acceleration

The Hardware acceleration feature aims to provide a better listening experience by accelerating some user’s weak hardware. However, it is not quite useful but easily causes some difficulty, so you should turn off it to fix the Spotify can’t play the current song.

Here is the procedure: click user name on the top of the interface, select Settings on the drop-down list, then you will see the Setting page, scroll down to find Compatibility, and press the button at the rear of Enable Hardware Acceleration.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Turn off Crossfading

Crossfading will smooth the transition of the songs. As you’re suffering from the matter that Spotify isn’t playing music, you can turn it off to handle the error: go to the Settings page on Spotify by clicking user name, scroll down and find the Playback section; under the Playback, it is clear to notice the Crossfade songs, select the button at the rear of it.

Disable The Crossfading

Purely Uninstall Spotify and Install it to the Latest Version

Most of the time, reinstalling the application gets rid of mass errors. If the tips above don’t address the error, you had better try to follow the steps of uninstalling Spotify purely, then install it to the latest version.

Tip 4: Fix the Spotify Application on Your Mobile Device

Assuming that the trouble occurs on your mobile device, here are 2 useful methods you can try:

Turn off Offline Mode

As a matter of fact, Spotify won’t connect to the Internet provided you have turned on the offline mode, which will lead to the issue that Spotify can’t play the song.

You can disable it by following these steps: go to the Settings page and pat Playback, then tap Offline.

Check The Settings On Spotify Platform

Clear Cache of Spotify Application or Reinstall the Application

The application’s cache will take up more space as we use it. The procedure of clearing cache is as follow: tap the Settings icon on the top right of the interface, pat Storage when you notice the Settings page display, then the Storage page shows, and hit the DELETE CACHE button.

Clear Spotify Cache

If you want to cleanly reinstall the application, you can also uninstall it by following the steps from Spotify Community.

Part 2. An Alternative Option — A Tool for you to Settle Problem that Spotify Can’t Play Current Track

If you have failed to get rid of the song-playing issue on Spotify or you’re too tired to try those tips, it is a great option to use a Spotify music downloader to keep the Spotify music files on the desktop. Once you’ve had the files, you can not only play them on any device but also use them to set a sound of the alarm or a ringtone.

Musify Music Downloader is the best Spotify music downloader that enables users to download the Spotify playlist with a single share-link, so you can download it if the web player is working or ask your friend who is a Spotify user to send you the share link.

I am going to show you how to download songs that you can’t play from Spotify, if Spotify doesn’t have the distribution right of songs then you can use this downloader to download songs from Youtube or SoundCloud alternatively.

Step 1: Download and Install the Musify Music Downloader

Mac Download

Step 2: Download Music by Pasting the Share Link to Musify Music Downloader

The steps of getting share link are this: open the Spotify web player on a browser, after signing in to your account, select a playlist, you will see a page of the playlist, click the three-dot button that is on the right of the Playing button, a drop-down list will show, select Share on the list, and press Copy Link to the Playlist on the submenu.

Get Share Link On The Spotify Web Player

After you get the share link, you need to launch the Musify program, press the Paste URL button, a list will display to require you to confirm which song you want to download, click the Download button to start the downloading process.

Paste The Spotify Share Link To Download Music Files With Musify

Step 3: Open the Output Folder of Musify Music Downloader

You can open the output folder when the downloading process has ended: click the Downloaded tab, then press the folder button on the right of the song, and the output folder will pop up.

Open The Output Folder Of The Musify Music Downloader


Now, you understand how to fix the “Spotify can’t play this song right now” matter. There are 2 feasible ways: one is following the methods of part 1 step by step, the other is using the Musify Music Downloader, mentioned before, to download music from Spotify. Obviously, the latter option is effective and time-saving. Also, Musify has more features that Spotify Premium doesn’t include, such as it enables users to convert online videos to music files, etc. Have a delightful listening experience!