Simultaneously Play Spotify Music on Multiple Devices

One Saturday night, I opened Spotify to play soft music before going to bed. A warning showing on Spotify said, “Your account has been used on another device”.

It should be my best friend Alina. We always share some accounts to save costs since we were still students. Normally, we use Spotify at different hours, but it will be better if we can play the songs simultaneously.

I couldn’t stop wondering “Can two people listen to Spotify with the same account at the same time?”

After searching online for several hours, I totally have a clear mind about how to make it happen. And I will share with you 3 methods that work.

Part 1. Play Spotify Music on Multiple Devices with Spotify Offline Mode

Spotify provides offline mode for Premium users. When you turn it on, playing the music won’t stop the other device from listening to Spotify songs. If you don’t have Spotify Premium, you can download songs from Spotify for playing on multiple devices.

Step 1: Download Spotify Music

Open Spotify, go to the playlist/album you love, select the download icon beside the play icon, then the songs will be downloaded.

Alert: If you fail to download the song, check whether you have downloaded the songs over 5 devices. If yes, remove the songs from other devices first. Also, you can download the music to break the limits.

Step 2: Open the Offline Mode


Mac: On the top of the screen, click Spotify > Offline Mode.

Windows: Click the three dot icon, then select File > Offline Mode.

Turn off the Offline Mode

Mobile Device:

Unlock your device, open Spotify, hit the gear icon on the top right. Then, touch Playback, and click the button beside Offline.

When you turn on offline mode on other devices, then you can play the different songs online now. Remember to turn off offline mode in 30 days once, or you will lose the offline music.

Part 2. Play Spotify Music on Multiple Devices with Soundhound

If you wish to play online music on 2 devices, and don’t mind listening to the Spotify playlist on a third-party player (such as Soundhound, BuMP music player, etc), take a look at this method.

Soundhound is a music player which is able to help you identify the songs, show the live lyrics while playing the music.

Steps to play Spotify playlist with Soundhound:

  1. Install Soundhound from the AppStore/Google Play Store.
  2. Open Soundhound app, pat Playlists, touch Connect Now on the interface. Then, go through the connecting process, the Spotify playlist will show.

Play Spotify Playlist on Soundhound

Remember to create a playlist first for the songs/album you love, before playing Spotify songs with Soundhound.

Part 3. Listen the Spotify Song with Your Friends together

Are you finding a way to listen to Spotify songs with your friends together? Depending on the position you are in, we will introduce two ways to do it.

For those who live in a house, we suggest listening on multi-speaker. And if you are living far away, group sessions will help you guys simultaneously play the same song on the Spotify app.

1. How to Listen the Same Song in Multi-speakers with Spotify Connect

This method only applies to those players that can be grouped (such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Sonos) since Spotify only allows to play music on a single device.

To play the same Spotify songs in multi-speaker, you should group them first in the app.

Step 1: Group the Speakers in Google Home

Open the Google Home app, touch Add > Create speakers group, hit the speakers you want, press the Next button. Name the group, then tap the Save button.

Step 2: Connect Spotify to Google Home

(Make sure the Smartphone and speaker connect to the same Wi-Fi.)

Switch to Google home app, touch Add > Music and audio, tap Spotify > Link Account, then Log in to Spotify.

2. How to Listen the Same Song with Group Session

Open Spotify and play a song/playlist/podcast, click the connect icon, and tap the Start Session button. Touch Invite friends, and you can share the invitation via Messages WhatsApp and link.

Anyone in the group can control which songs to play and stop the song.

Listen to the Same Spotify Songs with Group Session

Part 4. Download Spotify Song into MP3 for Playing on Different Devices

If you have not subscribed to the Premium or want to play offline music over 5 devices, you had better download offline music from Spotify to PC. And music downloaders play a vital role in the downloading process, since we can’t get the music files from Spotify without it.

The music downloader that we want should be able to download high-quality songs, so that we will be able to preserve the listening experience. Moreover, the downloading procedure must be user-friendly.

Musify Music Downloader is totally designed for these needs. What is more, it can not only download songs from multi streaming platforms but also convert online video (YouTube video, for example) to audio files, so you won’t be worried about the greyed out songs issue.

Step 1: Launch Spotify, right-click a song/album/playlist, select Share > Copy Song Link/Copy Album Link/Copy link to playlist.

Get the Share Link from Spotify Platform by Right Click the Prepace of Ablum

Step 2: Open Musify Music Downloader, click to the Paste URL button. (if the link contains over 2 songs, you will need to reconfirm in a popping window, click the Download button.)

Paste the Spotify Share Link to Download Music Files with Musify

Step 3: When the downloading process is over, click the Downloaded tab and select the folder icon on the right of the song. The folder which songs are located in will be shown in a second.

Click the Icon to Open the Musify Out-put Folder

After that, you can also keep Spotify music anywhere, for instance SD card, even use it to decorate your Google Slide.


Now, you know how to play Spotify music on multiple devices, you can choose a way based on your needs:

For example, for those who have enough storage on their devices, offline music will be the best idea, and music downloader above you can freely listen to Spotify on any device. Also, Premium users are able to download songs and turn on offline mode.

But if you want to play music online, you should try to play Spotify playlists on Soundhound on another device.

What is more, if you want to share the songs with your friends/family, you can play those songs via Spotify Connect (in the same house/flat) or Group Session.

A qutie night, sitting in a rocking chair, listening to the Spotify songs in your earphone and watching stars shining in the sky. In front of this amazing sight, you can totally relax.