Set Spotify Songs As Alarm Music On Iphone Android

Is it hard to get up every morning? Are you weary of the boring beeping? According to research, melodic alarm music will be more comfortable that you won’t feel so annoyed and you can wake up faster. Why not set a Spotify song as alarm music right now?

We will offer 2 options for Android users and one for iOS users. After spending few minutes on this article, you will know how to set alarm music on your mobile phone.

Part 1: Set Spotify Songs as Alarm Music via Google Clock on Android Devices

 the Interface of Google Clock App

Android users can set Spotify songs as their alarm music by connecting the Spotify app and Google clock. It should be the easiest way to set the alarm music.

Here are the steps:

First, check whether the clock app is the latest version, if not, update it.

Second, make a new alarm by clicking the plus button, edit the wake-up time, touch the bell icon on the middle-left of the interface, tap Spotify Music if it requires you to choose a music streaming service to connect.

Third, hit the Spotify tab, find the song through patting the Search button, press the specific music, and the song will immediately play to let you confirm. Now, you have successfully changed the alarm music.

Having said that, you may meet two problems that some people discuss on Spotify Community:

  1. The alarm clock won’t work with Spotify suppose you close down Spotify in the background.
  2. The clock won’t play the song if it has greyed out on Spotify.

To avoid these issues, you had better read the next part which is 100% works.

Part 2: Set Spotify Songs as Alarm Music via Transferring Music File to Your Smartphone

There is no doubt that this method will be the most reliable option since it won’t ask you to keep Spotify in the background. Besides, the song that has pasted to your devices won’t, like songs on Spotify, turn grey. However, this solution will spend more time since the whole solution includes 2 procedures: downloading Spotify music files to a computer and moving them to your smartphone.

Download Spotify Music to Your PC

Spotify doesn’t allow users to directly download the digital files to PC, so we have to download them with a music downloader. We highly recommend Musify Music Downloader for you due to its beneficial features. A handy feature is that the downloading process only needs users to copy share link of Spotify song and press a paste button. There is, in addition, one further feature that it supports converting YouTube video to a music file. Moreover, users are able to download other streaming platforms and popular websites such as Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, etc. Thus, Musify helps you download songs from many sources but in an easy way.

This is the procedure:

Step 1: Install Musify Music Downloader

You should download Musify at first. Then, install it.

Step 2: Copy the Link from Spotify and Paste It to Musify

Launch the Spotify, click the three-dot icon on the right of the song, and select Share on the drop-down menu, and press Copy Song Link on the following submenu. And you have got the link at that moment.

Get A Share Link From Spotify Platform By Right Click The Song

Open Musify, select the Paste URL button, and you will see the song is downloading.

Pasting By Pressing Paste Url To Downloader Song With Musify

Step 3: Check the Downloaded File

If the downloading process ends, click the Downloaded tab, then you will see all the converted songs, click the folder icon on the right of each song, you can find the music files on the popping up output folder.

Click The Icon To Open The Musify Out Put Folder

Move the Music Files to your Phone

Once Musify has downloaded the songs, you can copy the files to your Phone and set them as alarm music. We will talk about the steps on iPhone as an example, the one on Android is similar:

Step 1: Ensure the iTunes and Music App Has Installed

Make sure your PC has installed iTunes, if it hasn’t, open the website on a browser to download it. And unlock your iPhone, check whether the music app exists or not, if it hasn’t, go to the AppStore and download one.

Step 2: Transfer the Songs from the Output Folder to Devices in the iTunes

Connect iPhone to PC, launch iTunes, then select the song of the output folder, directly drag them to the Devices of iTunes, and you will see the transferring process begins.

Copy The Song To iPhone Through iTunes

Step 3: Set Song as the Alarm Music

First, open the Clock app, and tap the plus icon on the top right of the interface, you will see a detailed page of the new alarm. Click Sound, focus on the Songs section, touch Pick a song, then the library page will show.

Step1 Set A New Alarm And Find The Song

Next, you can search the wanted song in the search bar on the top, touch a song and you will a song page, click the plus in a tiny circle to add the songs. Hit Back, and it will back to the alarm page, pat the word Save to settle the alarm.

Step2 Save The Change Of The Alarm


Now, you must know how to freely set Spotify song as an Alarm. There are two options for Android users and one for iOS users. If you are concerned about stability, downloading the Spotify music to local then transfer it to your phone will be your choice. By the way, enjoy your new alarm music.