If you want to send a screenshot, but the preferred format is PDF, you will need a converter to save the screenshot as a PDF. To do this you will need a powerful PDF editor, in this case, we recommend PDFelement because it offers a lot of attractive features and possibilities of customization to the users. All you need to do is visit click the button below, and download the pdfelement program.

This will allow you a free trial to use the program.

If you don’t want to just put the screenshot in the text when presenting the file on any presentation, which will reduce significantly the quality of the image and make it look awful, follow the guides below to convert a picture to a PDF.

Method 1. Saving Screenshots to PDFs

Step 1. Open the PDF editor and Go to “From File

After you install the program, open it with the launcher and wait a couple of seconds, after it has charged properly, go to “Home” section, then select the option that appears on the box called “From File” which will let you open any file including screenshots to turn it into a PDF, this includes screenshots or any other text formats like Word or Excel.

Step 2. Select the Screenshot

After you have click on “From File“, the next step is the easiest one, you just have to browse on your computer folders the screenshot or image that you want to save into a PDF, once you have located the file, open it and wait for a little until it opens properly on the editor.

Step 3. Convert the Screenshot to a PDF and save it on your Computer

This action will change the format of the image to a PDF, which means that you can edit without suffering from any reduction of the quality, after that the process is completed. Now before saving the file you can edit the screenshot with the help of the OCR option, which will allow you to change the text, font, size, and even the style of the PDF.

After completing these steps, your picture is converted into a PDF. The PDFs created are of high quality, perfect for use in business meetings or wherever else. You can do this in a couple of minutes without any effort. For that reason, PDFelementer is one of the best tools out there because it offers not only reliability but also a fast and easy format converter.

Method 2. How to Save a Screenshot as a PDF from a Photo Viewer

To save a screenshot as a PDF, you can also open the screenshot that is saved on your computer with a photo viewer, then click the “Print” button or press “Ctrl + P” and choose “Wondershare PDFelemnt” as the printer.

After that, the program launch very quickly among with the screenshot, then the only thing that you have to do is click on “File” and then choose the “Save as” option to save it as PDF directly.

Finally, the file will be saved on the selected storage of your computer. It Is very easy to do and you don’t require a lot of things, only basic knowledge, and the editor tool.

Bonus Tips

Additionally, Wondershare allows you to convert other types of documents, such as Microsoft Powerpoints or Word Documents into PDFs. It is not limited to mere images. All this can be accomplished with the click of a button, “create PDF.” It is easy to convert your documents into PDFs when you need it.
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Options located at the top of the interface allow the user to edit the PDF as they please. They can add text, shapes, and more. To see a preview of the final document, the user can click the “page” button. They can also share the document directly from the program’s interface, which is convenient.

There is a toolbar on the side of the program with many features. You will be able to change the thumbnail if there are multiple pages in the PDF with the first icon below the home button. You can add bookmarks to certain pages, to make pages easier to find with the second. There is an option to add comments when communicating with others working on the project. Options to add attachments are also available from the toolbar on the side. Finally, there is a search function used to find certain phrases in a document.

PDFs can also be converted into respective document forms with the “convert PDF” function. This will keep the formatting of the text and elements of the document. The program uses an optical character recognization system to accomplish this. It provides a link to download one if you do not already have one. With this function, you can edit documents much easier with the programs you are familiar with.

The service offers a free trial that helps you with the basics. However, the PDFs converted will have a watermark, and some functions may be limited unless you purchase the full version. With a multiplicity of plans available for purchase, including individual, team, and educational plans. Individual plans start at $69 per year for the standard version and $89 for the professional version.

Overall, Wondershare provides a simple, swift, and effortless way to convert pictures and documents into PDFs your purposes.