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echoshare Screen Recorder

Best Free Video Capture and Screen Recording Software for Remote Work, E-Learning and Tutorial.

With a complete set of functions to capture, annotate and edit, you can easily create engaging and professional-looking demos, video tutorials, webinars, presentation, gameplay, live streams, Skype calls and much more on Windows and Mac. Powerful, intuitive, fast, free and easy to use. No Watermarks.

Windows 10/8/7

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

Use Cases

creative work icon

Creative Work

Tell your story and make your point with video.

education and training icon

Remote Education and training

Creating professional video lessons and e-learning presentations.

remote work icon

Remote Work

Record important online meeting and make presentation videos.

gameplay icon

Gameplay Sharing

Save and share the fun moment of your gameplay

tutorial howto video icon

Tutorial & How-To Guide

Pass on knowledge and idea by making professional-looking screencasts.

online media icon

Online Video and Music

Free Download online video or digital music from YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

customer support icon

Customer Support

Quickly fix problems with a video walkthrough.

Start Creating Visually Engaging Video Now

Best all-in-one screen recorder. Recording your screen with webcam and audio has never been easier. Try for free today!

Powerful Simplicity – Record Screen with a Click

No Matter you are an experienced video creator or a newbie, you can use this smart and powerful Screen Recorder can do it all.

  • Capture any screen activity, like apps, games, Skype meetings, etc. into High-Quality video.
  • Capture any portion of your screen.
  • Record the screen and yourself at the same time
  • Making annotation while recording desktop with webcam and audio
  • Record without internet.

Add A Little Personality to Your Screenshot

With this flexible and efficient screen capture tool, you can annotate your screenshot by adding lines, text or highlight, and make it looks more instructive.

What else in the Toolbox?

Schedule Recording

You can set multiple recording tasks for meetings or lecture on the timer.

Customize Recording Region

You can set any area on the desktop to be recorded.(Entire screen, a specific program or a selected area of the screen)

Mouse Recording

Record around or following the mouse recording.

Lock and Record

Lock and record specific program window.

Exclude and Record

Exclude a window if you don’t want to show it in the recording.

Record internal audio

Capture sound from program or background music.

Record Voiceover

Capture voice from microphone.

Assign custom shortcut keys

Set the hot-keys as you like to control the screen recorder.

Editing tools

Trim out the unnecessary parts, playback or re-record after recording.

Record Voiceover and internal Audio

Record Audio from Microphone, system sound exclusively or simultaneously.

Free Download or Save Media Playing on Your Brower

Be it YouTube video or Spotify music, you can easily ‚ÄúDownload” it by clicking the REC button to save it locally.

Get More with Screen Recorder PRO Now

Unlimited recording time. More recording and editing features without watermark.

Windows 10/8/7

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

“Better than OBS Studio for Sure & Worth the Price!”

I got this amazing app, it’s fun. But in the end, it was totally worth it. When I downloaded the echoshare screen recorder just before purchasing, I don’t know if this is the real echoshare screen recorder that I really know and love. Finally, I got this program to replace OBS Studio. This is because OBS does not have all the amazing features of echoshare, which allow me to record easier and better videos for my small YouTube channel. 9.910 recommend.

Becky-Eppers-avatarBecky Eppers

“Excellent quality recordings and easy to use.”

echoshare Screen Recorder is a great tool to capture any video sent to the computer screen. I use Notion 6 to write music notation, the music notation will be played on the screen one by one. echoshare screen recorder captures the content on the screen and creates mp4 video for it (the same is true for other file formats). I also purchased Video Converter directly from echoshare to trim the video to a better length. echoshare also has other tools that may be useful, such as BD/DVD Ripper or Creator. So far, my only shortcoming is to overcome the learning curve of how to use it. The good news is-the user manual/instructions are extensive, and there are plenty of tutorials available online and on the official website.

Chris-Merchant-avatarChris Merchant

“Worked flawlessly. Remarkable quality screen recorder”

I have been looking for an easy-to-use software product that allows me to capture video directly from the screen. This is well-deserved perfection! It has many settings and is very easy to use and easy to explain. I like the tool that allows me to select the part of the screen to copy with the mouse! If it has a 6-star rating, I will rate it 6 stars.

Michael-Porter-avatarMichael Porter

Over 2,000,000.00+ People like echoshare Screen Recorder

Pricing Plan

Our product is available on Windows and macOS, please choose the right version for your computer. The payment process will be handled by 2Checkout which is 100% safe.

1 Year License

Use this program for 1 year on 1 PC or Mac

  • No time limit to record

  • Clip video/audio before saving

  • Free Customer Support and Update

  • 14 -Days Money-Back Guarantee


Lifetime License

Use this program for lifetime on up to 3 PC or Mac.

  • No time limit to record

  • Clip video/audio before saving

  • Free Customer Support and Lifetime Update

  • 30 -Days Money-Back Guarantee


echoshare Payment Securtiy Badge

ūüõą The Registration Code of this product will be delivered to you by email promptly after payment.

User Guide

How to Record Your Screen or Online Video to Mp4

YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Link, PutLocker, URL, Vimeo, Vine, DailyMotion, etc. to MP4

  1. Launch the program and select Screen Recorder.
  2. Configure the setting according to your need. You can set to record all screen, a region of your desktop, a specific program window. Turn on the webcam or microphone to capture your skype chat, etc.
  3. Switch to the meeting, chat, or online video like YouTube, and click the REC button to start recording.

How to Record Online Media to Audio File

  1. Run the program and select Audio Recorder.
  2. Set the audio source, you can choose to only record from the microphone or internal sound. Also, you can choose both.
  3. Click the REC to start record, and play the online music or audio.

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac and Windows

  1. Simply open the program and click the Screen Capture.
  2. Drag the mouse and select a portion of your screen to clip.
  3. With the built-in annotation,  you can mark up your screenshot.


Where are screenshots saved on Windows?2020-12-11T10:52:28+08:00

Location of the screenshot files by default: C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Aiseesoft Studio\Snapshot

You can go to Preferences > Output > Location of screenshot files to check the pathname.

Is echoshare Screen Recorder 100% safe and clean?2020-12-11T09:58:26+08:00

Yes. echoshare Screen Recorder is 100% clean and safe, without any viruses and malware. Screen recording is just a movement capturing and encoding process. So, there won’t be any other hidden potential risks at all.

P.S. If you have purchased a license for the screen recorder, it will further protect the security of your PC. With a license, your recording software will be checked and updated constantly, and bugs will be fixed.

How can I capture Mac system audio?2020-12-11T11:39:08+08:00

Quicktime won’t give you the option to capture internal sound. To fix the problem here, you need a proper screen capture tool, like echoshare Screen Recorder to help.

Here a tutorial about How to Record Internal Audio on Mac [with/without Soundflower]

Can I record my face and computer screen at the same time?2020-12-11T12:35:44+08:00

First, you should set up the hardware. A webcam and a microphone will do fine. Then follow the guide “Recording Yourself and PC Screen At The Same Time” here.

Where do screenshots go on mac?2020-12-11T11:10:21+08:00

Normally, the screenshot will be saved here: /Users/*username*/Documents/Aiseesoft Studio/Snapshot

Also, if you have reset the folder before, you can launch the screen recorder and go to Preferences > Output to check the Location of screenshot files.

Then, you can click the folder icon on the right side to open the screenshot folder directly.

Also, you can copy the pathname, go to Finder on your Mac, then select Go > Go to Folder. Paste the folder’s pathname and click Go. (Apply to macOS Big Sur/ Catalina/ Mojave/ High Sierra.)


Does echoshare Screen Recorder save the recording file locally?2020-12-11T11:55:34+08:00

All the recordings will be kept locally. So you don’t have to worry about the privacy breach and please make sure you have enough free disk space before recording.

By saving the recording file locally, Windows users can also find their temporary recording file in  C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Temp\Screen Recorder, in case of a power failure or breakdown happen while recording.

Where do the screen recordings go?2020-12-11T11:55:23+08:00

Windows Users

Temporary recording: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Temp\Screen Recorder

Recording output: C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Aiseesoft Studio

Mac Users

Location of output files:  /Users/*username*/Documents/Aiseesoft Studio

Can someone tell if you take a screenshot on facebook?2020-12-11T12:18:57+08:00

Well, no one will notice if you take a screenshot of a Facebook Story or live video, because the social platform can’t track your local activities and make an alert.

Do I need internet connection to record screen with echoshare screen recorder?2020-12-11T11:46:27+08:00

You can use all the functions, like recording, annotation, editing, and playback all from your Windows Pc or Mac without an internet connection.

However, you do need the internet to check the latest update of the program or purchase a license.

Can I Record zoom meeting without permission?2020-12-11T11:31:03+08:00

If you use the built-in recording tool, then the answer is YES, you will need permission from the host. However, here is a guide on how Record Zoom Meeting with or without the Host’s Permission.

Is there a watermark on the screen recording by using echoshare screen recorder?2020-12-11T12:29:29+08:00

No matter you are using the free or paid version,  this screen recorder will recording your screen in high-quality with no watermark and ads.

Tricks & Tips

Online Meeting

Record for Study and Work

Gameplay Recording

Record on Mac


Best Screen Recorder

Chat Recording

Media Download


Tricks & Tips

Online Meeting

Record for Study and Work

Gameplay Recording

Record on Mac


Best Screen Recorder

Chat Recording

Media Download


Frequently Used Short Cut

Function Win Mac
Video/Audio recording Start/ Stop Ctrl + Alt + S ‚ĆÉ‚ĆėS
Pause/Resume Ctrl + Alt + R ‚ĆÉ‚ĆėR
Snipping Ctrl + Alt + C ‚ĆÉ‚ĆėC
Webcam Ctrl + Alt + W ‚ĆÉ‚ĆėW
Show/Hide Float panel Ctrl + Alt + H ‚ĆÉ‚ĆėK

Tech Spec

  • Video Recording Output Format: WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, GIF
  • Audio Recording Output Format: MP3, WMV, M4A, AAC
  • Screenshot Format: PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF
  • Frame Rate: 20fps, 24fps, 25fps, 30 fps, 60 fps

System Requirements

  • Works on Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 7
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz or above. At least dual-core Intel¬ģ, AMD, or any other compatible processor
  • Ram: 1GB of RAM (4GB for better performance)
  • Free Disk Space: 150MB to 5GB
  • Works On Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.10 or above
  • CPU: 1Ghz or above
  • Ram: 512MB or more