It’s a total nightmare to have a laggy and choppy recording when trying to capture some important content on your computer. The lag ruins your recording, it destroys your gaming performance if you’re in-game and it kills your day if you’re having a live meeting, interview, or lecture.

How do I stop recording from lagging?”, that is probably what you’re asking for. To help you improve the recording experience, let me tell you why your recording is lagging and how can you take a no-lag screen recording.

How to Record without Lags

Why is my recording lagging?

A screen recording is a CPU and GPU process, also, your RAM is the key to video production.

During the recording, if you are running a heavyweight screen recorder along with other programs, like gameplay, media player, or live meeting/lecture, your hardware will more likely overrun to handle all these processes. When it reaches to the point that your hardware can no longer handle these processes properly, your computer gets slow and lags happen.

Computer Hardware

It’s probably fair to assume that when you or most people, really think about the most powerful screen recorders in the world, you will picture the popular OBS, ShadowPlay, or XSpilt. However, these powerful tools, designed for gameplay recording and live stream, require the ensemble of high-end hardware.

When you run one of these demanding tools on your not-so-superior computer, well, the laggy problem will be worse since your computer cannot handle the heavyweight recording task at all.

Computer RAM

In short:

To stop your recording from lagging, there’re 2 main solutions. One is to upgrade your computer hardware with quite an amount of fortune. The other is to record your screen with a no-lag screen recorder, a real lightweight one.

Here, you can try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to have a no-lag recording. You can just pick it up and start a smooth recording.

How to record with no lags via Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

As an all-in-one screen recorder, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is famous for its duality of simplicity and recording ability. With the program installed, your needs to record screen, capture audio, and take screenshots will have the perfect solution.

  • You can easily start a screen capture by hitting a keyboard shortcut without the restrictions of a hard-to-navigate interface and complex presets like OBS and ShadowPlay.
  • Most importantly, the program is designed to be perfectly lightweight. When you don’t need it, it will dormant in your task tray. Only till you activate it will you notice its existence. Also, the app supports hardware acceleration, you can run it and start a recording with no lags at all.
  • However, despite the simplicity of the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, the quality of its output is nearly flawless due to the lossless video/audio recording capability. You’ll never need to worry about having fuzzy images at all.
  • What’s more, in-app clipping, various adjustable configurations, and dozens of extra features also make it my ideal no-lag recorder.

Now, let’s start a no-lag recording with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Launch the program on your PC

Step 2 Prepare for video recording

On the interface, click Video Recorder.

Video Recording Setup

On the Video Recorder window, you need to decide the region for recording first. Click Full to take a full-screen capture or you can have a select to record a specific region by clicking Custom.

Next, you need to decide the audio source of the video. There’re two audio options, Microphone and System Sound, turn off the one that you don’t want to catch sound from.

Note: If you have specific needs for video format, fps, or quality, you can click Output Settings and apply to your custom configurations.

Output Settings

Minimize the program after completing the setup.

Step 3 Start recording

Use the default shortcut, CTRL + ALT + S, to initiate a recording. After a 3-second countdown, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will start to record.

If you want to draw or add annotations on the video, you can click the Edit button on a floating panel and choose an editing tool.

To stop the recording, press the hotkey – CTRL + ALT + S or click Stop on the panel.

Record YouTube With Aiseesoft Screen Recorder No Lags

Step 4 Save the video

A new window will pop out and display the video, you can preview and trim the footage.

Save Recordings Screen Recorder No Lags

Click Save to export the video file to your computer, it will prompt you to choose a custom folder.

To warp up:

To stop your recording from lagging is not a hard job. You can apply to a no-lag screen recorder like Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and use it to record with no lags. Now, you can start recording your video and don’t need to worry about having a laggy recording anymore.