You have upload a video to YouTube and afterwards you thought you should rotate it or flip it. This situation is not unusual, especially when you are uploading a video film with your phone or a selfie video record and you find that it would be more natural for you to watch the video in a view of others not from a mirror-like perspective.

In 2018, many of the best YouTube video editing functions have been eliminated from YouTube Video Editor, including the rotating video button. In that case, it seems impossible for us to rotate an uploaded video without re-upload. No worry, we have been searched a lot and pick up some of the best practices to rotate a YouTube video, even without re-upload.

Now, please follow my lead and learn three ways to rotate a YouTube video.

#1 Rotate YouTube Video with YouTube Online Creator Classic

As I told you before, the rotation feature has been removed by YouTube Studio, although that, you can still get it back on Creator Studio Classic. In the following, I will show you the detailed steps to enable rotation editing on Creator Studio Classic and rotate your YouTube video online without re-upload.

Step 1 Open on Chrome, if you are using other browsers then switch to Chrome, since we will apply inspect element feature of Chrome.

Step 2 Go to YouTube Studio section, you will find it in the account drop-down list, you can click on your YouTube avatar image at the top-right corner to spread the list.

Go to YouTube Studio Beta

Step 3 In the YouTube Studio, go to Videos, click on the thumbnail of the video that you want to rotate, you will be redirected to the editing panel of YouTube Studio Beta where you could not find rotation tool. At the bottom of the left-aligned menu, click Creator Studio Classic. You will be prompted with a pop-up window asking you why you still need to go back to Creator Studio Classic. If you don’t want to leave any comment, just SKIP this step.

Step 4 You are on the page of the previous video edit page of YouTube, Go to tab Enhancements, you will see that there is only three options for you: Blur faces, Custom blurring, and Trim. No rotate option.

Go to Enhancements in YouTube Creator Studio Classic

No Rotate Buttons in Enhancements Tab of YouTube Creator Studio Classic

Step 5 Now comes to the magic moment that you have to pay close attention to. Hover on the Trim button and click inspect. A DevTools window will open with HTML codes of the Trim button highlighted as you can see it in the below image. Right below the element that highlight you will see an element with class=”enhance-effect” and attribute hidden=”true. Double click on the hidden attribute to activate editing mode. Then select the whole phrase hidden=”true and delete it.

Inspect Trim Button on Chrome

Highlighted Code Inspect Trim Button

Step 6 Back to the page you will see two round-arrow buttons appear, you will what to do next.

Enable Rorate

#2 Rotate YouTube Video with Online Tools

YouTube is updating its studio channel, so the above way will be invalid sooner or later. Besides, when you are trying to rotate a video of others, you definitely have to download the video and rotate it with third-party tools online or offline.

So in this part, I will show you how to download a video from YouTube and then rotate it with an online tool.

Step 1 Download the YouTube video that you want to rotate on Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the text field of as below, then click search.

Step 2 Open and upload the downloaded video.

Step 3 When the upload is done, you will see some options that you can rotate your video. Choose the one that you need and click Rotate video! button to save the video back to your computer.

Rotate YouTube Video on

Step 4 Upload the video back to YouTube or just watch it on your device.

#3 Rotate YouTube Video with Video Converter Ultimate

To download YouTube video and rotate it may have many restrictions, and it is not of reliable. So the best way to do that is to apply application local on your computer. The tool I want to introduce to you is Video Downloader and Video Converter Ultimate which are one-station download-rotate tools for you. And it is super easy to operate even for newbies. Without file size and internet restriction, you can rotate YouTube video easily.

Step 1 Download and install Prof. Media, install packages are listed below.

Step 2 Launch the Program, go to Download module, paste the link of the YouTube video into the address bar and click the right-arrow button. You will see the videos that you can download from this page, select the version that you want and click download.

Step 3 Move to  Video Converter module. And drag the download video into the middlebox.

Step 4 Select the video item that you just import and go to Edit tab. A edit window opens, and in the Rotate tab, you will see operators for you to rotate or flip the video. Save the changes and Start the conversion.

Go to Edit Panel of Video Converter Ultimate

Rotate Video with Video Converter Ultimate

These are all solutions that I want to share with you. You may choose one the mostly fit you regarding to this situation you are in. If you have any further question, please feel free to leave me a message.