DVD Ripper for Mac: Two Easy Ways on How to Rip DVD on Mac

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DVD was a popular media storage device back in the day especially in storing movies and music. But as technology advances, viewing movies has become more convenient and DVDs have become out of date in terms of movie streaming.

Still, some of us still have some old DVDs with our favorite movies or memorable videos and we don’t want to throw them away. And for Mac users like me, it is really a hassle every time I get a portable DVD player just to play those videos.

Luckily, there is a much more convenient way to view your old DVD movies on your Mac, and that is by ripping those movies.

By doing this, not only allows you to play those precious videos on your Mac conveniently but also lets you keep the original disc from damages and scratches.

In this article, we will show you two methods on how to rip DVDs on Mac.

Things you Need to Rip DVD on Mac

Before you start to rip your DVD, there are things that you need to prepare.

  • The DVD you want to rip.
  • Your Mac computer.
  • An external DVD drive. (If your Mac doesn’t have a built-in DVD-ROM drive, you need to prepare an external one. You can buy an external DVD drive on Amazon.)
  • A powerful DVD ripper program for Mac. (To rip DVD you need echoshare DVD Ripper.)

How to Rip DVD on Mac

There are two ways you can rip a DVD on Mac.

Method 1: Rip DVD using Disc Utility– You can rip unprotected DVDs on your Mac using the built-in Disk Utility app on your Mac.

Note:  Some DVDs contain copy-protection to prevent unauthorized distribution of the movies. When you try to rip or copy a protected disc, a notice will be prompted and stop the copying or ripping process.

Method 2: Rip DVD using DVD ripping program– You can’t rip DVDs with protection using the built-in Disc Utility feature on your Mac, you need a powerful DVD ripper program that rips your DVD easily.

Method 1: Rip DVD on Mac using Disc Utility

Take note that you can only rip unprotected DVDs using Disc Utility, like some homemade DVDs and other copy-free discs.

Step 1: Plug in the external DVD disc tray to your Mac and insert the DVD on your Mac’s DVD slot.

Step 2: Open Disk Utility then, click DVDs name in the left panel.

Rip DVD on Mac Click Disc Utility

Step 3: Click File Menu and tick New Image.

Select New Image

Step 4: Click Image from(your DVD name), this opens a new window with options for your DVD.

Step 5: Enter a name for the file image then, select DVD/CD Master from the “Format” option. And set Desktop as the saving location from the “Where” option. Then Tick Save.

Save Image

Step 6: The Disk Utility will rip the DVD and create an image file with the .cdr extension. A notice is prompted when the process is complete. Eject the DVD when the ripping is complete.

Method 2: Rip DVD on Mac using DVD Ripping Program

To rip protected DVDs on Mac, you need a powerful DVD ripper program that helps you accomplish your ripping tasks easily. echoshare DVD Ripper is exactly what I’m talking about.

echoshare DVD Ripper is a reliable DVD ripping program that can help you rip DVDs on Mac with no problem. This amazing program provides a user-friendly interface and amazing nifty features to help you complete your ripping tasks with no worries. Remove protections such as DRM and more.

You can enjoy the same resolution of your movie after the ripping process because echoshare rips your DVDs at 30x more speed with no quality loss guaranteed. Besides that, you can rip any DVD movie to popular media formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, and more. You may also convert DVD to video for playback on all popular digital devices like iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and a lot more. echoshare not only rips your DVDs but also gives you convenience in your ripping tasks.

In addition, echoshareDVD Ripper is more than just a DVD ripping program. This flexible program has built-in video editing tools that can help you enhance your videos like trim, add watermark, adjust video filters, and more.

With echoshare DVD Ripper, you can rip your files with ease. Download echoshare DVD Ripper now.

Steps on How to Rip DVD on Mac

Step 1: Install and launch echoshare DVD Ripper.

Insert DVD on your computer disc tray. Import DVD video on echoshare by clicking the disc icon on the echoshare interface. Or just simply drag your video into echoshare.

Load Files to Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 2: Tick the Full Title List and select all the clips from the movie that you want to rip.

Step 3: If your DVD has multiple audio and subtitles, tick the Audio and Subtitle option beside the star icon, and choose one. Click the format icon to select MP4 format (same as source) since it is compatible with most devices.

Tip: Tick the scissor icon to edit your video. Here you can cut and create segments for your videos. Click the star icon to access the video editing features. You can rotate and crop, add filters, subtitles, watermark, add your desired audio, and more.

Tipard File Set Up

Step 4: Tick Rip All to start the process.

Tipard DVD Ripper Ripping Process

Wait until the process is done and enjoy your video.

Final Thoughts

Convenience is one thing that we always consider when we make choices. It’s good to know that there are programs like echoshare DVD Ripper that can give us the convenience that we need in order to achieve and finish our task on time and with ease. Download echoshare DVD Ripper now and rip DVDs with no worries.


ISO file is the best format to rip a DVD for archiving purposes with 1:1 quality and size. It can be played on most video players like VLC, and can be burned to a blank disc easily. But you need special skills and tools to play the ISO on your PC.