Ripping a Blu-ray disc comes with multiple benefits.

We can’t go anywhere with bulky Bly-ray player hardware and TV. A phone, tablet, or laptop is much more portable. If we can rip the Blu-ray and play the digital file on a phone or laptop, our trip will be so much funnier.

Besides, ripping will turn the disc content into digital. We can store the movie files on the computer or even in the cloud. No matter what happens to the fragile disc and the motion picture inside, the movie lives on.

Also, when you borrow or rent a Blu-ray disc, a copy ensures you watch it even after returning.

Now, if you fancy a beneficial Blu-ray ripping, hesitate no more. Grab your Blu-ray discs and let’s begin the easy process.

Rip Blu-ray

Part 1: Things to Know Before Ripping A Blu-ray

To rip a Blu-ray disc, it’s never a tough nut to crack. But it does take a little effort and preparation.

Let’s start with a compatible Blu-ray drive that can connect to your computer.

Prepare A Blu-ray Drive With USB Cords

Aside from iMac and Macbook, we can find a disc reader on most Windows desktop computers and laptops. But this is just a DVD/CD drive that is incapable of playing a more complex Blu-ray disc.

To rip a Blu-ray, connect a Blu-ray player to it via a USB or HDMI connection.

You can try the Blu-ray player connected to your TV. But If you can’t find a USB or HDMI cord on it but the video/audio cords, get a new one.

Blu-ray Player Connectors

Download An Eligible Blu-ray Ripper

Most commercial Blu-rays are installed with copy-protection methods to stop unauthorized copies and streaming. This also stops individuals like us from making a copy of the Blu-ray onto our computer. We can’t drag and release Blu-ray movies.

Luckily, they’re not unbreakable. Some geeks have cracked these protections and released some Blu-ray ripper software for encrypted Blu-ray content.

Freeware like Handbrake and MakeMKV are pretty demanding and less contributive. For a fast and successful Blu-ray ripping, echoshare Blu-ray Converter will be my first pick.

Know More About Blu-ray Ripper Software

As a Blu-ray professional, echoshare Blu-ray Ripper helps you copy movies, music, and other files from a Blu-ray disc. With this program, even if there are multiple BD encryption methods on this Blu-ray disc, you will have a copy of the disc content saved to your computer.

Moreover, the program supports over 500 output formats, such as digital file formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and MOV. You can rip the 4K, UHD, and HD Blu-ray movies in the format you prefer.

Blu-ray Converter Interface

Apart from this, you can decide the audio channel, subtitle track, title, file size, resolution, length, and other parameters of the Blu-ray copy.

A complete toolset of video enhancement is available:

  • Clip, trim, split, and merge the files
  • 2D-to-3D & HD-to-UHD (720/1080P to 4K)
  • Create subtitles

With echoshare, there’s no need to worry about technical limitations or a steep learning curve. You will have a high-quality Blu-ray movie file ripped to your device.

Prepare Enough Space in Your Hard Drive To Save Blu-ray

When the size of a Blu-ray movie will rank from 15 to 50 GB, make sure there’s enough space on your device to save the digital file.

Blu-ray Size

Otherwise, the Blu-ray ripper cannot even start working as it detects the shortage of storage space. Even if the ripping is complete, the output digital video may be corrupted or low-quality.

Go to This PC and check the remaining capacity of your hard drive. Trash something you no longer need or back them up to the cloud then delete them.

Part 2: Steps to Copy A Blu-ray to PC/Hard Drive

Now, when everything is ready, we can start ripping a Blu-ray disc on your computer.

Step 1 Load up the Blu-ray disc to echoshare Blu-ray Ripper

On the computer, download and launch the Blu-ray ripper program.

Take out the Blu-ray disc and clean the possible dust or stain on the surface. Insert it into the player.

Back to the Blu-ray ripper. On the interface, hit Load Blu-ray to export the disc to the program.

Step 2 Decide the parameters for the BD ripping

Next, decide the titles to rip from this Blu-ray disc. You may either rip the main movie separately or multiple (or all) videos together.

Blu-ray Converter Rip Blu-ray Titles

Then, choose Rip All to and choose a digital format to copy the Blu-ray disc.

Here, keep the default MKV Same as Source and you will have 1:1 frame quality for the digital file. Also, MP4 or WMV Same as Source will be great.


  • If you choose the MKV format, echoshare will automatically select all the available audio and subtitles.
  • As for other formats, you still need to select one specific audio channel and subtitle track.

Blu-ray Converter Decide Audio Subtitle

Step 3 Finish the Blu-ray copy

  • (Optional)You can click on the Scissors and Magin Stick icons to trim and edit the Blu-ray videos before ripping them.
  • (Optional) Tick the Merge into one file option to combine titles into one video file if you like.

Next, choose the destination to save the movie. You may choose to save on an internal hard drive. An external USB stick or hard drive will be good too. Just plug the hardware into your computer.

All set, hit the Rip All button to proceed.

Step 4 Preview the Blu-ray digital File

As the process is complete, echoshare will automatically open the output folder. You may locate the Blu-ray movie duplication and double-click on it to start playing it.

Blu-ray Converter Ripping Blu-ray

Tip: Best Format to Rip Blu-ray

echoshare Blu-ray Converter offers many formats to rip a Blu-ray movie. But if you have no idea which format to rip the Blu-ray, too many options are not friendly. To help you make the call, check these:

MKV is a container format that can save multiple audio tracks and subtitle channels. When most Blu-ray movies have several audio channels and subtitle tracks, MKV will carry them all. Meanwhile, this format will not compress the Blu-ray movie file. So, the frame and sound quality of an MKV video are high since this is a format for movie production.

However, since it won’t compress the Blu-ray movie, you will have an MKV file reaching 25GB or even 50. Ignore this when your hardware has enough space for the file.

Blu-ray Converter Video Formats

MP4 is the most compatible format that works for video player hardware and software. Rip your Blu-ray to an MP4 file and you can save and play the movie on any device.  A WMV file will be a bit smaller than an MP4 video while they share the same quality and length.

Both MP4 and WMV sizes are way smaller than an MKV file.

Besides these three, you may choose other formats based on the device to play and save the Blu-ray movie. Check this on:

Format Device File Size Video Quality
MP4 Phone, Computers, and YouTube Medium High
MKV Computers Large Lossless
WMV Computers Medium High
FLV YouTube & Computers Small High
MOV iMac & Macbook Medium High
M4V iPhone & iPad Medium High