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*Compatible with Windows 11 & macOS Ventura; Rip BD-25/50/75/100 & BD-ROM/R/RE.

1:1 convert Blu-ray movies to MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, ISO and other formats fast and easy.

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How To Rip Blu-ray To MKV/MP4 Free

By Published On: December 27th, 2023Categories: Rip Blu-ray

To watch a Blu-ray movie, the optical disc seems to be the only solution for the visual feast.

With one simple conversion process, we can get rid of the vulnerable Blu-ray disc. With the right applications and steps, we can convert the Blu-ray content to digital files like MP4, MKV, or other formats. After that, we can open the converted MP4 or MKV file and start to enjoy the Blu-ray movie on the computer without popping the disc.

Also, if the Blu-ray disc becomes invalid due to scratches, bending, or other physical damages, the digital backup on your computer hard drive kills the pain.

To make an MKV or MP4 copy of your Blu-ray disc, let’s check on the 3 methods below. Pick the one that fits you most and get the conversion done.

Rip Blu-ray To MKV/MP4 Poster

Preparation: Tools to Convert Blu-ray to MKV/MP4

Just in case you have no idea how to start the BD-to-MKV/MP4 conversion, let’s walk through the whole process including the preparation part as well.

To begin with, you need a computer with a Blu-ray drive. When most computers are not equipped with an optical drive that reads Blu-ray discs, you can connect your Blu-ray player to your computer via the USB cord or HDMI connecter.

Next up, you will need a device to save your MKV (or any other format) files. It can be the computer hard drive, an external hard drive, or a USB flash drive. By the way, cloud storage will be a good way out.

Then, you should check the remaining capacity of the storage device. Make sure it’s enough for the output digital files.


If MKV is the target output format, make sure your hard drive has at least 25 GB of space. This is the size of a Blu-ray movie. Since MKV is not a compression format, it won’t decrease the file size of the Blu-ray movie. You will have a 25GB MKV file when the conversion is done.

Last but not least, you will need a Blu-ray converter; a tool that bypasses the copy protection on your Blu-ray discs, and converts the data to MKV or other digital formats. If you don’t have on one your computer, don’t worry, here are three for you: Tipard Blu-ray Converter, MakeMKV, and Handbrake. Let’s see how to use them to convert the Blu-ray to MKV.

Method 1: Convert Blu-ray to MKV/MP4 with Tipard Blu-ray Converter

Tipard is a user-friendly, lightweight, yet powerful program that can convert Blu-ray, DVD, ISO, and any other video file. It will decrypt Blu-rays with ease and even bypass the copy protection.

Tipard Blu Ray Converter

With Tipard Blu-ray converter you can:

  • Convert to 4k UHD, 1080p, 3D in over 500 video formats
  • Work 30 times faster than all competitors thanks to its state-of-the-art technology
  • Fully customize your videos with its vast array of powerful video editors
  • Turn 2D videos to 3D, enhance the quality of older videos, compress large files, make GIFs, and much more with Tipard’s extensive toolset
  • Make 1:1 copies of any Blu-ray thanks to its lossless feature
  • Start converting almost immediately thanks to its intuitive design

Steps to rip Blu-ray to MKV with Tipard

Step 1: Download and install Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

  • Launch after installation.

Step 2: Import the Blu-ray movie into Tipard Blu-ray Converter

  • Insert your Blu-ray disc into your computer’s disc tray.
  • Select the “Ripper” tab and click on “Load Blu-ray” in the upper left corner or on the big blue plus symbol in the middle of the interface to load up your 3D Blu-ray movie to Tipard.
  • Within a few seconds, Tipard will display the loaded file.
Tip: if your Blu-ray is an ISO or BD Folder, you may drag and drop it directly into the interface.

Step 3: Set up the parameters

  • Select which parts of the movie you want in your MKV file by clicking on the orange “Full Title List” button. You can also preview each clip.
  • Select, remove, or add audio and subtitle tracks to your MKV file.
  • Edit or trim the video by clicking on the edit (star) and cut (scissors) buttons. Tipard’s powerful editor allows you to change the contrast, saturation, brightness, and hue of your video, apply filters, and even watermarks.
Set Video Parameters
  • Set the output format from the drop-down menu on the right side of the interface.
  • You may set the output format from multiple files through the “Rip All to” button.
  • Go to the MKV tab and choose the “Same as Source” option. This way, Tipard will convert your Blu-ray movie to an MKV file with no loss of video or audio quality whatsoever.

Step 4: Complete the conversion

  • Decide where you want Tipard to store your converted files through the directory at the bottom of the interface.
  • Click on the “Rip All” button on the bottom right.

Tip: If you want even faster results, activate the hardware accelerator found at the bottom of the interface.

Once finished, Tipard will take you to the location where the MKV video file is stored. There is a “folder” icon that you can click on if you want to view Tipard’s default storage location to find any converted file.

Method 2: Convert Blu-ray to MKV/MP4 with MakeMKV

To convert Blu-ray to MKV, there’s one converter that most people will think of, the MakeMKV.

This is an exceptional Blu-ray converter program. When all its competitors feature multiple output formats, MakeMKV creates only MKV videos from Blu-ray content just as its name suggests. But it still performs very well in converting Blu-ray discs to digital files.

MakeMKV Main Screen


For those who expect other formats like MP4, FLV, WMV, or M4V, MakeMKV may not be your dream tool. You can go ahead and check on the other two methods.

MakeMKV is a priced program but it provides this free trial for 30 days. Users can download the free version – MakeMKV beta and use it to convert Blu-rays in a limited time.

Go to its official site and download the beta version, let’s start converting the Blu-ray to MKV.

Then, launch the program and insert a Blu-ray disc into the computer disk drive. Next, select the inserted Blu-ray disc from the Source and hit the Open Blu-ray disc.

Select the titles, audio, and subtitles for the output files.


Since there’s no preview feature, you may check the Title with the biggest file size. That will be the main movie of this Blu-ray disc. As for the audio and subtitles tracks, you may select them all as they won’t take up too much space in your hard drive.

On the Output Folder, select a designation to save the output MKV movie.

Hit Make MKV to start. The program will now start to make the MKV file and you will see the progress on the interface. When it’s done, go to the preset folder and find the movie.

Method 3: Convert Blu-ray to MKV/MP4 with Handbrake

Want a freeware program? Sure, try Handbrake. This is one of the hottest disc converter programs on Google, Quora, Reddit, GitHub, and others. Many people love it because it’s highly customizable.

HandBrake Main Interface

This is an open-source free program. Users can add plugins and codecs to the program to make it compatible with other digital and disc formats. Also, when it‘s primarily incapable of converting commercial Blu-rays, there are plugins like libdvdcss on the community that will upgrade the Handbrake.

Besides, this program has an in-app editing tool where you can decide many parameters of the output Blu-ray movie, such as bit rate, encoder, subtitle, audio, frame rate, quality, resolution, etc.

Download it for free and let’s start to rip your Blu-ray to MKV files.

Bonus: What Format Should I Choose to Rip A Blu-ray, MKV or MP4

People struggle when choosing a format to convert the Blu-ray movie. Personally, I prefer MKV and MP4.

Why MKV?

Matroska Multimedia Container, or MKV for short, is an open container format. This means that it is an uncompressed version of the source file. This way it preserves the original quality of the video and audio.

What is more, it also supports an unlimited number of audio and subtitle tracks along with menus, chapters, and metadata.

So, if we choose to rip a Blu-ray to MKV, we have the chance to preserve the best of this Blu-ray movie including the frame quality and all audio as well as subtitle tracks.

Every coin has two sides and in this case, the other side of the coin is that the file size output MKV movie will reach 20GB and more.

Why MP4?

MP4, the perfect successor of MPEG formats, is the world’s most compatible and widely used digital format. It can play on every single device that is installed with a monitor. No matter what device you use to play the Blu-ray movie, MP4 format is the guarantee for successful playback.

However, the negative side of this format is that this is a compressed format. The output movie file will be downgraded and tracks of audio and subtitles are limited.

You may consider other formats as the compromised options of the two. Anyway, choose the format based on your situation: quality, file size, playback device, etc.


Besides the hardware acceleration, you can also choose a limited number of titles instead of the whole movie. You can simply take advantage of the Custom Mode option to select 3-5 titles for conversion at one time. It will take less resources of the computer to convert the Blu-ray movies at a faster speed instead.

Blu-ray disc is capable of storing full high-definition/1080P and ultra high-definition/2160P. When you need to extract the movies with the original video quality, you only have to choose the same frame rate. You can encode in H.265 for converting Blu-ray to MP4, which is an advanced codec for better compression.

It enables you to handle the AACS, BD+, Cinavia protection and the latest MKB protection. Moreover, the Blu-ray to MP4 converter also supports the CSS-DVD disc to remove the region restriction. You only need to remove the Cinavia with the extra steps to extract the Blu-ray movies. As for the others, the program enables you to decrypt the protection automatically.

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