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Blu-ray to ISO: One Minute Only to Rip Your Blu-ray to ISO

By Published On: August 23rd, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray

While having fun with your Blu-ray collections, you should never forget the fact that almost every disc is so fragile that a single scratch will turn this source of happiness into a piece of plastic junk. What are you going to do with that plastic? Throw it, I think that’s probably the only way left unless you’re good at crafting to turn it into a decoration.

For those movie lovers, the last thing you want is a damaged Blu-ray disc since you can no longer enjoy the movie inside. Actually, there’s one precaution we can do which is to rip your Blu-ray disc to a computer.

  • By ripping, you can have the movie saved on your hard drive, even if the disc itself is broken, you can still watch the movie on your PC.
  • Meanwhile, having the backup file there, you can easily share the movie with your friends or family. Just send the file to them and that will be it.

Before we make the conversion, we need to decide the output format of the backup file. There’re so many available formats to choose from, like the common MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc. Apart from these regular formats, take a look at the ISO format, the one that’s 100% compatible with Blu-ray format.

Why should you rip Blu-ray to an ISO

ISO is an archive file format that holds all the information about your Blu-ray disc.

  • With that, backing up your Blu-ray disc to your computer as an ISO image file is a better and quicker way than buying expensive Blu-ray discs to cut down your costs.
  • Furthermore, you may still burn the ISO file to a new Blu-ray disc without any further conversion when you wish as it allows for a seamless distribution or transfer.
  • Most importantly, if you choose to rip your Blu-ray to a digital format like MP4 or WMV, there’ll be some invisible quality loss. Most digital formats compress the source frames and if you rip a regular 1080P Blu-ray movie to digital, you may not see the resolution dropping obviously in the first place. But later when you stream the movie on an HD screen, you will see those pixel points very clearly. Let’s not mention the loss of audio quality, subtitles, menu.

To warp up, in consideration of file management, file transfer, convenience, and output quality, ISO is, no doubt, the first choice for ripping a Blu-ray.

How to rip a Blu-ray disc to an ISO file

To do the Blu-ray-to-ISO conversion, you will need a professional ISO-to-Blu-ray ripper. Otherwise, you can hardly convert the Blu-ray content to an ISO file due to the copy protection.

Of course, there’re just countless programs on the Internet, you type in Blu-ray ripper on Google, you will then be given an endless list. But not all of them are good, right?

So, to find out some good choices, we have tested dozens of Blu-ray rippers on the market, and days later, we have finally found one pretty satisfying Blu-ray ripper amidst a tumultuous list, the “simplist” that makes Blu-ray ripping a doddle, Leawo Prof. Media.

About the leading Blu-ray ripper – Leawo Prof. Media

Boasting to be the world’s No.1 Blu-ray ripper and media converter, the Leawo throws away all those needless features and focuses more on the Blu-ray ripper feature, giving users the ultimate experience of using the product.

In other words, you can use the product to rip your Blu-ray to ISO with a handful of clicks in likely 2 minutes.

  • Cutting off all the esoteric professional terms, Leawo simplifies its process of ripping Blu-ray discs in any form.
  • Do you need to know all those Blu-ray DRM methods like Cinavia, AACS, BD+, or Region Code? Not likely. With it, just click this and that, and that’s all you need to do for the Blu-ray ripping.

Leawo Prof. Media for Ripping Blu-ray to ISO

Besides the ISO Creation, this Blu-ray ripper supports multiple digital formats like:

  • HD resolution: MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, DV, FLV, etc;
  • 4K Resolution: MP4 MKV;

So, if you think ISO is not good enough, not a problem at all, scroll through the whole supported format list of Leawo and pick up the one you fancy.

Apart from Blu-ray ripping, you can use Leawo as a Blu-ray burner and video downloader as well. With it, you can create your own Blu-ray disc and even download videos from YouTube, Netflix without paying them.

Okay, introduction complete, let’s see how to use it to rip your Blu-ray to ISO then.

Steps to rip a Blu-ray to an ISO file

Step 1

First thing first, download the Leawo Prof. Media on your computer via the buttons below and launch it afterward.

Then, take out your Blu-ray disc and insert it into the Blu-ray drive of your computer. After that, back to the Blu-ray ripper and choose the Blu-ray Copy tab, if you have a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc to rip, choose the UHD Copy tab.

Step 2

Entering the page, click on the Add UHD/Blu-ray/DVD option from the top-left corner and choose Add from CD-ROM, find your Blu-ray disc there. Load it in.

Leawo Import Blu-ray Disc for ISO Creation

Take note that if the Blu-ray disc you insert is some kind of new model on the market, Leawo will ask prompt you that the current Decryption needs an update to handle the new copy protection on the disc. Just click the OK to proceed.

Leawo Update Decryption for Blu-ray to ISO Creation

When the update is complete, Leawo will start to process the disc and ask you to choose the region code of the disc, just keep the default option and click OK.

Decide Blu-ray Region Code for Ripping to ISO

Step 3

Next, Leawo will display all the titles of the disc on the panel. And Leawo offers you three modes for the Blu-ray to ISO conversion.

  • Full Movie: Rip all the videos and audio from the Blu-ray to an ISO;
  • Main Movie: Rip only the main movie and related audio to the ISO;
  • Custom Mode: Rip whatever clips you want from the disc;

If you don’t want to let go of all the clips, choose Full Movie. Or, you just need the movie itself, pick up the Main Movie option. As for the Custom Mode, you can rip your loved videos by ticking the titles.

Leawo Setup for Blu-ray to ISO Creation

Tip: Locate the title first and check the right panel, there, you can click on Play to stream the video. Check if that’s something you want. Also, you will see all the included audio and subtitles on the Subtitle & Audio tab.

Step 4

Done selecting, click on the green Copy button to proceed. A new panel pops out and there, you need to focus on the three options:

  1. ISO File: Tick this and Leawo will rip the Blu-ray as an ISO file;
  2. Disc Label: rename the output ISO file or keep it default;
  3. Save to: Decide the destination for the ISO file, you can use the default one or customize one.

Now, all the options are done, click on the Copy button to start ripping the Blu-ray to ISO. In just a few minutes, Leawo will finish the conversion and you can find it in the said folder.

You may now save the Blu-ray backup file – the ISO, on your computer hard drive or upload it to a cloud. Also, you can stream it on your PC or extract the video from it directly.

FAQs about ISO

It depends on how you’re going to play the ISO on a Blu-ray player though. Let’s say you burn the ISO to a Blu-ray disc, then, sure, it can play. However, if you try to play the ISO on the Blu-ray player through a USB stick, unfortunately, the ISO file is not going to play on the player.

Normally, VLC can play the ISO. Launch VLC on your PC, select Media and choose Open File. Stream your ISO file there. But you need to know that sometimes the ISO file is protected by those Blu-ray DRM methods and VLC cannot handle those at all. So you may fail to play it on the VLC. In this case, you will need a better player program to play VLC.