Nobody can deny the quality of Blu-ray movies. However, this excellent frame quality comes with big inconveniences: we need to pop the optical disc into a Blu-ray player every time we play the film. Besides, a Blu-ray disc may be invalid as its vulnerable surface will have scratches easily.

To enjoy the high-quality movie at home, we may rip the Blu-ray disc content for Plex. As a handy and flexible media server, Plex wins people’s hearts for its customizable movie libraries. Except for the in-app movies and TVs, you can upload whatever video clips into the Plex library and stream the videos on your computers, phones, and tablets for free. And we can say goodbye to the nuisances.

Apart from Blu-ray discs, if you have any movie DVDs, you can also rip them for Plex to make your collection luxuriant with various genres and eras of movies. If you find this idea attractive, hesitate no more, let’s download a Blu-ray ripper tool and get the Blu-ray and DVD content out for your Plex.

Rip Blu-ray for Plex Streaming

FYI: What Formats Does Plex Support to Save and Play

To enable Blu-ray or DVD movies to play on Plex, we need to upload a compatible video file to the library. According to Plex Support, the media server supports limited digital formats, you’d better don’t convert the disc content to any rare formats.

  • Supported Video Formats of Plex: ASF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG2, MPEGTS, TS, MKV, WMV.

No matter which Blu-ray converter you use, always remember to set the output format as one of the above ones.

Method 1: Rip Blu-rays & DVDs for Plex with echoshare Blu-ray Converter

To enable the Blu-ray and DVD movies to play on Plex, we need to convert the disc content into a Plex-supported format with a competent Blu-ray ripper application. Here, echoshare Blu-ray Converter wins our preference.

Blu-ray Converter Interface

This is a versatile converter program for Blu-ray, DVD, and digital files. With easy clicks, you can rip the movie out from the Blu-ray disc or DVD in minutes and play the movie on Plex. As a considerate BD ripper, this program aims to give users the best experience with the least trouble. You don’t need to go through complex setup as what other programs require you to do. All buttons and options are easy to understand and navigate. You can finish the ripping in minutes even if you’re new to the program.

Besides, this program supports a 3D and 4K enhancement. You’re able to enjoy vivid frames at home with your portable device or big screen.

Download the program and let’s rip your Blu-ray to Plex.

Step 1:

Insert your Blu-ray or DVD into the disc tray on your computer while the program is loading. Launch the program when it’s ready.

Step 2:

We need to import the Blu-ray into the program. On the primary interface, hit the big plug button in the middle to import the Blu-ray. Or you can click on the Load Blu-ray option.

This Blu-ray ripper will start to process the Blu-ray disc and display the main movie on the interface.

Step 3:

You may choose to rip only the movie with the default audio and subtitle track to an MP4 file. Hit Rip All to complete.

Or, you can do some setup based on your needs.

  • Click on Full Title List to rip other titles;
  • Hit the audio and subtitle to choose another track (Tip: For 4K ripping, disabling the subtitle track will enable the 4K streaming on Plex via TV.)
  • Click on the Rip to Video/Audio tab to decide the output format, resolution, and bit rate.
  • Locate Save to and choose a destination for the output digital files.

Hit Rip All to complete.

Method 2: Rip Blu-rays & DVDs for Plex with MakeMKV

In terms of temporary use, MakeMKV will be the go-to solution especially when you have only a few Blu-ray discs to rip. Within the 30-day free trial, you can rip all the Blu-ray discs into MKV files for free.

MakeMKV Main Screen

This Blu-ray ripper is also famous for its decryption ability for commercial Blu-ray discs and DVDs. It has the latest Blu-ray decryption methods for DRM protections like BD+, AACS, etc.

Download the MakeMKV beta (free trial) and let’s begin the ripping.

Step 1:

Pop the disc into the disc drive on your computer.

Step 2:

Launch MakeMKV beta and locate the Source. Select the name of the inserted Blu-ray or DVD. Hit Open Blu-ray disk (or Open DVD disk) to load the content into the program.

Step 3:

Next, select the titles along with audio and subtitle tracks to rip.

You may feel confused about which title to rip since there’s no auto-select or preview to locate the main movie. Simply select the one that has the biggest file size.

As for the audio and subtitle tracks, select all if possible.

At last, set the output folder and hit Make MKV to complete.


MakeMKV only supports ripping Blu-rays and DVDs into MKV files. If you can’t accept this, try other converters: Leawo Prof. Media, Handbrake, echoshare Blu-ray Converter, etc.

Bonus: How to Upload Ripped Blu-ray & DVD to Plex

When the ripping is complete, let’s start to move the Blu-ray or DVD movie into the Plex library.

To begin with, launch the Plex Media Server software on the computer. Complete the login.

Tip: If you haven’t installed the desktop software yet, go to the Plex TV site and get it for free.

On the home page, click on the Add Libraries option and choose a type of media of the new one: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Photos, or Other Videos. Name the library and select a language.

Then, click Browse for the media folder and go to the destination folder where the ripped movie is located. Hit Add Library to complete.

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