(Look Here!) Ways to Repair Corrupted/Damaged PDF Files

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PDF is a pretty reliable file. Apart from being universally versatile and compatible, PDF files are also not easily altered. So rest assured that no matter what happens, your data will still be intact.

But just like any other format, there’s no guarantee that your PDF files will be safe from errors or corruption.

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Why do my PDF files get Corrupted?

Data corruption happens to most of us, and it’s aggravating to see an important file lose its purpose, and our efforts go to waste.

But the question is, why does it happen? If PDF files are somewhat indestructible, why does it still get corrupted?

Here are some of the reasons I found.

  • Distracted Download – When downloading a PDF file you must have a stable internet connection. When the download process is distracted, the quality of your file will be affected and will result in corruption.
  • Unexpected System Error or Shutdown – If you are exporting a PDF file from one device to another, unexpected system errors or power outages can badly affect your file quality.
  • Issues with your Storage Media or Hard Drive – If the download or export process of your PDF file went well, and it’s still corrupted, may your media storage device be the culprit. You see if in any case your storage device is infected with bugs or is damaged, it can also affect the files you store there.
  • Incompatible Program – Opening a PDF file using a program that is not intended for it will most likely damage the file too.

Now that you know some of the possible reasons, you might ask if there’s any way to repair PDF file. And the good news is, there is! We know how much of a burden this issue can be, so we searched every nook and cranny of the web to find and compile the best solutions.

Method 1: Use a Different PDF Reader Tool to Repair PDF File

The first thing you can try to repair PDF file is by using a PDF reader to open it. Make sure that the program you use has features to open and view a PDF file. You can try to use one of the most trusted and reliable PDF readers today – Wondershare PDFelement. This PDF reader has all the amazing features you need to manage your PDF files.  Easily create, edit, convert and organize PDFs with this handy and lightweight tool. Try it now!

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Method 2: Restore Previous Version to Repair PDF File

You must know that when you edit a file, your computer saves a copy of its previous version. So if you’re repairing PDFs, you can try to restore their previous version. However, this will only work if you turned on the File History feature beforehand.

  1. Locate the file on your PC.
  2. Right-click on the file and choose Restore Previous Version.
  3. After that, you will see multiple versions of your file. Choose the one you prefer then hit Restore.

Method 3: Use Online PDF Repair Tool to Repair PDF File

Next, you may also try to use online repair tools to repair PDF file. There are multiple PDF repair sites on the web like PDF2GO and ILovePDF.

All you need to do is to drag or export your corrupted file into the site and follow the next instructions prompted.

And again, you can choose whichever repair you like but remember to be cautious about what you choose. Some sites might contain malware or phishing websites that might steal your data.

Method 4: Use echoshare Data Recovery to Repair PDF File

Although the solutions above are easy to execute and find, there’s not a 100% guarantee that they could repair PDF file due to some limitations and risks. But there’s nothing to worry about, we have one more solution for you to try and we can guarantee that this one will work.

echoshare Data Recovery is a reliable data recovery tool that can repair any type of corrupted document like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Aside from that, it can also retrieve your unsaved documents, if there’s any chance that an error occurred while you’re editing and you fail to save your document, echoshare will save them for you.

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To add up, echoshare Data Recovery can also retrieve any type of deleted files like photos, videos, emails, and more! Now, you don’t have to get stressed about finding a backup to restore your files, this tool will do the job without any hassle.

Apart from that, this tool works perfectly with both Windows and Mac OS, no matter what PC you use, echoshare Data Recovery will work just fine.

Grab this tool now and start repairing PDFs within seconds!

Steps to Recover Deleted Folder via echoshare Data Recovery

  1. To start, download the program by hitting the button below, and after that launch it.
  2. Next, on the echoshare interface, select how your file was lost/damaged then on the options below choose Documents then tick Next.
  3. Choose which drive your corrupted file is located then click Scan.
PC Data Recovery Select Scan
  1. After that, the program will start to scan for files. When the scanning is done mark your target file and hit Restore.
PC Data Recovery Recover Document
  1. Save your repaired file in a different folder with a different file name and it’s done.

When the process is done, your folder should be restored with all its contents.


There are times when we can be vulnerable, and there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s just how life works, the important thing is we can always get back up and redeem ourselves. Like the situation stated above, our PDF might look indestructible, but it also has some weaknesses. But there are always solutions to repair it and use it again.


How do I open a PDF in Chrome?2022-06-06T04:02:30+08:00
  1. Click on your PDF file and choose the “Open with” option.
  2. After that select Chrome, and that’s it.
What does PDF stand for?2022-06-06T04:00:48+08:00

PDF means Portable Document Format. Adobe develops this file format. It is a reliable and flexible format and protects your data as it cannot easily be altered.

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