How to Remove DRM from eBooks with Calibre

My Kindle 3 has been not-charging for a long time. So I recently read ebooks on the Apple Book app. Though, I know I can definitely read eBooks on the Kindle app for iOS.

However, I prefer to use iBooks which was originally built for my iPhone/iPad. And I have over 50 ebooks on Kindle, so I want to import those purchased books to my Apple Book’s library.

Due to the fact that all ebooks on my Kindle are protected by DRM, it is unfeasible to directly transfer those ebook files to my iPhone without removing DRM from ebooks.

And while I am searching for the solution to remove DRM, many users recommend Calibre. A free eBooks managed software, after installing the DeDRM plugin, it will transform to an eBooks DRM remover of most eBooks, for example, Kindle books.

Main Resources of eBooks

Name The amount of eBooks Support devices If it is compatible with Calibre or not?
Amazon Over 6 million Kindle reader
Kindle app for PC/iOS/mac OS/Android
Google Plays Over 5 million Android /iOS Y
Kobo 5 million Kobo app for Win, iOS and Android Y
Apple Books /unknown yet iOS/mac OS only N (TunesKit for mac can do)

And I will illustrate the whole procedure of how to remove DRM from Google Play eBooks with Calibre.

Part 1. Get eBooks Files and Convert Files to EPUB Format

Before removing DRM, we need to get the eBooks files first, then convert files to EPUB format.

Get eBooks from Google Play

Step 1: Open Google Play Books on your browser. Then, sign in to your Google Account.

Step 2: On the My Book tab, there is a three dot icon on the bottom right of each eBooks. Click it, and press Export > Export ACSM for EPUB.

However, you will find you can’t view the eBook yet, since the ACSM (Adobe Content Server Message) file is actually not an ebook file but contains encrypted information.

You need to use Adobe Digital Edition to download the EPUB file, so that you can read it and add it to Calibre.

Convert the ACSM File to EPUB Format with Adobe Digital Edition

Step 1: Install ADE

Download Adobe Digital Edition.

Step 2: Login to Your Adobe Account

Launch the program, click Help > Authorize Computer. And sign in to your account on the pop-up window. (If you don’t have an adobe account, create one)

Sign in to Adobe Account in ADE

Step 3: Find the Converted eBooks Location

First: Drag the .acsm file to ADE.

Second: Right-click the interface of the eBooks, then click Item Info.

Third: There is a window showing, and you will see the location of the ebooks files. Go to the folder and you will find the file.

Part 2. Install Add-on in Calibre

As mentioned at the beginning, Calibre is not a remover but an eBook manager. So, installing a DRM cleaner plugin is most vital for making Calibre to be a DRM Converter.

Also it would take you a few minutes.

Note: If you think it is too complicated to install an add-on to Calibre, you can also try another tool to eliminate DRM from eBooks.

  1. Install Calibre
  2. Add Plug-in (Apprentice Alf’s DeDRM) to Calibre

First: You can download the latest version of the add-on. When it is downloaded, unzip the file.

Second: Open Calibre, click the Preferences > Plugins > Load plugin from file. You will see a file browser, navigate to the location of the add-on.

Double click the And you have added the plugin on Calibre.

Select Advanced Plugins

Part 3. How to Remove DRM from eBooks with Calibre

Eliminate DRM from eBooks

Click the Add books button and navigate to the folder that eBooks files are located. Select the ebook, and click the Open button.

While the book is imported, the DRM of the eBook is deleted at the same time.

Right-click the book on the interface and press Open containing folder. Then, you will get the DRM-free eBooks file.

Delete DRM from eBook File by Adding the File in the Calibre

Convert eBook File

Then, if you want to convert an eBook into another format. Click the eBook and press the Convert books button. And there will be a popping window. You can choose an output format on the top right.

Change Output Format on Calibre

If you want to read the eBook on the Kindle, you should select AZW3, MOBI.

If you want to read it on a PDF reader, you should choose PDF.

If you only want the text file, you should pick TXT.

Alternative: Professional DRM Remover of eBooks

eBooks Converter is designed to free your ebooks file, and won’t require you to install an add-on to delete the DRM. It supports finding eBooks files on the PC by itself so that you don’t need to find the files and drag them to the converter.

Also, you can delete the DRM from plenty of Kindle/Kobo/Adobe eBooks in one-click. Besides, you can convert the ebook into .azw3, .mobi, .epub, .txt formats.

Edit Format of Converting eBook


For sure, removing DRM from eBooks is an essential need for the folks who want to buy an ebook from a store and read it on another reading app.

Learning how to eliminate DRM is never a bad thing, but you should keep in mind that: you should only personally use it, not for earning money.

And Calibre will be a great helper. If you are too frustrated about complicated steps of installing plugins or importing the ebooks, you can choose Leawo Prof.DRM right away.

When you finnish conversion, just freely read your eBooks on any device!