Solved: How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books

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Solved: How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books

Nowadays, many people would like to read Kindle books since it is much more eco-friendly and easier to carry than reading paper books. However, every ebook purchased from the online shop is protected by DRM.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a barrier that aims to protect the copyright, which leads to some inconveniences. For instance, we can’t copy the purchased ebooks files from Kindle to Apple Books. Likewise, we can’t print the ebook out of the textbook to make notes.

How to Get Kindle eBooks Files from Kindle Store to PC

Before introducing the procedure of removing DRM, we need to get the ebooks that we bought from the Kindle Store. And it is necessary to install an old version of Kindle for desktop because there isn’t a tool for removing DRM that is compatible with the latest version.

Step 1: Download the Kindle for Your Desktop

Directly download the Kindle 1.17 by clicking the link. (PC, Mac)

Step 2: Sign in to Your Account

Launch the Kindle platform, and there is a pop-up window requiring you to accept the Kindle terms of use, click the Yes button to continue.

When you see the interface, click Tools on the top, and a dropdown menu will display. Select Sync and Check for New items, and a window will pop up.

Sign in to Your Amazon Account

If the window remains blank, you need to click the dropdown arrow beside the Sign in using on the bottom of the window and choose a site of your account’s area.

Select the Area of Your Amazon Account

After that, you will find your library’s books, double-click the interface of a specific book and it will be downloaded immediately.

Step 3: Find the Location of eBook

Open Kindle, go to Tools > Options > Content, the path of the ebook is on the centre.

Find the Location of eBook

Follow the path and go to the folder of the ebooks’ files. Then, you will find all the downloaded ebooks files, which are saved in azw format. However, you can’t read them on your iPad until the DRM is eliminated, since Kindle books with DRM protection can’t open on other devices.

Open the eBook Folder

Next, we will suggest 5 helpful methods to remove DRM from the purchased ebook.

Method 1. Remove Kindle DRM with Leawo Prof.DRM

Leawo Prof.DRM is a reliable tool to eliminate DRM from eBooks, Audible Audiobooks, iTunes videos and music, and Spotify music. And it supports many formats of ebooks such as MOBI, AZW3, KFX, PRC, etc. Moreover, users can convert the ebooks to EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, TXT.

What is more, the whole procedure is convenient, follow these 4 steps and you will remove DRM from the Kindle book:

Step 1: Install Leawo Prof.DRM

Click the button below, download and install it first.

Step 2: Drag the eBook Files from Folder to eBook Converter

Launch the Pro.DRM platform, then click eBook Converter. And drag the ebook files from the folder to the interface of eBook Converter.

Drag the Files to eBook Converter

Step 3: Set the Format of Converting eBook

Select the ebook that you want to convert, you will see a pencil icon, click it so you can set a format you prefer.

Here are some brief introductions of each format:

1. EPUB is the most common format for ebook reader applications, you can open it in the Apple Book on iOS devices such as iPhone 12 or read it in the Google Play Books on Android devices, etc.

2. MOBI and AZW3

MOBI and Azw3 is a format that is widely used in Kindle. If you want to transfer the eBook to Kindle through a USB cable, you can choose both formats. But if you want to upload ebooks to Kindle Library in the Amazon Cloud via send to kindle, you should choose MOBI.

3. TXT

A TXT file is a text document without image and formatting. If a plain text ebook is what you want, you can select this and read it with a TXT viewer.

This action will not change the default format (default is epub), so you had better check whether the format is what you want next time.

Edit Format of Converting eBook

Step 4: Start to Remove DRM and Find the Converted eBook File

Click the Convert button on the bottom right of the interface. Then you can start the converting process. If it ends, you will get a DRM-free ebook file.

Select the Converted tab, and you will find all the converted ebooks. Move your mouse hover one of them, then you will see the folder icon at the rear of the book. Press it and you will open the output folder and find the eBook files. Copy the DRM-free ebooks to your devices and enjoy your reading.

Method 2. Remove Kindle DRM with Calibre

Calibre is a free and user-friendly ebook manager. With a strong plugin, Calibre will become a useful ebook converter.

Step 1: Install Calibre

Open the website and download the installation files of Calibre. Then, install it.

Step 2: Install Calibre’s Add-ons

Since Calibre is only an ebook manager that is not able to remove the DRM itself. To remove DRM, you need to add a plugin on it, and we recommend adding Apprentice Alf’s DeDRM on your Calibre. Now, let’s install it.

First, open this website to download the latest version. Go to the folder, and unzip it.

Second, launch Calibre, select the Preferences button, then a window of Preferences will show. Click the Plugins button on the bottom of the window.

Select Advanced Plugins

When you see the window of Plugins, click Load plugin from file, a file browser will present. Navigate to the folder that contains plugins, choose then press the Open button.

Select File Name

Step 3: Convert eBook File

Switch to the Kindle’s ebook folder, select and drag the ebook file into Calibre. Select the ebook and press the Convert books button. You will see a conversion setting window. Then, click the dropdown arrow on the top right, set a converting ebook’s format you prefer.

Select the OK button and the converting process will start. If conversion ends, press the Save to disk button, and choose a folder to store the ebook. Then, you can get the ebooks without DRM. Transfer them to your devices, so you can read ebooks on your devices at any time.

Convert Book on Calibre

Method 3. Remove Kindle DRM with Any eBook Converter

Any eBook Converter is a DRM remover that offers 6 output formats (.epub, .mobi, .azw3, .pdf, .txt, .kfx) for users to select. The conversion will keep the same quality of ebooks from Kindle, Adobe, and Nook. And you can remove the DRM from several books at a time.

The Procedure is Below:

First, launch Any eBook Converter on your desktop, add the ebooks by clicking the button in which are two file silhouettes.

Second, the Convert to EPUB button on the bottom will turn blue when the books have been added. Press it to convert the books. If you want to change a format, click the dropdown arrow.

Third, if everything is done, select a clock icon on the top, and you will see a list of DRM-free ebooks in the popping window. Click the folder icon on the right of each ebook to open the output folder, then transfer it to your iPhone.

Interface of Any eBook Converter

Method 4. Remove Kindle DRM with PDFMate eBook Converter Professional

PDFMate eBook Converter Professional is another tool to delete DRM, which is compatible with 24 input formats such as DOCX, MOBI, PDF, etc. Also, it offers an extra tool to fix epub files. Moreover, users can edit the information of converting ebooks.

Here is the Procedure:

Step 1: Open the PDFMate eBook converter, drag the ebooks files into it.

Step 2: Click the Convert to EPUB button to start the conversion process.

Step 3: If it ends, select the clock icon to find the converted ebook. And you can open the output folder and transfer the ebooks to your devices.

Interface of PDFMate

Method 5. Remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is a powerful tool with a quick speed of conversion. Furthermore, Epubor Ultimate supports 14 input formats (KFX, EPUB, PDF, AZW, AZW3, MOBI, PRC, TXT, and HTML, etc) and 5 output formats (EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, TXT, and PDF).

If you connect the ebook reader with the desktop, it will automatically scan ebooks.

Follow These Steps to Eliminate DRM:

Step 1: Launch the Epubor Ultimate, then select the ebook files and drag them to the interface.

Step 2: Select the Convert to EPUB button, then the conversion will begin. (If you want to change the format, click the dropdown arrow beside the button.)

Step 3: Click the folder icon on the bottom right and you can open the output folder. Transfer them to your devices and open it on a reader app, then you are able to read the Kindle books without DRM.

Interface of Epubor


Now, you know what the DRM is and how to remove it from your Kindle books with the tools.

Based on our test of tools, we select the top 5 of them. And Leawo Prof.DRM is the best converter to delete the DRM from Kindle due to its easy-to-use procedure.

Follow these steps and you can read Kindle books without DRM on your smartphone. Enjoy reading!


Here is 6 Kindle ebook format that Kindle supports:
MOBI is a Kindle format designed by Mobipocket, which was purchased by Amazon in 2005. And it is one of the primary formats of Amazon’s first Kindle.
2. AZW (Kindle Format 7)
Amazon added DRM protection to the ebooks in the Kindle store and changed the filename extension into .azw.
3. AZW3(Kindle Format 8)
This format includes many features such as bold text, custom font, etc.
4. AZW4
AZW4 is a PDF format in PDB wrapper for textbooks and commonly with DRM.
5. AZW6
AZW6 file includes texts, all the images in that book are stored in the related folder. This format mainly shows in the Japan Kindle’s store.
6. KFX (Kindle Format 10)
KFX is an heir format, which rolled out with Kindle Paperwhite 3. It is compatible with Kindle Paperwhite2 and the model after. This format has added useful features such as smart auto line-break, quickly page-turning, HD image, etc.

You can send the files via Skype or email to your devices, also if you want a professional tool which is able to transfer files from desktop to mobile devices.

We will recommend iCareFone, since it is comprehensive data management software.