Remove DRM from KFX File

I backed up all the files in the Kindle, when I found out that it easily runs out of power, which indicates its battery will be dead soon.

Rather than buy a new Kindle, I decided to import those ebook files into my iPad mini, since the reading experience is pretty good on Apple Book.

However, it is much more complex than I thought. Because, I am not sure what KFX file it is, whether I should transfer it to iPad or not. Moreover, Apple Book couldn’t open the ebook files I uploaded.

These confusions push me to search some information online and finally I am clear about them:

  1. All the ebook files on Kindle are DRM (Digital Right Management) protected, so they can’t be opened on other unauthorized devices.
  2. KFX is one of the Kindle ebook formats, which is the successor of AZW3, which enhances content layout presentation and DRM.
  3. The KFX file is not compatible with the Apple Book app, you can read the DRM-free EPUB book and the purchased book from the iTunes Store on the Apple Book app.

So, if we want to make the Kindle file readable on any device, remove the DRM from the KFX file first. Besides, we need to know which format fits the reading app we want to use, and convert the KFX file to that format in advance.

3 Ways to Get Kindle eBooks

Before converting them, you need to download the files. Here are three ways to get Kindle books, feel free to choose one.

1. Download Kindle ebook via Kindle for PC/Mac [Most sftable]

If you want to make sure the DRM-remover can eliminate DRM from all the eBook files, you should download Kindle eBook via old version Kindle application for desktop, since it can download the ebook in AZW3 format, which is compatible with most removers.

Step 1: Click the link (PC, Mac) to download the old version Kindle for PC/Mac, so that we can get the kindle ebook files which are able to remove DRM.

Step 2: Open the Kindle, select Tools > Sync and Check for New items.

Sign in to Your Amazon Account

(If you saw a blank window, click the Default on the right of Sign in using. Choose a site that your account located)

Select the Area of Your Amazon Account

Step 3: Go to Tools > Options > Content, the ebook’s path will show. Go to that folder so as to find all the Kindle ebook files.

Find the Location of eBook

2. Copy Kindle ebook from Kindle Devices

Step 1: Connect Kindle to PC via USB cable. When you see the Kindle show on the screen on Mac or the Kindle disk show on the PC on Windows, the connection is alright.

Step 2: Go to Kindle disk > Document on Finder/file explorer, then you will see the KFX files in the folder, copy them to another folder so that you will get the ebook files.

3. Download Kindle ebook from

Step 1: Go to, login to your Amazon account, click your account name > Manage Your Content and Devices. Select the Content tab, and you’ll find the ebook, click More actions > Download & transfer via USB.

Download eBook from Amazon via USB

Step 2: Press the Download button on a pop-up window. Then, choose the folder to store the ebook files. After a few seconds, the ebook files will be downloaded.

Method 1. How to Remove DRM from KFX File with eBook Converter

To effortlessly remove DRM from KFX files, you should choose a well-designed tool for yourself, eBook Converter of Leawo Prof.DRM is one of the reliable DRM removers.

With the simple conversion process and fast conversion speed, you can remove DRM and convert them to the desired formats in a few minutes.

Moreover, it will detect the ebooks files itself, so you don’t need to navigate the ebook files on the file explorer while adding the ebook files.

What is more, it can convert not only Kindle ebooks but also books from Google Play and Barnes & Noble, which means if you buy a book from another ebook store, it is still readable on any reader.

Tips: We will recommend downloading the ebook file via Kindle for PC/Mac, however, if you want to get the files in other two ways, you need to enter the Kindle Serial number or PIDS on the settings of eBook Converter.

First, unlock the Kindle devices, tap the top and touch the Settings button > All Settings >Device Options> Device Info, and you will see the serial number of your Kindle.

Open Leawo Prof.DRM > eBook Converter, click the setting icon on the top, select the eBook tab, then you will see a bar below the Kindle serial number or PIDS, enter the serial number of your Kindle to it.

Step 1: Add eBook Files to the Converter

Launch the program, click the eBook Converter > Add Files, then a window will present, select the sync icon on the Kindle book. After a few seconds, all the Kindle books will be shown on the list, check on the checkbox of the books you want.

Add eBooks to eBook Converter

Step 2: Edit the Converting Format

Before you start converting, you should figure out what device you are going to read the book.

The default format is EPUB, so if you want to read on EPUB e-reader (Nook for instance) or reading app (Apple Book), you should skip to step 3.

If you still want to read on Kindle, you should change the format to .mobi or .azw3. However, if you want to read on the text reading app, then you should choose the TXT format.

Choose one of the books on the interface, select the pencil icon, then you can choose the format by clicking the dropdown arrow. After that, click Apply to All then all the converting format of the ebook will change, if you just want to change one of them, choose Apply to current.

Edit Format of Converting eBook

Step 3: Start to Convert and Find the eBook File

Once you press the Convert button, the conversion will start. When it ends, the DRM-free file will be produced. Click the Converted tab, then you will see a list of the ebook, choose one and press the folder icon.

Find the Folder Include Converted eBook File

All the files will show in a popping folder. Then, you can immediately transfer them to your iPad or Nook.

Method 2. How to Remove DRM from KFX File with Calibre

Well, if you’re pretty interested in fixing the issue by yourself, you may also like to remove DRM from KFX with Calibre.

Calibre is a free ebook manager without DRM-removal feature, after installing a DRM-removal add-on, it will transform to be an ebook remover.

Step 1: Download and Install Calibre

Step 2: Add DRM-removal add-on (Apprentice Alf’s DeDRM) to Calibre

First: Download the latest plug-in, unzip the zip file when it has been downloaded.

Second: Launch Calibre, select Preferences > Plugins > Load plugin from file. Then, navigate to the folder that includes the zip files on the popping window. Choose

Select Advanced Plugins

Step 3: Delete DRM from the Kindle ebook

Drag the ebook file to the centre of the interface, then its DRM will be removed while importing the book to the Calibre.

Click the book in the list and you will find its cover on the right sidebar, and when you select the Click to open on the right of the Path, the DRM-free file will show.

Note: This removal add-on is still not compatible with KFX files, so you should import the files downloaded with Kindle for PC/Mac.

Tips: How to convert the ebook file to a format I want?

If you want to convert the ebook to another format, you should select the book and click the Convert books button on the top, and choose one converting format on the top right of the popping window. Then, click the OK button on the bottom right, after a few seconds, the converted file will be present in the folder.

Convert Book on Calibre


Now that you are all set to remove DRM from KFX files. With the two methods above, you can choose one way to free your ebook.

If you would like to spend time on installing the add-on on Calibre, then you can transform the ebook manager into a DRM-remover.

While if you pretty value your time, a professional tool — eBook Converter will smoothly complete the removing DRM and converting to another format.

Once the DRM is removed, you will be able to read those Kindle ebooks without Kindle app on any other devices, which will definitely elevate your reading experience.