How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Movies and Videos

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After you bought and downloaded a movie or TV show on iTunes Store, you would find it impossible to play that iTunes video on another media player software on your device.

VLC, Plex, PotPlayer, and any other players cannot play that iTunes movie or TV show at all. To say nothing of the fact that you cannot transfer the M4V video file to your Android phone or share it with your family and friends.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes 4AV Movies Videos

The failure of playing the iTunes movie with other software and sending the file to others results from the DRM on this M4V video file.

For anyone who has no idea what this is, DRM, long as digital right management, is a content protection technology. Digital material with DRM cannot be transferred, copied, sent, or edited.

So, if you want to transfer, send, or edit the iTunes movies, you must deal with the DRM first.

To help you with that, today, I will tell you one brilliant DRM remover and you may use it right away to remove the DRM on your iTunes movies or videos with 3 easy clicks.

iTubeGo – A perfect DRM decrypter to remove DRM on iTunes videos

If you want to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows, look no further than iTubeGo.

This is a very easy-to-use DRM remover for both Windows and Mac. With this DRM remover, you can easily make your iTunes M4V movies or TV shows into DRM-free MP4 video files.

iTubeGo Convert DRM Protected Content into DRM Free

No matter you want to watch the movie on a non-Apple device or share the M4V iTunes video with anyone else, iTubeGo got you fully covered.

Besides removing DRM, iTubeGo offers more features to make your movie playback more pleasing:

1. Lossless conversion

While using iTubeGo to remove DRM from your iTunes movies, never should you worry about the frame and sound quality of the output files.

This DRM remover supports up to 4K resolution and 320kbps audio quality.

That means no matter what video you import, iTubeGo will remove the DRM without damaging the video quality. You’re still available to enjoy a movie without problems at all.

2. Multiple output formats

Since the M4V format of your iTunes movie is created by Apple for iTunes Stores, some non-Apple devices like an Android phone and Windows PC may have issues in playing the iTunes movie.

To make sure your playback runs well, iTubeGo helps you convert the M4V iTunes movie into other formats, including MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc. These are the most compatible video formats that can play on almost every device and player.

Decide Output Format to Convert DRM Protected Contents

3. Easy operation

Once you download the program, you just need to click 3 buttons to complete the DRM removal within seconds. You’re available to send the output video right after the process.

4. Download videos & music from 10,000 websites

Besides removing DRM from iTunes movies, iTubeGo also helps you download videos and songs from YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, and you name it.

With this program, you’re available to have the world’s digital contents saved on your PC right away.

To know more about the program, you may read here: iTubeGo Official.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies with iTubeGo

Now, let’s go through the easy process of using iTubeGo to remove DRM from your iTunes movies and videos.

Step 1 Download and install iTubeGo on your computer

Click the button below to download the DRM remover software on your computer. Launch it after installation.

Download iTubeGo Right Away!

Step 2 Remove DRM from the iTunes movies

On the iTubeGo’s interface, click Converting from the left sidebar.

Locate the Add Files button and click it. You’ll be asked to select and import the target iTunes movies. Click Open to confirm.

Tip: You’re available to remove DRM from multiple iTunes videos at a time. Import as much as you want.

Import iTunes M4V Movies to iTubeGo

Then, click the Convert All button and decide the output format for the inserted iTunes movie(s).

Choose MP4 (or other formats that you like) and keep the quality as Same as Source to convert the iTunes M4V movie as an MP4 video file without quality loss.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies Videos Setup

Lastly, click the OK button to start the removal. iTubeGo will remove the DRM from the iTunes movie and convert it into a compatible MP4 video.

Step 3 Locate the output iTunes movie

When the removal is complete, go to the Converted tab from the sidebar and find your movie there.

Double-click it to preview the output file. To locate the file on your computer hard drive, click the Open the File button.

Locate DRM Free iTunes Movies on PC

Now, the iTunes movie is a DRM-free MP4 file. You’re available to play it on any player software and device. If you want to share it with your friends and family, send it anyway.

Tip: Which format is the best choice to remove DRM from iTunes movies?

Each video format has different features and delivers you different experiences of watching the movie. Based on the comparison below, pick up the format that favors you most.

Formats/Properties Compression or Container Frame Quality Quality Loss File Size Compatibility
MP4 Compression High Yes Acceptable
(One-hour long 1080P: 900MB )
Most Compatible
MKV Container Lossless No Extremely large Plays on some special media players
AVI Compression Medium Yes Large Compatible with many devices and players
WMV Compression High Yes Acceptable Runs on any Windows and Android devices
FLV Compression Medium Yes Small Less compatible with devices and players

There’s a page on iTunes named Free which is designed for users to download free items on iTunes.

On your iTunes, go to Store and scroll down to find the Free section. Download the iTunes items for free there.

To put iTunes music and video item onto a USB drive requires a DRM-removal process. After removal the DRM from the iTunes files, you’re available to transfer the files to your USB drive by dragging.