Remove DRM from Google Play eBooks

Nowadays, reading books on a smart device or e-reader is really common. And there are several ebooks stores such as Google Play, Kindle Store, etc.

However, each of them has built their walls, using DRM (Digital Right Management) to protect ebooks files, which limits users from reading the books in other apps.

For instance, you can’t open an ebook that was purchased from Google Play Store on the Apple Book app. So, you have to keep the Google Play Books app for reading those ebooks. It would be worse if someone bought books from several different stores.

There is no doubt that it will be uncomfortable to think about “Which app should I open?” before reading. The only way to store all the ebooks in one reading app is to remove DRM from ebooks.

Now, we will show you how to remove DRM from Google Play Books, this method also applies to the Kindle Store and others.

Steps to Remove DRM from Google Play Books

Removing DRM is not as difficult as we thought, you only need to spend some time on it.

First, we need to download the ACSM (Adobe Content Server Message) file which does not include ebook content but contains messages about how to download an ebook file. Then, open the ACSM file in the Adobe Digital Edition to download the EPUB file.

After that, you can effortlessly remove the DRM from Google Play Books with the ebook converter.

Step 1: Download ACSM File from Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Books website. Click the three dot icon on the bottom right of the wanted ebook. Select Export > Export ACSM for EPUB.

(Note: ACSM is normally used to protect digital published content, which isn’t a regular ebook format. Don’t forget to go through next step to download the content of ebook)

Export Google eBooks to PC

Step 2: Download EPUB Book with ACSM File on Adobe Digital Edition

First: Install Adobe Digital Edition. Then, launch the program, select Help > Authorize Computer. It will ask you sign in. (Sign up if you don’t have a Adobe account.)

Authorize the Computer

Third: Drag the ACSM file to Adobe Digital Edition. Then, the ebook will be downloaded right now. When you see the ebook show on the interface, you can remove the DRM right now.

Step 3: Remove DRM from eBook Files via eBook Converter

Leawo Prof.DRM’s eBook Converter is a professional DRM remover that will help you eliminate DRM from Google Play Books, Kindle book, and so on.

Moreover, you don’t have to add ebooks by dragging them from the folder to program, it will automatically find the ebook file.

What is more, you will be able to choose the format based on which reading application or e-reader you want to use since it supports converting books from 8 formats (such as .epub, .mobi, .azw3, .azw, .kfx, .prc, .html. .txt) to 4 ebook formats: .epub, .mobi, .azw3, .txt.

The whole procedure of removing DRM from ebook is below:

1. Import the eBook File to eBook Converter

Launch the Leawo Prof.DRM, then press the eBook Converter.

Leawo Prof. DRM

Select Add Files. And choose the sync icon on the right of the Library text. Click the converting book and press the Add button. The book will appear on the interface.

2. Choose a Converting Format

The default format is .epub, which fits for Apple Books/other readers (Skip this, if you don’t need to change the format)

Click the writing icon, and you will see a popping window. Press epub, and select the format you want.

You will see .epub, .mobi,. azw3, .txt. Choose a format that applies to your reader/reading app.

You should change the format to .mobi, .azw3, if you decide to import them to Kindle. (by the way, Send to Kindle only support .mobi format)

And the .txt file would only include txt, which is able to read in many devices.

Then, click Apply to All to settle the change.

Select a Converting Format

3. Convert and Open the Output Folder

Click the Convert button to start the conversion. When it ends, select the converted tab.

Select the ebook and press the folder icon on the right. The output folder, which includes a DRM-free file, will show right now.

Find the Folder Include Converted eBook File

Transfer the ebook files to your device. Open them in a reading app, then you can read all the ebooks in one reading app now.


Removing DRM from ebooks (Google Play Books) is quite important for those who want to organize their books in a reading app/e-reader.

You will find it is fairly easy to remove DRM from Google books with eBook Converter. Don’t forget to make sure which format is compatible with the reading application/reader.

Once you get the DRM-free Google Play books files, you can read the books in any reading app you want, which provides a smooth reading.

How about elevating your reading experience right now?