Remove DRM from EPUB

Have you ever wanted to read ebooks from different stores on your Kindle/Nook?

If so, you may have found that it is quite difficult to make it happen. Even if you have copied the ebook files to Nook, it won’t show, since most ebooks from stores are DRM-protected.

DRM is Digital Right Management which protect the content, and there are 4 primary kinds of EPUB DRM:


ADEPT (Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology) is one of the most popular DRM, which is used for many books, for example Google Play books and the ebooks we borrow from the library.

2. eReader DRM of Adobe:

This DRM was designed for ereader at first, and now is only used for the book sold on Barnes & Noble, which is only used for Nook.

3. Apple FairPlay DRM:

Apple FairPlay is a type of DRM designed by Apple to protect the content on iTunes Store including Apple Book.

4. Kobo KEPUB DRM:

Kobo used ADEPT to protect ebooks. After Kobo version 3.19, Kobo ebooks are protected by KEPUB.

Next, we will show you 2 ways to remove DRM from the EPUB file.

Method 1. Remove DRM from EPUB with Leawo.Prof.DRM

Good transportation can help you safely reach the destination faster. For the same reason, a professional tool will make the whole removal operation smooth and efficient.

With the ebook converter of Leawo Prof.DRM, you can remove the most EPUB DRM from Kobo, Adobe, ect. After one click, a bunch of ebook files will be DRM-free. This ebook converter also supports converting EPUB files to MOBI, AZW3, TXT.

What is more, users are able to remove DRM from MOBI, AZW3, AZW, KFX, PRC, HTML, TXT files. If you want to remove DRM from Kindle ebook or Kobo ebook, this ebook converter also will be helpful.

The reliable team will keep updating the software, so as to keep it compatible with the latest DRM.

The Steps to Remove DRM from EPUB with eBook Converter:

Step 1: Add eBook Files to eBook Converter

Launch the Prof.DRM, then press the eBook Converter > Add Files. The Add Files window will show, select the sync icon on the right of Library. The converter will detect the ebooks in this pc.

Then, pick the resource you want on the left sidebar. A list of the ebooks will be presented. Select the checkbox before the book and press the Add button, you will import ebooks files to the program.

Add eBooks to eBook Converter

Step 2: Edit the Converting Format

The default setting is to remove DRM from the ebook files and convert it to EPUB. If you want to read those books on Kindle or other reading apps, you should change the converting formats first:

Click the book file, select the pencil icon, and choose the format based on your needs:

1. To transfer ebooks to your Kindle via email, select .mobi.
2. To transfer ebooks to your Kindle via USB, select .azw3.
3. TXT files only include text, which is compatible for many text readers.

Then, pick the Apply to All button to settle the change.

Edit Format of Converting eBook

Step 3: Start the Conversion and Find the Output Folder

Click the Convert button then the conversion will begin.

After that, press the Converted tab, there is a list of converted ebooks, select one and click the folder icon on the right. The output folder containing DRM-free ebooks will pop up in a second.

Find the Folder Include Converted eBook File

Once you get the files, you can transfer them to your Kindle or Nook, or open them in Apple Books.

Perhaps the ebook you want to convert is Apple Books, then you can use Tuneskit, and Epubor Ultimate is compatible with Nook.

Method 2. Remove DRM from EPUB with Calibre

Calibre is an open-resource ebook management software. Although it does not include a DRM remover, you can install a remover add-on to transform it, which would take you some time. Some users found some content was lost when they read those books.

Step 1: Download and Install Calibre

Step 2: Install DRM Removal Plugin for Calibre

Download the add-on, then unzip the file. Launch the Calibre, go to the Preferences > Plugins > Load plugin from file.Select Advanced Plugins

A folder browser will present, navigate it to the folder that includes add-on files. Select the, and click the Open button. The plugin will be installed.

Select File Name

Step 3: Remove DRM from eBook Files and Find the DRM-free eBook

Drag the ebook files to the centre of the interface. Calibre will remove the DRM from your ebook and show the DRM-free books on the interface.

Right-click a book and select the Open containing folder. Then, you will find a DRM-free book file.


With these two methods above, you can remove the DRM from EPUB so that you can read them on your Nook.

Removing DRM from EPUB with Calibre is free, but you need to spend some time on adding a DRM-removal plugin. Whereas, choose another professional tool — Leawo Prof.DRM, you will get rid of the complex process and remove DRM from EPUB ebooks in simple 2 steps.

On a Sunday morning, it will be quite relaxing to read a book on your Kindle while having breakfast. Anyway, enjoy your reading!