With the development of the Internet and the acceleration of life pace, more and more people choose audible books, podcasts, and sleep/meditation programs to ease stress. If you are one of them, you must be familiar with Audible.com or Apple Books, where you can enjoy high-quality online audiobooks, podcasts, or audio stories.

“Can I download audio books from audible.com and listen to them on an mp3 player?”

Sometimes, you may want to enjoy audible file offline with your Mp3 player or share it with your friends. Sadly, most files downloaded are encoded in M4B, AA, or AAX audio format, which come with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection that keeps them from being shared or played by common music players/smartphone.

To enjoy the audio to be played anytime and anywhere, you have to remove DRM from audible books or podcasts.

Following is a detailed tutorial that tells you how to remove audible DRM protection, and convert iTunes/Audible audiobooks to DRM-free files.

remove audible drm

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Method 1. Remove Audible DRM with Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof.DRM is a versatile DRM-removal program as well as a DRM media converter. It helps you to convert DRM-protected videos, music, and audiobook to normal formats so they can be played wherever you want. Leawo Prof. DRM not only guarantees the high speed of conversion, high audio or video quality will be reserved after conversion.Leawo Prof. DRM

What Leawo Prof DRM Remover can do:

  • Remove DRM from iTunes and Aubile audiobooks without authorization
  • Remove protection from iTunes Movies, TV shows, music, and M4P music
  • Download Spotify song to DRM-free music
  • Remover the DRM protection of the Kindle, Adobe, or Kobo ebooks

Now let’s see how to remove DRM of audiobooks with Leawo Prof. DRM step by step.

Step 1. Save Audible DRM File Offline on Your PC or Mac

Since the DRM Remover only works on a window pc or a mac, you should download the DRM audible file to your computer first, especially for those who used to listen to audiobooks on portable devices.

*If you have already downloaded the DRM Audible files (.aax, .aa) beforehand, you can go straight to step 2.

*User of portable devices can log in on the computer with your Audible account to carry out the procedure below.

Use Audible Cloud Player to Download Audible file to your PC or Mac

  • Log in to the Library page.
  • Find the audiobook you would like to download.
  • Click on the Download button and wait for the process to finish.audible cloud player

Other ways to download Audible (win only): Audible app, AudibleSync app.

Step 2. Run ‘Audible Converter’ of Leawo Prof. DRM

Download and install Leawo Prof. DRM, run it to enter its main interface. Many tabs clearly show the tools’ different functions. If you want to ease DRM from aa or aax files, you can choose ‘Audible Converter’ by clicking it.

Step 3. Import Audible files to Leawo Prof. DRM

The main interface of the audible converter will appear and Audible audiobooks need to be uploaded from iTunes. You can upload your files by clicking the ‘Add files’ tab to locate or dragging files from the iTunes library to the interface of the software, which is convenient for users.add file to remove drm

Downloaded Audible File Location:


  • Windows 7/8/Vista – C:\Users\Public\Documents\Audible\Downloads
  • Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Audible\Downloads


  • ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.BKAgentService/Data/Documents/iBooks/Books


  • This PC\*Your phone name*\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.audible.application\files

Step 4. Do more settings with the file to output

Leawo Prof. DRM allows you to choose channels that will be kept in the output file freely. You can do that by simply click the icon of the imported file. Apart from channels, you can set a sampling rate and bit rate of the output file in the same window.

Step 5. Set output file path

Before conversion, the output file path should be set in advance. You can find the default output path at the bottom of the interface. By clicking the ‘…’ button next to it, you can set a new output directory for the output MP3 file.

Step 6. Start removing DRM of Audible file

After all, settings were done, you can start removing DRM from an audiobook by clicking the ‘Convert’ button at the bottom left corner of the software interface. Once the conversion started, you can check the task status by the progress bar.

Converted files are all in mp3 format and they can be found by clicking the ‘Converted’ tab. By clicking the little folder icon after the file name, you can locate the converted file at once.

Method 2. AAX DRM Removal online

Convertio is an online audio converting tool that helps you turn the AAX/AA file into MP3.

Before starting the conversion, you only need to visit its official website, upload your AAX file, set input and output file format.

To start conversion, you just need to click the ‘Convert’ button on the webpage. When the conversion finished, a pop-up will show up to let you download the mp3 file.

It’s worth noting that the speed of online DRM removal greatly depends on your network condition and personalized settings of output files are not supported. If you want to remove Audible DRM more efficiently, Leawo Prof. DRM will be a better choice.

Method 3. Free Audible DRM Removal by OpenAudible

OpenAudible is an open-source audiobook manager that helps you catalog and organizes your audiobook collection. It also can convert protected Audible books to DRM-free MP3 files. Now let’s see how to convert Audible to MP3 with OpenAudible in detail.

Step 1. Download OpenAudible and install it. Run the software and click ‘File’>’Import Books’ to load local Audible files.

Step 2. After loaded, the file will appear in the list of the main interface of OpenAudible. To convert the file into mp3, you just need to right-click the title of the file and choose ‘Convert to MP3’. Then the conversion will start immediately. Once the conversion finished, a pop-up will show to let you know the location of the converted file.

Which Method Will You Choose?

Above are brief introductions about three Audible DRM removers. You may wonder which one has the best performance and should be picked.

1) There are many kinds of DRM-protected formats except AAX and AA. Although OpenAudible and Convertio are free to use, their functions are too limited to meet users’ needs. On the opposite, Leawo Prof. DRM holds affluent features, which promise a good experience for users.

2) OpenAudible and Convertio, as free tools, are lack technical and customer services, which may cause potential harm to your PC and privacy. Leawo Prof. DRM, as a mature commercial software, is developed and maintained by professional technical staff and nearly all your problems will be treated seriously.

To sum up, if you want a tool that can remove DRM professionally and quickly, Leawo Prof. DRM is your best choice. If you are looking for a complete solution that could not only remove Audible books DRM but also other audios’, Leawo Prof. DRM still should be your first choice.