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Region-free Blu-ray Players – How to Tell if Yours Is One

By Published On: July 7th, 2021Categories: Rip Blu-ray

Region-free Blu-ray Poster

In this day and age of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, cheap cable TV, and cheap, yet high-quality optical media film enthusiasts are not starved for choice. Still, while the options are many, the absolute best in high-quality video and audio is available only on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray is the latest and greatest advancement in the world of optical media. Being a definite improvement over its predecessor, the DVD, Blu-ray has more storage, higher read and write speeds, is more reliable, and can support up to 4K Ultra-high-definition video.

But there is a catch; many Blu-ray discs are region locked as a way of copyright protection. That is, they have one of three region codes, A, B, or C, and will only play on devices of the same region as theirs. There are, of course, completely region-free discs. What is more, there are even players that can play discs from all regions.

Thus, the question is born:

Is there a way to tell if my Blu-ray player is region-free? And, if not, is there a way to make it so?

How can I tell if a Blu-ray is region-free

Blu-ray discs

As we said, most Blu-ray discs have a region code that can be found on the back of the case in the form of a letter, A, B, or C. Region-free Blu-rays will either have all three letters or no region code at all.

Tip: All UHD Blu-ray (Ultra HD Blu-ray) discs are region-free. Ultra HD Blu-ray is a Blu-ray disc type that supports extremely high-definition video (4K) and requires a specialised player to run on.

Blu-ray player

Blu-ray players are just as easy to check. Most Blu-ray players have their region codes on the back in the same format as Blu-ray discs. In a similar fashion, region-free Blu-ray players will either have all three letters on the back, or no letters at all.

To recap, we know that a region-locked Blu-ray disc will only play on a Blu-ray player of the same region. This could prove to be problematic as certain movies either become available in different regions at different times or not at all, in some cases.

Therefore, one cannot help but wonder if there is a way of making a Blu-ray movie or player region-free.

Can I make my region-locked Blu-ray Discs and Player region-free


Unfortunately, there is no way of turning a regular Blu-ray Player into a region-free one. Therefore, if you want a region-free Blu-ray player you either have to buy one or try making your Blu-ray discs region-free.


It is possible to remove the region-lock from your Blu-rays with a Blu-ray converter. The Blu-ray converter will decode your Blu-ray, removing the region-lock, rip the contents and convert them to a different video format like MKV.

And there is no better tool for this job than Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter

Any old Blu-ray converter can make your Blu-rays region-free. However, it is only Tipard that can do it in mere minutes while retaining the video and audio quality of the original. And all that, without having to buy a high-end computer or become a PC expert.

Here is why Tipard should be your Blu-ray converter of choice.

It helps you be creative

With more than 500 supported formats, a powerful Video Editor, 3D Maker, Video Enhancer, Video Compressor, Metadata Editor, and GIF Maker Tipard helps you set your inner artist free.

It works fast

Thanks to a series of technologies, like Blu-Hyper, CPU-based video encoding/decoding, and Graphics card image processing, Tipard can work 30 times as fast as any other Blu-ray converter.

You get High-quality video files

Not only can Tipard convert any Blu-ray to several video formats, but it can also do so without sacrificing any of the quality of the source file.

It’s easy to use

Tipard’s intuitive design helps even the least-experienced users start converting their first Blu-ray in minutes.

How to make a Blu-ray disc region-free

Step 1: Download and install Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

Launch after installation.

Step 2: Import the Blu-ray movie into Tipard Blu-ray converter.

  • Insert your Blu-ray disc into your computer’s disc tray.
  • Load Blu-ray” on the upper left corner or on the big blue plus symbol in the middle of the interface will load up your Blu-ray movie to Tipard.

Load your Blu-ray to Tipard

Within a few seconds, Tipard will display the loaded file.

Step 3: Prepare your Blu-ray for conversion

  • Select which parts of the movie you want in your MKV file by clicking on the orange “Full Title List” button. You can also preview each clip.
  • Select, remove or add audio and subtitle tracks to your MKV file.
  • Edit or trim the video by clicking on the edit (star) and cut (scissors) buttons respectively. You may change the contrast, saturation, brightness, and hue of your video, apply filters, and even watermarks.
  • Select the output format from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the MKV tab and choose the “Same as Source” option. This way, Tipard will create a one-to-one copy of your Blu-ray.

Customise Your Video

Tip: MKV is a container format. That means that it is an uncompressed, high-quality video format that supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks and even chapters, menus, and metadata. The most important part, however, is that MKV files are compatible with most playback devices and do not need special software to play.

Step 4: Complete the conversion.

  • Decide where you want Tipard to store your converted files through the directory at the bottom of the interface.
  • Click on the “Rip All” button on the bottom right.

Rip Your Blu-ray

Tip: If you want even faster results, activate the hardware accelerator found at the bottom of the interface.

Once finished, Tipard will take you to the location where the MKV video file is stored. There is a “folder” icon that you can click on if you want to view Tipard’s default storage location to find any converted file.


Among the various movie streaming options, Blu-ray is the one that has the best audio and video quality. However, Blu-rays have one downside. A large number of the Blu-rays available are region-locked, with a few select ones being region-free.

One can easily tell them apart by checking the back of their Blu-ray case (In the case of Blu-ray discs) or the back of their Blu-ray player (In the case of Blu-ray players). What is more, even region-locked Blu-rays can be converted to region-free ones with some help from a Blu-ray converter like Tipard Blu-ray Converter.


Are Blu-ray Players region-free?2021-07-07T13:00:19+08:00

Not by default. There are region-free or multi-region Blu-ray players, but not all of them are.

Why do blu-rays have regions?2021-07-07T12:57:28+08:00

Locking a Blu-ray to a specific region is a DRM system that protects the rights of producers and distributors across different regions.

Does Walmart/Best Buy sell region free Blu-ray players?2021-07-07T12:56:55+08:00

Yes, while a bit more expensive than regular ones, region-free Blu-ray players can be found at Walmart and Best Buy either as “Region-free Blu-ray Players” or “Multi-region Blu-ray Players”

What are region codes?2021-07-07T12:50:19+08:00

Blu-ray region codes are a copyright protection system that helps rights holders control the distribution of their content across the world. This is achieved through the introduction of region-locked Blu-ray players that will only play Blu-ray discs encoded to their region.

The regions are as follows:

Region A: North America, South America, U.S. Territories, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia.
Region B: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.
Region C: Asia (except for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia).

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