[Fixed] How to Fix Redbox DVD Won’t Play on DVD Player

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When you’re all set for a movie night with your friends and everybody is so excited, and you suddenly notice that your Redbox DVD doesn’t seem to work when you try to play it. That’s so bad, especially when everything is already set like the snacks and drinks. And everybody is already preparing and waiting for you to play the movie. You have done everything and no matter what you do, the Redbox DVD just won’t work.

How to Fix Redbox DVD that won't Play

If you’re searching all-over-the internet for solutions for a Redbox DVD that won’t play, well you stumbled on the right article. This article will help you salvage your movie night and discuss some of the potential reasons why your Redbox disc won’t play with the best alternative solutions.

Why Redbox DVD won’t Play on DVD Player

Here are 3 possible reasons and related solutions that can help you solve the problem on your Redbox disc. If these solutions cannot help you, we have prepared an alternative solution.

Reason 1: Your Redbox Disc might be Damaged or Dirty

Scratches and dirt may cause your Redbox DVD to malfunction, and your DVD player might not be able to read it once the disc is heavily scratched and damaged.


  • Check your Redbox DVD for scratches, dirt, or fingerprints, and clean the disc using a soft cloth and a cleaning agent. Make sure that the disc is clean before you play it.

Reason 2: Your DVD Player is not Properly Installed

The cables and wires should be properly installed and plugged into the DVD player and the TV for the DVD player to function properly.


  • Check the wires and cables connected to your DVD player and TV, see if they are properly installed, and if your cables are tangled make sure to arrange them properly.

DVD Player Cords

Reason 3: Your DVD Player might be Damaged

DVD players can wear out if not used properly especially when your player is an old model. In this case, the DVD player cannot read the inserted disc properly.


First, check if your DVD player is damaged. 

  • Check the hardware of your DVD player, see if the lens is dusty or if there is something wrong with parts inside.
  • Try playing your disc on another DVD player, if it works perfectly fine with others, then your DVD player might be the problem.

Now, if you’re sure about that. Try to get your DVD player repaired.

  • If you can’t fix your DVD player yourself, take your player to your local DVD repair shop, or better yet purchase a brand new and updated DVD player you can buy on Amazon.

If the above solutions still do not work, call the Redbox customer service line at 1-866-733-2693 and report the problem. They will give you some recommendations on how to replace your disc or get a refund. But both options will cost you several days before you get a new one.

We recommend ripping the Redbox DVD into a digital video if you still want to continue your movie night and play the movie.

By doing so, you can save it on your USB drive and conveniently play your videos on your TV, computer, mobile phones, and other devices right away. This will also save your time and reduce the hassle of waiting for a disc replacement or refund.

Alternative: How to Digitize Redbox DVD to Play on DVD Player

To avoid facing the unplayable issue, a solution we recommend is by ripping the Redbox DVD into a digital video. After the digitizing process, transfer the Redbox movie to a USB stick and play it on your TV.

But ripping the Redbox DVD is not that easy. Redbox DVDs are protected by censor blocks like DRM encryption. DRM is a DVD protection technology that is embedded inside the disc to prevent unauthorized reproduction of the movie.

To rip Redbox DVDs easily, you need a powerful DVD ripper program that helps you completely remove DRM protection completely.

How to Rip Redbox DVD to Video

As I mentioned you will need a reliable and powerful DVD ripping program to rip and completely remove DRM protection on your Redbox DVD. echoshare DVD Ripper is the one I’m talking about.

echoshare DVD Ripper is an efficient DVD ripper that enables you to rip DVDs to AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, and more. echoshare DVD Ripper is the perfect solution if you want to rip Redbox DVD and remove its protection completely.

Tipard DVD Ripper Main Interface

This flexible program is not just a DVD ripper program, but it also provides video editing features like crop, trim, rotate and more, that will surely help enhance your videos. Not only will echoshare let you edit your videos but also it will surely rip your videos without quality loss with high-quality outputs guaranteed.

With echoshare, you can copy DVDs to ISO and Folder in a 1:1 Ratio. No need to worry about the compatibility of your files on your device, since the echoshare DVD Ripper is compatible with almost all multimedia players like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPad 4, iPod touch, Galaxy S9, and more media players.

With this program, you can rip your rented Redbox DVD with ease.

Steps on How to Rip Redbox DVD to Video

Step 1: Install and launch echoshare DVD Ripper. Then insert DVD on your computer disc tray.

Step 2: Import DVD video on echoshare by clicking the disc icon on the echoshare interface. Or just simply drag your video into the program.

Load Files to Tipard DVD Ripper

Step 3: Tick the Full Title List and select all the clips from the movie that you want to rip. If your DVD has multiple audio and subtitles, click the Audio and Subtitle option and select one.

Step 4: Click the format icon to select MP4 format (same as source) since it is compatible with most devices.

Tip: Tick the scissor icon to edit your video. Here you can cut and create segments for your videos. Click the star icon to access the video editing features. You can rotate and crop, add filters, subtitles, watermark, add your desired audio, and more.

Tipard File Set Up

Step 5: Tick Rip All to start the process. Wait until the process is done and enjoy your video.

Tipard DVD Ripper Ripping Process

Now that you have ripped the Redbox DVD into a digital video and have completely removed its protection. You can now save it on your USB drive and view it on your TV. And if you saved your video on your mobile phone, you can use screen mirroring and connect it to your television.

Final Thoughts

Almost all people enjoy watching movies, but at the same time, we want to save money. Renting movies can sometimes be a little bit pricey, so we find ways where we can still enjoy and save. Thankfully there are programs like echoshare DVD Ripper that give us both. You can copy and enjoy your favorite movie on your devices without having to spend a lot of money. So why don’t you try echoshare DVD Ripper now? And start your movie marathon with friends and family.


A possible reason for this problem to occur. First is that the format of your DVD disc is not compatible with your DVD player. Read on What formats do DVD players read to know the appropriate format for your player.