Record a Skype meeting and make it smoother with these tips.

Affected by COVID-19, many people in businesses like you change their workflow and start to run remote meetings with their colleagues or partners. As the most popular program designed for communication, Skype has been widely used in thousands of offices and factories. Sometimes, for an important Skype team meeting, you may need to record it for reviewing or backup. To help you smooth the process and get a perfect recorded Skype meeting, we have put together a guide to record Skype meetings. Just follow suit and don’t miss the FAQ below.

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How to Record a Skype Meeting

Step 1. Debug the Essential Tools and Prepare Carefully

Recording a Skype meeting always starts by making sure all your equipment works well.

1: Network Speed: Considering that Skype calls, no matter video calls or audio calls, are extremely bandwidth-hungry, you should check your internet speed first. Otherwise, your Skype calls may get dropped or experiencing “packets loss”.

2. Webcam and microphone:  Either a built-in webcam/microphone or an external USB webcam with a microphone will do the job perfectly. But you should test them beforehand. If anything goes wrong, try to update or reinstall the driver.

3. Check the health of your pc. Especially when it is slow, and the meeting is really important. Is it low on memory? Does it have enough storage to save the recording file? A computer crash will ruin everything.

Note: Although you can record a Skype meeting with your mobile, the storage of your phone won’t be enough for a long meeting and can be full anytime during the recording.

Aside from the hardware, you should pick an appropriate program to record. Read on for which program could record a better Skype conference.

Step 2. Choose the Right Program and Start to Record.

Here we will show you two ways to gain Skype record meetings.

Option 1. Skype Record Meetings with built-in Recorder

Luckily Skype(for personal ) or Skype for Business(AKA Lync) has a built-in recording function on every platform, and it is very easy to use.

The instruction below apples to any participant running meet with Skype and Skype for Business on pc, iPhone, Android, or web app.


To start a recording, you can click the ellipsis button (three dots) at the right bottom corner of your meeting interface.

Then click ‘Start Recording’ to start your Skype meeting recording. The program will record all the talking and images in the meeting.

Tips: Does Skype recording record “Share Screen”? Yes, screen sharing will be included in the recording if someone shares their desktop.


  • Once the recording begins, a banner will pop up at every participate’s Skype interface to warn the conversation is being recorded.
  • In the meantime, everyone in the meeting could pause and stop your recording.
  • If you would like to record Skype meetings, make sure you have been permitted by all members in the meeting at first.

Recording Controls:

Once the record has begun, Skype for Business users can see two more icons are added to the control bar at the bottom, which are the pause/resume and stop button. Skype(for personal) users can only click or tap the blue “Stop recording” from the warning bar to stop the recording.

Where to find the audio or video you have recorded with Skype?

Personal users can go to the chat window to find the meeting recording. But for business users, they can find their recording from Recording Manager. Simply click the gear icon > “Tools” > select “Recording Manager“. Then, you just need to highlight the record you’d like to save or share, and click ‘Browse’ to see where it stored, so you can move and send it to others. Please pay attention to the ‘Delete’ button because if you click it, the record will be permanently removed.

What if you close the chat window without saving the recording?

Don’t worry. Once you click the Stop/Stop recording button, end the call, or leave the meeting, the recording will stop and be saved in .mp4 format automatically.

Option 2. Record a Skype Meeting in a More Professional way

If you don’t want others to know you are recording the screen, or you prefer a recording with better quality, you need a more professional and user-friendly program.

Here I recommend Aissesoft Screen Recorder, an easy-using and professional video/audio recorder. Apart from the core recording function, it contains many features like video/audio edition,schedule recording, add annotation and screenshot while recording, etc.

Here are steps to use this software to record a Skype meeting.

1) Install and launch Aissesoft Screen Recorder: You will see four modules on the main interface. Unlike Skype, Aissesoft gives you the freedom to only record voices. Here we suppose you need to record the screen, so you can click the ‘Video Recorder’.Select Video Recorder Module

2)Preferences Setting: After clicking ‘Video Recorder‘, a new window will appear, from where you can choose the screen size to capture and audio source of the video to be recorded.

For recording a Skype meeting, make sure you have turned on the ‘System Sound’, ‘Microphone’ along with the ‘Webcam‘ options.

Tips: If it is not your turn to talk, you can mute the microphone anytime during the recording, just in case your child or your pet break in the room.

A simple click on the Record-Setting icon(looks like a gear), you can change the preferences like, output video quality, file format, location to save the recording, and so on.

Customize Advanced Recorder

Amid the abundance of functions from the program, two standout features are hard to dismiss.

      • Task Schedule: You can schedule an online meeting to record. With the help of the program, you can set the start time, stop time, or record length, etc.Set Up Task Schedule Recording Live TV
      • Advanced Recorder: You can take control of the screen recording from here. If you need to share this recorded Skype meeting to someone else and don’t want them to peep at your desktop or chat window, then the Lock and record window can help a lot.

3) After all the setting was done, just click the ‘REC’ button to start recording the screen on your computer. With the strong features of Aiseesoft screen recorder, you can add annotations to the screen recording and capture images during the meeting.

4) When the meeting is over, click the ‘Stop’ button to preview it. If everything is all right, you can save the video on your computer by clicking the ‘Save’ button of the screen recorder.

5) Likewise, to record voices only, you need to click the ‘Audio Recorder’ button at the initial interface of the software. After clicking it, a similar menu interface will appear to let you choose the audio source. Don’t forget to turn off the ‘Microphone’ source to avoid messy voices in the recording. The method to control and save audio recording is similar to which of video recording. Similar to a video editor, Aiseesoft provided audio edit tools as well, which makes the audio edition process enjoyable.

Also, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder also holds screen capture and edition functions. You can freely edit the picture like adding text, arrows, etc. Apart from this, Aiseesoft Screen Soft may be a better tool if you are a professional media worker, because it allows you to choose different levels of video/audio quality, so you share your works everywhere.

Step 3. Trim, Rename, and Catalogue the recording file. Save it or email it.


This article introduced two ways to record Skype meetings. Both ways are simple and convenient. If you would like to record without disrupting others, or you want to do more settings to records, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can be a better choice.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is it legal to record a Skype conversation?

If you have consent from all the participants in the Skype call, it will be ok to record the conversation. However, if you don’t, it’s illegal in some states, to record calls conversation without permission. If anyhow, you want to record the Skype talk, you’d better use a third party recorder and keep the recording file locally, instead of keeping it online as Skype do.

Where do recorded Skype calls go?

  • Record with Skype for personal: Just go to the chat window. The recording file was sent on your behalf.
  • Record with Skype for Business: From the user panel, go to setting(gear icon)>Tools>Recording Manager.
  • Record with Aiseesoft screen recorder: Go to preference> Output then click the three-dot button after the location of output files.

How do you know if someone recorded you on Skype?

Only if he/she record you with the built-in recorder, which will pop-up a warning bar when the recorder is working, you can know someone is recording your conversation. Otherwise, there is no way to find out. Just in case, you can turn off the webcam if you feel uncomfortable.

How long do Skype recordings take to process?

Skype Call recordings can only be saved for 30 days when using the built-in recorder. If you want to keep a backup, you can download it or use a third-party recorder.