Recent innovations in web design made it possible for people to share their knowledge with others. Examples of these are platforms such as SlideShare, Office Way, and Google Slides. Sharing your slides on this platform will allow others to make use of your work. You won’t get paid but at least you’re making the community of scholars healthier. The world is full of fake information nowadays, and doing this simple thing will help a lot.

Still, the best way for you to share your Powerpoint presentation is through video format. You can do a lot of things with PPT (short term for PowerPoint presentation) if you convert it to a video. It’s possible for you to add voiceovers, effects, and other fancy things.

So how do you record video and PowerPoint at the same time on your Mac? Stay here, cause I might just teach how to it.record powerpoint presentation with audio and video mac banner

Does Mac Have A Screen Recorder to Record PowerPoint?

Mac has a built-in function for recording Powerpoint presentations. Mac users may record PPT with the QuickTime software. Quicktime is very straightforward. All you have to do is open it, click the record button, and play the slides one after another.

However, Quicktime is “too straightforward”. Running it at the same time with Powerpoint might lead to unnecessary lag spikes or program crashes. Also, the sound quality of the audio recorded with Quicktime isn’t that great. We only recommend you to utilize QuickTime for personal use. For sharing PPT videos, to the web, classmates, or friends, there’s a better program for you.

Record Powerpoint Presentation With Audio And Video Mac with PPT Recorder

Aiseesfot is much better than QuickTime in a lot of aspects. It has a built-in sound editor, video editor, and image editor. Apart from these, it even has an internal sound recording function. This is especially useful if your Powerpoint contains sound effects and videos. With this feature, your PPT video will be lively and won’t be a wall of boring texts.

Aside from Aiseesoft PPT Recorder, What Are The Essential Tools for Recording Powerpoint on Mac?

Aiseesoft can stand alone on its own. It will work perfectly if it’s okay for you to record Powerpoint without using a lot of techy stuff. However, you need to have these items if you’re planning to record Powerpoint in a geeky manner:

  • Noise-canceling headset with mic (usually wireless for Mac)
  • Video editor (CyberLink is good in case Aiseesoft’s video editor doesn’t impress you)
  • Working Web Camera or Front Camera.

Guide to Recording Powerpoint With Aiseesoft

Let’s begin this guide by installing Aiseesoft.

Step 1: Click on the button below and download the trial version. By the way, you can also purchase the premium version if you’re feeling lazy to upgrade.

Step 2: Download it then open the download folder and locate the Aiseesoft installer. The installer might be named “screen recorder”.

Step 3: Open the installer and wait for it to finish. You’re done after it finishes successfully. If errors occur during installation try checking your Mac’s storage, permissions, or settings.Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video Audio

Now that Aiseesoft is installed on your Mac, it’s time to record your Powerpoint.

Step 1: Connect the noise-canceling headset, and web camera on your Mac ( you don’t need the external web camera if your MAC’s front cam is working fine.)

Step 2: Open your Mac’s Powerpoint software.

Step 3: Open one of the PPT’s stored on your Mac.

Step 4: Go back to Aiseesoft’s interface and click on the video recorder option (this is the first option from the left).

Step 5: After doing step 4, Aiseesoft will take you to the video recorder interface.

Step 6: The video interface has 4 options:

  • The first option allows you to specify which parts of the screen can be recorded.Screen Recorder Decide Region for YouTube Video
  • The second option is the webcam toggle. This allows you to record yourself and the PowerPoint at the same time. Turn this on if you’re explaining your PPT.Turn On Webcam
  • The third option is the internal sound toggle. This allows videos and sound effects within the Powerpoint to be recorded too.
  • The fourth option is the microphone. This will allow your voice to be recorded with the Powerpoint.

Step 7: Click the “REC” button and go back to the Powerpoint.

Step 8: Play the PowerPoint as usual. Also, don’t forget to talk if you want the Powerpoint video to have voice-overs.

Step 9: When you’re done, click the stop button ( this is the big red square ).

Step 10: After doing step 9, you’ll be taken to the video editor interface. Clip the video, or edit it.

Step 11: Click the save button, rename, choose a format. and store on the folder that you prefer.

Conclusion: Where To Go From Here?

All Powerpoint presentations that you record using Aiseesoft can be opened by all. This means that you can upload them on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. You can also use recorded Powerpoint in customized reporting and online classes. That said, Aiseesoft is a great choice for giving unique and creative discussions to the class with ease.

Get Aiseesoft now and do things the high tech way!