Although Google Hangouts is going to be retired in 2020, Google has rolled out replacement products, Google Meet, and Google Chat. If you are a Hangouts user now, don’t worry, functions of Meet and Chat are totally included which of Google Hangouts.

As a fan of G Suite, you may use Google Hangouts at any time. In this special period, you may have to meet your lover or parents online. Some parties even concerts were moved to Google meet as well. I am sure you must be eager to keep these special and precious moments. However, can you record on Google Hangouts?record google hangout banner

Here we will provide two ways to let you get Google Hangouts record easily.

How Do I Record Audio/ Video on Google Hangouts for Free?

In fact, Google allows particular users and platforms to record Google Hangout video.

If you are the PC user of G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise Essentials, or G Suite Enterprise for Education, congratulations, you may have a chance to record Google Hangout video. Why? Because the right to record a Hangouts meeting is grasped by the administrator of the meet. Once he/she allowed a meeting recording, and you work for the same organization as the meeting holder, your meeting recording is possible.

Here are the detailed steps to record a Hangouts meeting.

  • Firstly, you have to join or start a meeting. Here we suppose you are going to host training for new employees and you hope all rookies in the future could learn from the video. So you need to record this Hangouts meeting.
  • When the meeting started, you can click the three dots icon at the right bottom corner of the interface to find the ‘Record meeting’ button. With a single click on it, then everyone will be noticed the recording is started. Don’t worry about who will interrupt your recording, for participants have no right to stop your recording.
  • If you didn’t click the stop button, the recording will last until the meeting ended. When the recording is stopped, all participants will be noticed and the recorded file will be saved to the organizer’s Meet Recordings folder in My Drive. In the meantime, an email contains the recording link will be sent to the holder as well as the recorder, which is convenient for sharing.

It seems a great experience to use Hangouts’ built-in recording function. However, what if you don’t have the right to record? What if you are collecting materials for VCR to be played at the marriage proposal when you meet your girlfriend online? Third-party software may be a better choice.

How Do I Record Audio and Video on Google Hangouts Without Permission

There are many third-party recording programs, but I really recommend Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, which shows professional performance in video/audio recording and holds affluent bonus features. Not like the built-in recording function, you can choose to record Google Hangouts video or record Hangouts call audio freely.


Here are some steps to use Aissesoft Screen Recorder to accomplish these missions.

Record Google Hangouts Call Audio

Now we suppose you would like to record a Hangouts call and don’t want to disrupt other audiences.

Firstly, you can install and launch the screen recorder before the live begin. At the main interface of this tool, there are four buttons to choose from. I suppose you just want to record audio on Google meet without picture and you need to click the second one ‘Audio Recorder’.

After clicking, you will see the interface like below, where you can choose the audio source, which is System Sound and Microphone.

Audio Recorder

I believe you just don’t want your voice ruins the music, so remember to turn off the ‘Microphone’ option. (You can also unmute yourself by turning on the Microphone if you are in an online meeting.)Now, it’s time to join the online concert and you can click the ‘REC’ button to start recording.

After capturing the audio you need, just click the ‘Stop’ button to listen to it. Then, you can save the melody on your computer by clicking the ‘Save’ button. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder supports popular audio formats, so you can play the recordings almost everywhere.

Record Google Hangouts Video Call

If you want to keep the video of the meeting hold on Hangouts meet, you just need to launch the program and choose the first button ‘Video Recorder’.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record Video AudioAfter clicking it, Aissesoft Screen Recorder will let you choose the quality of the video as well as the audio source. Screen Recorder Settings Preferences

To record yourself in this Google Meet session, you should plug in a webcam and toggle on the Webcam button in the program.

Enable Webcam on Screen Recorder

To include your voice, you need to turn on both ‘Microphone’ and ‘System Sound’.

Once the meeting began, you can click the ‘REC’ button to start recording the screen on your computer. By the way, you can edit videos and add marks to recorded videos freely when you are recording, which is one of the magic features of the Aiseesoft screen recorder.

Just click the ‘stop’ and ‘save’ button to preview and save the captured video. Then, you can review the meeting anytime you want.

Record Google Hangouts Presentation

If you are going to record a presentation in this Hangouts call, you can make use of the Advanced Recorder, which enables you to lock and record one of your monitors or a specific program window like PowerPoint.

Customize Advanced Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder also provides schedule recording, snapshots taking, and editing functions. Also, by providing six levels of video/audio quality and almost all popular video/audio formats, this program is a good helper for professional media workers.


Here we introduced two ways to record Google Hangouts and you could choose one suits you better. We hope the information could help you live a more colorful life with Hangouts.


When I record a Google Hangouts where does it go?

  • Record with Google Hangouts built-in tool: When finish recording Google Hangouts, the recording file will be saved in the organizer’s “Meet Recordings” folder in Google Drive. Anyone who joined this Hangouts meeting will get an email with the recording link attached.
  • Record with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder: C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Aiseesoft Studio or, you can go to the program setting > Preferences> Output to find out.


What 3rd party app can record Hangouts video calls?

There are a lot of excellent recording apps that can record Google Hangouts perfectly. Here are some best recorder reviews.

How do I record and share a Google meet?

  • Step 1: Join the Google Meeting first.
  • Step 2: Record the meeting with the built-in recorder by clicking the three dots button on the bottom right corner, then click the Record Meeting, with permission from the organizer of course.
  • Step 3: Click Stop Recording and then everyone who joins the meeting will get the recording link sent by Google. You can share the Google meeting recording with anyone you wish.