Wish to record the precious facetime moments with your lovers? Or want to keep a video record of your facetime meeting with your coworkers for later reference, especially the facetime call with your boss that matters? While due to privacy protection and digital right management, facetime doesn’t provide a recording feature. Let’s see how we can record facetime video call decently.

Record FaceTime Call with Chat Audio Sound

You can find a lot of guides that show you how to record facetime call with the built-in recording feature on macOS Mojave and Catalina or with QuickTime Player. Nonetheless, don’t follow their guides, since no sound will be recorded! It is sure that when you try to record a facetime call, you want to record the image and the chat audio simultaneously. However, if you record facetime with QuickTime Player and the like, you won’t get any sound. So just follow my steps to record facetime video call with audio on Mac and iPhone.

#1 How to Record FaceTime Call with Audio on Mac

It demands the authority to record system audio but macOS won’t give it to QuickTime. As a result, you’d better appeal to a third-party tool for video recording your FaceTime Call instead of using QuickTime Player. In conclusion, it isn’t good practice to record FaceTime Call with any built-in screen capture feature on mac.

Therefore, we will use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to do this job.

Step 1 Download and install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your mac.

Step 2 Open the screen recorder. After your successful installation, the program will launch itself subsequently.

Step 3 On the main pane, choose Video Recorder.

Aiseesoft Mac Screen Recorder

Step 4 Launch FaceTime and initiate a FaceTime call with your friends. After that move to the interface of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Select an area that you want to record, and make sure that you have enabled system sound and microphone as below.

If you can not enable the system sound, please reinstall your sound driver. You can do that by moving back to the main interface and click audio recorder, an elaborated instruction will popup to guide you through the driver-reinstall steps.

Step 5 Click REC button to start your FaceTime Call Recording.

Step 6 Stop the recording after you have ended the FaceTime call.

#2 How to Record FaceTime Call with Audio on iPhone/iPad

To record a FaceTime call on iPhone or iPad without audio from within iOS, you just need a handful of taps. See how to record facetime calls on iPhone with audio.

Step 1 Enable Screen Recording on your control center. If you have already done that move to step 2.

Step 2 On the home screen, swipe up from the bottom to launch the Control Center. Locate the screen recording icon, tap on it to start your iPhone screen recording. Then you can start to place your facetime call.

iPhone and iPad Control Center Turn on Screen Recording

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can not record the facetime call sound by the above-mentioned method, even you turn on the microphone within the screen recording.

Then how can we record facetime call with audio sounds on iPhone? No worry, I will walk you through all the possible ways to do that.

\1 How to Record FaceTime Call with Audio via Mirroring to Windows

It is not possible for you to record facetime call with audio within iPhone or iPad. However, If you have a Windows PC, it will help. In this part, I am going to show you how to mirror iPhone to Windows PC and meanwhile use a third-party screen recorder to record your facetime video call with audio.

The mirroring tool we will use is LetsView, it is totally free and powerful with an intuitive interface.

Screen Mirror iPhone with LetsView

Download LetsView Now >

And the recording tool we will use is Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, simple and well developed.

Please download and install the above-mentioned tool before you move to the below steps.

Step 1 Launch LetsView and you will see two main functions on the interface, they are Phone Screen Mirroring and Computer Screen Mirroring. Make sure that you are on the Phone Screen Mirroring tab.

LetsView Interface

Step 2 Now, you must have your phone and PC connected to the same WiFi or LAN. Then on your iPhone, go to Control Center and tap “Screen Mirroring” or “Airplay”, and choose your computer after that. please note that the name of your computer is displayed at the bottom-left of the LetsView interface.

LetsView How to Screen Mirroring iPhone with Airplay

iPhone and iPad Control Center Turn on Screen Mirroring

Step 3 Now your iPhone screen must be casting on your computer. It is time for you to set up the screen recorder.

Step 4 Launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, go to Video Recorder. Underneath the REC button, you will see the Advanced Recorder button. Click on it and choose Lock and record Window. On the popup window, click to enlarge the dropdown menu and select the mirror window of your iPhone screen. If you don’t think it necessary to record your iPhone screen with the exact size, you can custom the recording area.

Step 5 Go back to your iPhone, and now you can start your facetime call with your friends.

That’s it.

\2 How to Record FaceTime Call with Audio via Mirroring to Mac

If you have a Mac instead of a Windows PC, I will suggest you make you facetime call on your mac rather than on your iPhone accordingly, since to record facetime call with sound on Mac is easier than on an iPhone. But if you have to make the on iPhone, you can install LetsView for Mac, and then follow the steps of Record FaceTime Video Call with AirPlay.


Indeed, you can find lots of ways to record facetime calls on the internet. And I would like to let you know that I have tested most of them. The result is not good. If you want to record facetime video call with the chat sound. This article will be the most comprehensive one.

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