To rearrange the page order in a PDF file is a very easy task, you can do it with a PDF editor.

Here, I recommend PDFelement, a very powerful and useful PDF editing application that can help you reorder your PDF file. It’s known to be very easy-to-use, with 2 simple steps, you can change the page order on your file.

It can also help with other PDF issues, for example, if you need to make some markups or adjust the background, or add some watermarks on your PDF files, PDFelement can always be helpful.

PDF Rearrange Order

How to rearrange page order in PDF with PDFelement

Now, let’s see how to use PDFelement to rearrange the page order in your PDF file. You need to start by downloading the software on your PC.

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Step 1 Open your PDF file with PDFelement

There’re several ways for you to open a PDF file with PDFelement.


  • You may launch the editor first and then click the Open File button on the interface, select the file you want to change order on, open it.
  • You can also select your file first and right-click on it, go to open with and choose to open with PDFelement.

Step 2 Start to rearrange your page order

We need to locate the page changing function first. On the toolbar, click Page, your file will be displayed in thumbnails, and the current page numbers of each page will be listed on sight.

To further simplify the process of rearranging page order, PDFElement enables you to organize with your cursor.

Here, if you want to keep all the existing pages and just want to change the order of your PDF file, you can select the target page and long-press mouse-left, then drag the page to somewhere you want to settle it.

Tips: You can change the order of multiple pages simultaneously, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then use your cursor to select the thumbnail page to check multiple pages.

Rearrange Pages

If you want to remove some pages from your file, you can select one or some pages, click Delete to remove those needless pages.

Additional page tools:

Besides, there four more useful tools for you to reorganize the page order.

1. Extract

This is an option that can extract a range of pages from your PDF document to create a new PDF file. The original file will not be changed at all and you can have a new file with all the desired pages.

Extract Pages

How to extract pages from a PDF file?

On Page, click Extract, then a panel appears. You can enter the pages you want from the panel, and click OK. PDFelement will extract these pages and put them on a new tab.

For example, if you want the first 50 pages of the current file, on Extract, type out 1 – 50 and click OK. The first 50 pages will be drawn out and exported to a new file.

2. Insert

The Insert tool is to add one of some new pages on the current PDF file. You can choose to insert a blank page or a specific page from another PDF file.

How to insert blank pages into a PDF file?

On the toolbar, select Insert, there, if you choose Blank Page, you can insert a page of complete blank to the file. You can then drag the blank page to adjust its order.

Insert Pages

How to insert a specific PDF page into a PDF file?

You can also choose From PDF, select a PDF file (You can choose the current PDF file if you want to), type in the page number you want to extract from the selected file and insert to the one you want to reorganize.

3. Split

The Split feature is to separate an original PDF file into several new PDF files.

How to split your PDF file into new files?

Choose Split on the toolbar. A popup window appears, you can choose to separate the file into several parts averagely. On the window, select Number of pages, and type in the maximum page number of each new file.

Like, if you want to split a 40-page file into 4 files with equal pages, type in 10 on the panel, you can have 4 10-page files then.

Add Bookmarks

How to split PDF file by bookmark?

Also, you can choose to set a top-level bookmark on certain pages and separate your file by bookmarks.

To set a bookmark, go to toolbar > Home > Add Bookmark. Then, go back to Split and tick Top-level bookmarks.

Split Page

4. Replace

The Replace tool is to replace an original PDF page with another PDF page, the new page can be from the local file or a new file.

How to replace a PDF page with the local page?

First, select the page you want to get rid of, go to Replace on the toolbar. And if you want to replace a page from the local file, on Select Page to replace, type in the page number to decide which page you want to use to replace the currently selected page. Click OK to complete the replacement.

Replace Pages

How to replace a PDF page with a page from another PDF file?

Or, you want to replace the page from another file, you need to select a page first, and then click Replace, on Select replacement pages, select a file and type in the page number to replace the currently selected one.

To know more about PDFelement.

Now, you’ve learned how to rearrange your PDF file’s pages, try it yourself. Also, if you got any problem in PDF files, you can try PDFelement to solve it. The app is indeed useful, it will never let you down.