It is a rare case for you to get into a situation that you need to open a file with the .vob file extension. VOB file stands for DVD Video Object file which is usually located in the Video_Ts folder of a detected DVD disc folder.

VOB files can stored various information types, including video, audio, sound track, subtitles, and even DVD menus. So playing a VOB is just like playing the whole DVD disc. In most cases, you can freely play VOB files with any Video Player on your computer or mobile phone. While if the VOB file is encrypted with DRM then it will be a little tough for you to open the VOB file.

Below, I will specify different solutions for respective situations.

#1 How to Open Non-encrypted VOB file with VOB Video Player

You can play most VOB files that non-encrypted with any modern video player on your computer or phone. For instance, VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player can play VOB video without troubles. If you fail to open your VOB video with your current video player by double clicking, then please try to drag the VOB file into the player or import it via Open file option.

Below are the Best Players for VOB files on the internet, Download one if you don’t have yet.

A Media Player is a must-have application on your computer except the pre-install one such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime, since WMP and QuickTime are not working well for you with so many video codecs unsupported. So just install a new and better video Player on your computer for playing VOB files and other video formats.

#2 How to Decrypt protected VOB file with DVD ripping tool

As we mention before, you can play no DRM-protection VOB files easily, but it is not when you are playing VOB files that encrypted with any copy right protection technology. To play protected VOB files successfully, you have to bypass the protect and make the VOB file free off DRM. To do that, we need a DVD ripping tool. Prof. Media is the incredibly powerful VOB file decrypt tool that you need. It support to remove a massive of DRM protection types and you can remove encryption from DVD disc, DVD ISO file or DVD Folder (and VOB file).

Let’s start this task.

Step 1 Download and install Prof. Media on your computer.

Mac Download
Mac Download

Step 2 Move to Convert Pane by click on the Convert tab in the top menu bar or click on the Blu-ray/DVD Ripper module in the middle of the interface.

Remove Protection from VOB file and Convert it to MP4

Step 3 Import the VOB file into the middle rectangle.

Step 4 Choose a video format for output and click Convert button. During the conversion the encryption in the video will be removed. Now you are free to open the VOB files with almost any media player.